The BELL DNA PROJECT- Background



From early 2001 to February 2007 the BEAL Surname Project (founded and administered by Col. Charles E. Beal) was inclusive of several surname variants; BEALL, BEALE, BEALS, BALE, and BELL. However, because of the comparitively larger population in the world, BELL participants numbered about half of the Project total. With the steadily increasing BELL representation in the BEAL Surname Project a decision was made in late 2006 to 'spin-off' the BELL surname from the BEAL Surname Project and, concurrently, to form an independent BELL DNA PROJECT. The project is administered by: Craig Nelson, Fay Clark, Garry F. Bell, Stuart James Beall.  Garry was a co-administrator with the BEAL Surname Project and is a member of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists. Craig is a member of Clan Bell International and Sons of the American Revolution. James has been webmaster for the Beal Surname DNA Project since August 2004. Some participants in DNA testing are disappointed when their results yield no close matches, but with patience, those matches will appear, and all of us will benefit. When genetics and genealogy are combined, many gain a deeper understanding of their ancestry and family origins. Thank you for considering THE BELL DNA PROJECT!