R L21, Z290 and Subclades

If R-L21, R-DF13 or any subclade of R-Z290 - JOIN >>>>
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About us

All Z290+, Z245+, Z260+ or L21+/S145+/M529+ L459+ tested people should join. It is a Y DNA geographic project to investigate the origin and distribution of the Z290 and L21 and its subclades.These subclades include haplogroups R-CTS4466, R-DF13 R-DF21, R-DF41, R-DF49, R-FGC11134, R-FGC5494, R-L1065, R-L1335, R-L226, R-L513, R-M222, R-S1026, R-S1051, R-Z251, R-Z253, R-Z255, R-Z2542.