R-DF21 and Subclades - Results

Sub-Clades of DF21
  • P314.2 (Bantry)
  • FGC3902, FGC3903, upstream of Z246 
  • L130 (East Galway)
  • L641, L642 (Simmons)
  • L1336 (west of Ireland)
  • S971/ Z3017 (Airghialla aka Clan Colla) 
  • S3058 upstream of S424 (Little  Scots Cluster)
  • S17200, upstream of L720
  • F3103

Null L459

Kit 161731 is a well tested kit that is a member of the R-DF5* clade. An L459- result was reported for that kit, which makes no sense in the context of the other testing. The end-user reported:

In regard to L459, the problem is with the way FTDNA reports null alleles. FTDNA is reporting my result as L459-, but the result was actually ambiguous, meaning there was no result. FTDNA reports these as ancestral (-), by FTDNA convention. 

An ambiguous result can occur for many reasons, but after a brief discussion with Thomas, the most likely culprit is an SNP at or near the primer locus preventing it (the primer) from binding. 

I believe FTDNA ran L459 for me 8 times and all failed; FTDNA will not continue to test ad infinitum as whatever the condition that exists that was preventing this segment from being read is still present, and any additional testing with the same primer will almost certainly fail as well. 

Thomas Krahn verified the above on 16 July 2012 and added:

161731 has a regular haplotype without any visible deletions, therefore I'd guess it is some local point mutation that prevents the primer from binding. He is the only L459 Null I know of.

Therefore, the L459 result for kit 161731 should be regarded as a Null L459 result; it is not an ancestral L459 result.


Lab Results for non-Isles populations

Note that the overwhelming major of tests so far have been for Isles (United Kingdom and Ireland) populations

Surname      Kit     Result   Origin    
Måland       N5924   P314.2+  Norway
Conrardy     N28650  P314.2+  Luxembourg
Kaptein      E9807   Z246+    The Nethrlands
Moreno       131334  DF21-    Puerto Rico
Amuchástegui N93033  DF21-    Spain
Medina       N94538 
DF21-    Spain
Gram         174552 
DF21-    Denmark
Jensen       N9016  
DF21-    Denmark
Falch        162176 
DF21-    Norway
Aase         200869 
DF21-    Norway
Heihiller    N36461 
DF21-    Norway
Le Bras      N56523 
DF21-    France
Bontron      N67581 
DF21-    France
DF21-    France
DF21-    France
Bonham       92311  
DF21-    France
DuBosc       25232  
DF21-    France
Grenier      79112  
DF21-    France
Bodet        175379 
DF21-    France
Woertman     179252 
DF21-    The Netherlands
Frankhouser  134302  DF21-    Switzerland
Tiedeman     N45541 
DF21-    Germany
Eisenmann    N42297 
DF21-    Germany
Widener      26916  
DF21-    Germany
Bodine       160587 
DF21-    Germany
Hammann      121982 
DF21-    Germany
Becker       152421 
DF21-    Germany
Bronk        116978  
DF21-    Germany
Briskey      N23447 
DF21-    Germany
Wiegand      166617 
DF21-    Germany
Feltmann     N18523 
DF21-    Germany
Weygand      166617 
DF21-    Germany
Hannold      35677   DF21-    Germany
Lurz         64047  
DF21-    Draas (German minority), Romania
Yurzditsky   193834 
DF21-    Belarus

Last Revision: 16 Jul 2012

The following section is intended to concisely show the signatures (offmodal STR patterns) and associated SNP results of the known DF21 clusters.
This is a work in progress; only four randomly-chosen clusters added so far.  I will be slowly filling in missing data and adding DF21 clusters over the next year.  - E.M.

aka 21-246-255-R
Currently known as group A1 on DF21 and Subclades Project
Z246 core offmodals (717=20, 549=11, 504=16, 643=9)
Additional 1 to 67:  19=15, 391=10, 385b=15, 389i=14, 464b=16, 464c=16, 464d=16, 460=10, 456=17, 531=12, 395s1a=16
Additional 68 to 111:  540=13, 714=25, 533=11, 712=19, 650=18
Positive SNPs tested:  DF21 > Z246 > DF25 > DF5 > CTS3655 > L627+
Negatives under furthest downstream positive:  None known.
Surnames and associated kits
Case:  f144707
Cooper:  f2751 (L627+ L626-)
Cooper:  f2650
Cousins:  f210846
Reynolds:  f66345 (L626+ L625-)
Reynolds:  f20437 (Z248+ L626+ L625+)
Reynolds:  f39441 (L626+ L625-)
Reynolds:  f85058 (L626+ L625+)

