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R1b-Z255 Subclades Project: Z255+ L159.2+
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Z255 and its downstream subclades are SNPs within R1b-L21, and are associated with a DNA signature commonly known as the Irish Sea Haplotype. This unique haplotype is found in Northwestern Europe, mainly around the Irish Sea coasts of Great Britain and Ireland, but can also be found in France, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Any male who is in Haplogroup R1b and is either Z255+ or L159.2+ (check the bottom of the Haplotree page) is invited to join. Furthermore, the Y-DNA values below are strongly associated with Z255:
- DYS389i and DYS389ii: 14 and 30 - CDYa: 38 or higher value - CDYb: 39 or higher value - DYS437: 15 - DYS449: 30 - DYS442: 11 (or 12 for Z255) - DYS446: 14
Check your DYS Markers on your myFTDNA page. If your values match on these markers above, you should test for Z255.