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2014 – Oct – 06:  FGC3213, FGC3903, S5488, S5456, and S971 were added to the official ISOGG Y-Tree immediately below R1b-DF21.  S7200 and Z16294 were added below S5488.  [Editors note: It is nice to see progress being made!]

22 Mar 2014 FGC3902 & FGC3903 appear to be located downstream of DF21 and upstream of Z246. They may be shared with other genetic groups downstream of DF21. FGC3899 appears to be further downstream and may be parallel to Z246 or DF25. 

23 Feb 2014 S3058 appears to be immediately downstream of DF21 and upstream of S424/FGC3190. So S3058 may be shared with other genetic groups within DF21. 

12 Feb 2014 SNP S190 is now available from FTDNA. 

30 Jan 2014 The news below is largely 
superseded by FTDNA's own Big Y test and FullGenomes Corporation's broadly equivalent test. New SNPs include:
- FGC1556, FGC1557 & FGC 1558 found in two DF21+ sub-clades (DF5+ and one S426+). Other DF21+ sub-clades may also have these three SNPs.
- FGC3899, FGC3900 & FGC3903 found in 1K Genomes and in two DF5+ sub-clades (CTS3655+ & L658+). These three SNPs are located somewhere between or parallel to Z246, DF25, DF5 and or Z248.
- FGC3177/S3028, FGC3183, FGC3184/S3032, FGC3187/S3057, FGC3188/S3058, FGC3207/S423, FGC3209, FGC3210, CTS9333/S307 were found in two Little Scots Cluster tests at FGC. 

25 Jan 2013 Dr. Jim Wilson (DF21+ and a member of the Little Scots Cluster) found a number of new SNPs in a whole genome sequence of his own DNA. These include:
  • FGC3190/S424, S426
    Any R-DF21* group could be S424+ and/or S426+
  • CTS2187/S190, S308, S309, S427
    Are believed to be roughly equivalent to the Little Scots Cluster
    Additional testing is needed to determine whether these four SNPs are actually equivalent; one or more of these could split the current Little Scots Cluster

  • S421 S422 S302 S303
    SNPs private to Dr. Wilson's extended family
  • S420
    SNP private to Dr. Wilson

Some 400 Y-SNPs are included in the test. In addition to the above, they include these SNPs which under located under R-L21:

S169 aka L159

S175 aka L144

S190 (poss. defines Little Scots Cluster, S424/S426+)

S191 aka DF5

S192 aka DF21

S193 aka DF23

S215 aka DF1/L513

S218 aka Z253

S219 aka Z255

S253 aka DF25

S279 aka Z249

S281 aka Z248

S299 aka L720

S300 aka L371

S308 (poss. equivalent to S190)

S309 (poss. equivalent to S190)

S354 aka L195

S388 aka L744

S393 aka L555

S394 aka L557

S424 (DF21+, Z246-, P314.2-; L720 testing in progress)

S426 (poss. equivalent to S424)

S427 (poss. equivalent to S190)

S463 aka L745

S464 aka L302

S471 aka Z252

S473 aka Z261

S474 aka DF49

Last Revision: 30 Jan 2014