Dowell DNA Surname Project - Results

- Results have been returned for 43 of our 44 members.

- We have grouped the Dowells into 10 groups. Based on their DNA, the men in each group are known to share a recent common male Dowell ancestor. although the specific male ancestor is not known in all cases.

- We have determined that the VA Dowells and MD Dowells are *not* related genetically through male Dowells.

- We have determined that two groups of Dowells in Virginia - the Albemarle Co. Dowells and the Prince William Co. Dowels - are genetically related. To date there is no paper record of this relationship.

- Results returned in early April 2006 revealed a new group of Dowells whose earliest known male ancestor is from Caswell County North Carolina. We are looking for more Dowells in this group to participate in DNA testing.

- We have verified that Major Dowell (Vines) of Greenville, VA was the biological father of BOTH Henry Burton Bartley and Vernon Creasy Bartley. Major Dowell Vines' biological father was Major Dowell. This serves to genetically connect Henry's and Vernon's descendents to the Dowells of Albemarle, Co., Virginia.

- Three men from England with sir name Dowell have tested, but so far none of these men seems to be recently related to any of the Dowells in America that have tested. We are looking for more Dowells from the UK to participate in our research.

- As of January 2009, we have found no DNA evidence for any connections between the Dowells we have tested and any McDowells that have been tested.