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About us

The Dowell DNA Surname Project was created to help connect Dowells and Dewells around the world using DNA. We are searching for males with surname Dowell or Dewell to participate in our research and help us make those connections.

For those who are interested in the more distant connections between the Dowells and other surnames derived from the MacDubhghaill Clan, there are other DNA Projects at FTDNA which may include a wider range of MacDubhghaill DNA data. For more information, search for the variants of the MacDubhghaill surname on the FTDNA website.

FTDNA allows you to belong to multiple surname projects simultaneously.

Although multiple oral traditions seem to suggest ancestral connections between Dowell men and McDowell men, yDNA testing has not verified this. As of August 2016, we have found no yDNA evidence for any connections between the Dowells we have tested and any McDowell men who have been tested. There are hints of possible connections between the Maryland Dowells and some men with the surnames McDaniel, McDonnell and McDonald. However, these genetic connections would have been several hundred years ago back when surnames were just coming into common use.

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