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About us

L21+ L459+ Z245+ and/or Z260+ people should join. L21 is the most frequent Y haplogroup of the British Isles DF13, Z2542, CTS4466, DF21, DF49, FGC5494, L1065, L226, L513, M222, S1026, S1051, Z251, Z253, Z255, etc.

R-L21 Project benefits
1) SNP test recommendations
a. SNP Packs versus Big Y versus single SNP testing
b. SNP Pack selection including STR predictive analysis
c. Big Y analysis advice
2) Enduring record of Y testing results and Most Distant Known Ancestor information in a system built for posterity (future descendants, other relatives, and history)
3) Largest database of L21 people for matching, esult tracking and support of genealogy, surnames
4) Discussion of prehistoric, archaeological data and historical background of our deep ancestry
5) Statistics available by subclade

This is a public project. You're making surname, ancestor and DNA related results public, from which they can never be fully retracted. Do not join if you don't want to share publicly. We do not publish your full name or contact info and try to respect privacy.


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