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About us

Check out the BELL Y-DNA PROJECT: Whether you are just beginning the search for your Bell roots or have discovered that existing genealogy records alone are not enough, DNA technology offers the potential to significantly advance your research. Our primary and overarching objective within the Project is to advise and assist our members, new join requests, and others, to help you determine Y-testing options that will, potentially, help you discover and learn more about your direct, straight-line male Bell ancestry. PLEASE NOTE: The Bell Y-DNA Project is a male Bell surname Project. If your surname is not Bell, but you suspect direct, straight-line paternal Bell lineage you will be considered for membership. A completed Y-DNA test, or your willingness and intention to Y-DNA test is REQUIRED for membership. * The Project does not have the resources, capabilities, nor mechanisms to effectively administer mtDNA results. It's strongly recommended for those with ONLY mtDNA testing/results that you join a Haplogroup Project that aligns with your assigned Haplo. Projects that are dedicated mtDNA projects have the capabilities to offer significantly better tools and resources to assist your mt research efforts. * We do NOT accept membership requests from those who have ONLY tested autosomalDNA (Family Finder). While many, if not most, members of the Bell Y-DNA Project have taken the Family Finder test, it is to complement and support their Y-DNA testing and records based family research efforts. AutosomalDNA, as a 'Stand Alone' test for membership, meets neither the intent nor the primary objective of this Project. Our Goals * Actively promote the advantages and potential discoveries by using Y-DNA genealogy to complement traditional, records-based research. * Respond to inquiries and requests for assistance. Provide guidance, advice, and support to members and potential members. * Provide a fully informative and user-friendly Project website. Ensure member confidentiality in all transactions. * Record member information on Project databases to include: Y-DNA results. migration patterns, SNP results, Haplotype analysis, Project participants, etc. All members will be listed with their personal Kit # as assigned by FTDNA. * Determine common ancestry, if any, between members of the BELL Y- DNA Project. * Determine common points of ancestral geographical convergence, if any, between members of the BELL Y-DNA Project. Use earliest known ancestral location from member pedigree. We encourage you to participate and contribute to the BELL Y-DNA Project. To join, please proceed to our sign-up page or contact a project administrator. * Please be sure to enter your Bell pedigree by clicking on the myFamilyTree link on your Home page and your earliest known paternal and maternal ancestry, found under the Genealogy tab in Settings. Use your earliest known paternal Bell ancestor. Your earliest known maternal ancestor can be from any of your family lines. Enjoy your journey, and help us grow the BELL Family tree, one branch at a time.