Currently known as group U01 on DF21 and Subclades Project
Offmodals 1 to 67:  389b=17, 448=20, (449=28?), 464c=16, (460=12?), YCAIIb=22, 570=16
Offmodals 68 to 111:  533=13, 452=31, A10=12, 650=18, 715=25, 513=13
Positive SNPs tested:  DF21+
Negatives under furthest downstream positive:  Z246- P314.2- L130- L720- L1336- L641- L642-
Surnames and associated kits
Anderson:  f5590
Arévalo:  fE6409
Campbell:  f130917
Cupit:  fN27653 (P314.2- Z246- L130-)
Davidson:  f62154
Greenstreet:  f68647
Hamilton:  f47508
Hamilton:  f178889
Hamilton:  f66601
Hamilton:  f214652
Hamilton:  f132234
Hamilton:  f243059
Hamilton:  fN103611
Hamilton:  fN13052
Hamilton:  f155347 (Z246- L720- L1336- L641- L642-)
Immler:  f148632
Kelly:  f178886
Mackay:  f105225
McCoy:  f243114
McDonald:  f125813
McGee:  f217606
McGhee:  f43383
McKellar:  f282516
McKenzie:  f15994
Murphy:  f48606
Murphy:  fN15506
Nicol:  f224122
Richardson:  f123330
Robertson:  f11891
Rogers:  f115854 (P314.2- Z246-)
Ross:  f12771
Ross:  f133529
Ross:  f221638
Ross:  f171263
Sánchez:  f122042
Sinclair:  f59044
Sutherland:  fN85720
zzzUnknown:  f22858

Ely Carroll
Currently known as group U08 on DF21 and Subclades Project
Offmodals 1 to 67:  390=25, 458=16, 449=28, 456=15, 576=19, 534=16, 413a=21, 534=16, 492=11
Offmodals 68 to 111:  710=33, A10=12, 712>=21, 635=24, (461=13?)
Positive SNPs tested:  DF21+
Negatives under furthest downstream positive:  L130- L720- P314.2- Z246-
Surnames and associated kits
Bohan:  f
Boe:  f
Bowe:  f146114
Bowe:  f203816
Bowe:  f177452
Bowe:  f174346
Bowe:  f203814
Bowes:  f276544
Bowes:  f30445
Carey:  f94756
Caroll:  f93928
Carroll:  f112777
Carroll:  f185954
Carroll:  f71400
Carroll:  f229066
Carroll:  f190806
Carroll:  f283359
Carroll:  f112059
Carroll:  f120553
Carroll :  f107055
Crow:  f
Davidson:  f178413
Dillon:  fN54552
Dooley:  f168720
Dooley:  f115408
Echenique:  f141851
Flanagan:  f3722
Garvey:  f7565
Gorman:  f208745
Green:  f
Hunter:  f
Kealy:  f49685
Keeffe:  f160886
Leahy:  f50471
Leonard:  f137064
Linville:  f23133 (L130- L720- P314.2- Z246-)
Mahan:  fN41701
Maher:  fN73615
Mahar:  f
O'Meagher:  f (Z246- L720-)
Martin:  f65461
Martin:  f180025
Mitchell:  f111880
Mitchell:  f174422
Murphy:  f223130
Murphy:  f194206
O'Brien:  f260390
Pestel:  f211522
Prendergast:  f38500
Purcell:  f162593
Purcell:  f107898
Purcell :  f132975
Redmond:  f256801
Roach:  f216839
Rose:  f6781
Springer:  f23350
Springer:  f26301
Springer:  f98386
Springer:  f25022
Springer:  f176253
Springer:  f23447
Tracey:  f45013
Tracy:  f129222
Treacy:  f271750
Watkins:  f1103
Whalen:  fN54562
zzzUnk(Springer):  f253508
zzzUnknown:  f15288
zzzUnknown:  f289639

Not yet in DF21 and Subclades Project.
Offmodals 1 to 67:
393<=12 389b>=18 458>=18 H4=10 438<=9 641>=11 446>=14 492<=11
Offmodals 68 to 111:  
Positive SNPs tested:  DF21+
Negatives under furthest downstream positive:  DF25- L130- L1336- L641- L720- P314.2- Z246-
Surnames and associated kits
McKay:  f182097
Swann:  f105059 (DF25- L130- L1336- L641- L720- P314.2- Z246-)
Swann:  f127495

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