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N1c1 Haplogroup Y-DNA Project

The N1c1 Y-DNA Project is open for all participants who belongs to the confirmed or just predicted Haplogroup N1c1 (SNP M178+), which is widely spread all over the Baltic Sea, the Urals and Scandinavia.
Assignment to a branch will be implemented by Network and Phylip philogenetic software.
If you want to join the group, please don't hezitate. It's open and free for all N1c1 members!
If you want to donate any amount of funds, you are welcome! All donated funds will be used just for research purposes in Haplogroup N1c1, like WTY Programm, for new SNP finding and proper branching of all N1c1 haplotypes.
Also, you may contribute for some special goal in the N1c1 project you want to the funds will be applyed for!