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R1b-Z255 Subclades Project: Z255+ L159.2+
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October, 2011
  • L159.2's brother project - 464X - reports that an L159.2- sample has tested Z255+, confirming the relationship between Irish Sea Haplotype men who are either L159.2+ or L159.2-
September, 2011
  • Walk Through the Y (WTY) test results for an L159.2+ sample discovers a new SNP that is situated between L21 and L159.2: Z255
  • The phylogenetic relationship is as follows (from oldest to youngest): L21--Z255--L159.2 (those who are L159.2+ are Z255+ by default)
  • Z255 has the potential to unite Irish Sea Modal L159.2+ members and Irish Sea Modal L159.2- members as descendants of the same lineage
  • 1000 Genomes has shown Z255 to be present in a sample from Cornwall (Z255+, L159.2-)