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Dalton, D'Alton, Daltuin, Daton, Daughton, Daulton, Dawton, Dolton


We’re all of Celtic descent and likely arrived in Ireland during the 12th Century Invasions. These English Invasions were many and occurred over a period of time.  It began with Strongbow's forces in 1170 and continued through King John's invasion in 1210.  Research indicates extensive grants of land were received by the D'Alton's.  These grants were provided through de Lacy, Governor of Dublin. The D’Alton’s served as Sheriff in both Counties Meath and Kilkenny, in the late 14th Century. The Irish Annals recount Nicholas D’Alton’s line being banished from County Westmeath in 1406. Where did Nicholas go?  Did he migrate to the Suir River Valley?  Or did he go elsewhere?

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