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Bell Y-DNA Project

  • 470 members

About us

This is a Y-DNA Bell surname Project. Our primary and over-arching objective is to ---> See below:
*NOTE:  Advise and assist the membership, 'new-join requests', and other individuals seeking more information about the benefits, advantage, opportunities of Y-DNA to complement and support traditional, records-based male Bell lineage genealogical research. Project admins have all tested through several levels of Y-DNA and simply offer our personal insight, suggestions, opinions as to most favorable Y-testing option(s) to help you discover and learn more about your direct, unbroken, male-line Bell ancestry. 

*NOTE:  The Bell Y-DNA Project fully supports Y-DNA testing.  However, the Bell Y-DNA Project does not have the capabilities, the means, nor the mechanisms to perform administrative duties to support mtDNA (direct female line ancestry) testing, or autosomalDNA (FamilyFinder) testing.  Those who have tested "ONLY" mtDNA are strongly encouraged to join a FTDNA Project which aligns with their Haplogroup designation.  The opportunities and advantages for mtDNA testers is significantly better in mtDNA Haplo Projects that are designed and built around mtDNA testing and results.

*NOTE:  The Bell Y-DNA Project Does NOT accept 'Join Requests' from those who have "ONLY" tested autosomalDNA (i.e., FTDNA FamilyFinder, AncestryDNA, etc.).  Many, if not most members, have taken the FTDNA Family Finder or Ancestry test to complement and support their existing Y-testing as part of their Bell family research efforts; but not as the "ONLY" or "STAND ALONE" test.  AutosomalDNA testing, in and of itself, meets neither the intent nor the primary objective of this Project. 

* Respond to inquiries and requests for assistance. Provide guidance, advice, and assistance to members and potential members.

* Provide a fully informative and user-friendly Project website. Ensure member confidentiality in all transactions.

* Record member information in website databases to include: Y-DNA, migration patterns, SNP results, Haplotype analysis, Project participants, etc. List individual member data using coded identification.

* Align common ancestry, if any, between members of the BELL Y-DNA Project.

* Determine common ancestry, if any, between members of the BELL Y-DNA Project and members of the Beal-Beall DNA project.

* Identify common geographical areas of convergence, if any, between members of the BELL Y-DNA Project and members of the Beal-Beall DNA project.

*  In the spirit of full disclosure, the Bell Y-DNA Project admins are volunteers, as are all admins on all FTDNA Projects. We receive no commissions, reimbursements, collect no fees or rewards.  Admins do not receive any  remuneration of any sort whatsoever.