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The reLOH event of 22/23, and a step back, likely took place much earlier than 500 AD.  Olalde's paper published in 2019 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/14/science/iberia-prehistory-dna.html  is an interesting read.

Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy was Scandinavian.  The Frankish King ceded Rollo part of Nuestria, during the 10th Century.  The King entered this treaty in hopes of ending Viking raids along the Seine.  The ploy was not effective.  The raids continued.  William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, is said to descend from Rollo AKA Rolf of Gander.

Matilda of Flanders was William the Conqueror's wife.  Her father was Count of Flanders.  Her mother was granddaughter of Hugh Capet, daughter of the King of France.   So, they would be Norman?  Only as it applies to their topographical origins.
Genetically, Clan Dalton was not representative of the area they departed.  Nor was Clan Dalton representative of the area they colonized in Ireland, during the 12th Century.  They settled in the Midlands and Waterford circa 1150AD.  Their rare Clan Dalton alleles survive ten centuries later.

Documents were signed, witnessed and recorded in medieval Ireland.  Much as they are today.  William de Alton, was a witness.  He was present in Meath, when John, Lord of Ireland, granted a Charter gift between Walter and Hugh de Lacey:

Calendar 143, of the Calendar of Gormanston: 

Charter: “Walter de Lascy has granted to Hugh de Lascy, his brother, for his homage and service all of the land...in right and inheritance, by the service of ten knights for all service. Grantor wills that grantee and his heirs shall hold the premises well and in peace, freely, fully and honorably...and all liberties to free land appertaining. 

Witnesses: Bugenius, bishop of Meath, Eobert de Lascy, WilHam de Lascy, Eoger Pipard, Eichard de Tuit, Eichard Tirrel, William Parvus, Hugh Hose, Eichard de Capella, John son of Leonisus, Matthias de Tuith, William de Alton’, William Taleb’, Hugh de Fal, Peter the chaplain, Alexander the clerk. \_Cir. 1190.] 

Confirmation: John lord of Ireland, earl of Mortain, has granted and confirmed to Hugh de Lascy the reasonable gift and all the land which Walter de Lascy, his brother, gave him, for his service and homage, viz.

Please note, our pedigree of Walter d'Alton and 'Princess' Jane, in the Heralds Office, is based on 'tradition'.  Historically, that means no documentation.  Clan Dalton has uncovered extensive records from the 12th Century to present.  Visit the National Library of Ireland to see John O'Hart's Irish Pedigree's.  https://www.libraryireland.com/Pedigrees2/dalton-1.php
The Flight of the Wild Geese was a sad period in Irish history.  Many founding families fled Ireland.  They offered their military services to other nations.  Some were rewarded for their contributions by their newly adopted countries.  Count Richard d'Alton was titled by Maria Teresa of Austria.    https://ukga.org/index.php?pageid=32274  Baron Alexandre d'Alton was titled in 1809 by Napoleon Bonaparte.  His father, William d'Alton of Windgap, was an Irish exile who served in the Brive Infantry.  

From which Clan Dalton family do you descend?  Our Mount Dalton, Wexford, Waterford or Windgap Daltons?