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Alain, Alan, Allain, Allan, Allen, Allin, Allon, Allyn, MacAileain, MacAlan, MacAllan, MacAllan (in any spelling), MacAllen, McAlan, McAllan, McAllen


The Allan surname (spelled with an "a") is associated primarily with the Scottish Clanranald of the McDonald Clan (i.e., Clan Donald). Additionally, it is associated with Clan MacFarlane, Clan MacKay, and Clan Grant. Sons of the Chief of Clan Grant took the surname MacAilean (Gaelic) but eventually converted that to Allan. The Allen surname (spelled with an "e") is considered an English surname. In Ireland and the Hebrides, the Gaelic name MacAileain is commonly anglicised as both Allen and Allan, with and without the prefix. There have been matches in our Family Tree DNA project between Allan's and Allen's, indicating common ancestry. There is more information at

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