The GRINDLE DNA Project - Goals

The purpose of the Grindle DNA project is to find where relationships may exist between various family lines, thus expanding genealogical research through DNA testing.

 A primary goal of the project is to reveal whether early Grindle families of Maine, and New Hampshire, Grindle families of Pennsylvania, and/or Grindle families of Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina,  who immigrated to America during the years 1600-1800 are related. In particular the three Grindle men who served in the Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania – John Grindle, Jacob Grindle and Henry Grindle – are a focus of this project.

Another goal is determining the countries of origin of all these immigrant lines. Therefore all MALES who HAVE the GRINDLE surname, or any variation thereof, are invited to join the project and take a Y-DNA test.

If you are researching and wish to learn more about your Grindle (or other variations thereof, including Grendel, Grendle, Grindell, Grindel, Grindahl, Grindoll, Grindol, Grindal, Grindall, Grindoe, Grandel, Grandell, Grundle, Grundel, Grundell Gundle, Grindler, Grinders, Grinder, Grendon, Grindon) ancestors, please encourage an eligible MALE in your family line to participate. This project seeks to determine the genetic connections of all lines of the Grindle family surname worldwide by means of the Y-chromosome DNA test, thereby finding new cousins and family origins.