R-Z255 and Subclades Project- Background



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In August 2009, results for one of the R1b-L21 Walk-on-the-Y (WTY) participants revealed a new SNP present in some L21+ men: L159.2. This SNP is a parallel mutation that exists also within Haplogroup I2a. Moreover, in 2011, a new SNP - Z255 - was discovered and was ascertained to be upstream of L159.2. The Z255 and Subclades Project thus serves as a repository of data for both of the main lineages that inherit the distinctive Irish Sea Haplotype, which is mainly found around the Irish Sea coasts of Great Britain and the province of Leinster. In addition, Z255 has been detected in a number of samples from Norway.

(Image: The Irish Sea Region)

This project has two, main subgroups: 

- Irish Sea Haplotype samples who are Z255+ and L159.2+
- Irish Sea Haplotype samples who are Z255+ and L159.2-

Furthermore, there seems to be a correlation between Z255 and having two C alleles and two G alleles on DYS464x. The modal for R1b1a2 is CCCG. This further supports Z255's status as an indicator of shared ancestry. 

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