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N1c1 Haplogroup

N1c1 haplogroup (defined by SNP M178+) is widely spread around the Baltic Sea, Volga region, the Urals and Siberia.

The subclade N1c1-L1026 is typical for the Europe. Possible place of origin for L1026+ is westward from the Urals.

Possible place of origin for L708+ is Siberia.

The subclade N1c1-L550 is spread in South-Baltic region, Scandinavia, Iberia, British Isles.

At low frequency (<1%) the haplogroup N1c1 is found in Spain, Portugal, Germany and British Isles.

There are 5 main european subclades of haplogroup N1c1:

1) North European Subclade (Z1936+,Z1935+)

2) North-Baltic Subclade (VL29+,L1022+)

3) South-Baltic Subclade (L550+,L1025+)

4) Scandinavian II (L550+,L1025-)

5) Ugric Subclade (Z1936+,L1034+)


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