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Gauls in Rome
"So, doc, where do you think L21 came from?"

We are collecting haplotype and geographic data to try to figure out where and when the SNP L21 first arose, how it expanded and spread, and with what prehistoric, ancient, and historic cultures and peoples it was connected.

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE GENERAL FUND OF THE R L21 AND SUBCLADES PROJECT! The General Fund of the R L21 and Subclades Project is used for research into the continental European distribution and origins of L21. To contribute, click on the link above or the one on the left side of the project web site that reads, "Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund". When the next screen appears, click on R in the little box on the left. In the box on the right, scroll down to R L21 and Subclades. Click on it, then complete the fields below and click on the PayPal button to use a credit card. Follow the instructions to complete the donation.

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