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Melissa Farber Melissa Farber
October 28 @ 11:21am
My Allin/Allen line comes from A Philip Allen Born in 1760 in King and Queen County VA., His earliest land records that I can find was in 1794 in Hancock County GA. He had 2 wives both were Sarah. First wife was Sarah died around 1818 I am off this leg his son George W. Allen he married a Mary Whitehead they lived in Clarke County, GA and later on moved to Harris Co, GA. I am trying to find out who Philips children/parents and siblings are.
Melissa Farber
November 11 @ 12:46pm
I need help with this line if anyone can help please..
George Allen George Allen has a question!
August 8 @ 4:27pm
I'm just wondering if any Allen Family members, other than myself, have ties to New Mexico. My g-grandfather settled there, and some of his children may have had families we know nothing about.... big surprise. Never hurts to put a question out and see if anybody replies. Thanks
Thomas Allen
August 9 @ 8:13pm
I was born in NM as my dad was, My GreatGranddad is Henry Clay Allen of Spur Texas Would like a bunch more info from you as I have a bunch more for you
George Allen
August 10 @ 3:31pm
Hi Thomas, and thank you for responding. My g-grandfather was John Allen, who came from Ballycraigy in N. Ireland, Co Antrim. He settled in NM, and had several children, some of whom ran away as far as we have been able to find out. His last wife was Julian (maiden name unknown) and last son was Patrick or Patricio who was born in Santa Fe. If any of this sounds familiar please let me know, it would be great to find new ties and piece more of the story together.
Jerry Allen
October 22 @ 5:58pm
Thomas, my name is Jerry Allen. My father John Lorell Allen was from Spur, Texas. I was born in California due to the Dustbowl. I would really like to compare notes,
George Allen
November 8 @ 7:23pm
I actually just wrote to NM requesting a copy of my grandfather's birth certificate... in hopes of using it to eventually get some info on y g-grandfather, specifically where he is buried. It's a long shot, but can't hurt right?
Edward Allen Edward Allen
October 31 @ 2:25pm
I had my father, Edward Allen's YDNA-67 tested. It seems to lead to William Allen 1725 in Virginia, but I can not find any links to how he ended up in Brunswick County from the Virginia line. Should I do more testing?
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Edward Allen
November 3 @ 4:56pm
That should say Brunswick Co., NC not VA
Robert Allen
November 4 @ 9:07pm
William Allen 1725-1789 of Mecklenburg County, VA, is the brother of Reynold Allen of Brunswick Co., NC and the proposed son of David Allen of Brunswick Co. NC. I am a descendant of William of Mecklenburg. The genealogist John Bob Robb has researched the line extensively and has two reports that I recommend to you. outlines the work and identifies what he believes to be the top of this particular Allen tree to be.,David_of_BrunswickCoVA-REPORT.pdf has a more in-depth study of the family of David Allen and makes his argument linking the generations here. I have not yet gone along with him based on previous version of this report, but supposedly updates have been made since the last time I read it. At worst it is still a very good example of a genealogical study, at best it may be a convincing analysis. You can make up your own mind.
Edward Allen
November 6 @ 12:27pm
Hi Robert, thanks for your reply, but isn't Reynold and David from Brunswick Co, VA not NC. I have been on John Robb's site and even emailed him about joining the group, but have not heard back yet.
Jobe Coleman
November 6 @ 11:56pm
Hello, I am also part of this line. My 6th g-grandfather was William Allen of Mecklenburg 1725-1789. His granddaughter Martha Allen married my 4th g-grandfather William W. Coleman. To those that are interested, I have come across a land deed from 1767 in Mecklenburg VA that shows that William Allen of Mecklenburg was POSSIBLY a Jr. The specific land in the deed is for 260 acres and is titled “Beaver Pond Creek” and was purchased by “William Allen Jr.” This land is later inherited by his son William Allen “of Lunenburg” 1756-1839. In his Will, William Allen “of Lunenburg” leaves this land to his grandson Robert H. Allen. In the Will, it states that this land is titled “Beaver Pond Creek” and is “200 acres, more or less”. Plus, another “50 acres, more or less”. I would like to find this tract of land on an old map of Mecklenburg. Does anyone happen to have access to Mecklenburg VA land maps, dating back to 1770-1790? That way, I could make my "assumption" more definitive. I have contacted John Robb as well, who looked at the deed and still believes in his original theory of paternal lineage. He stated that there was more than one tract of land in the county of Mecklenburg named "Beaver Pond Creek". Even though that may be the case, I have come to the conclusion that the odds of a different William Allen purchasing land in the county of Mecklenburg titled “Beaver Pond Creek” would be very slim. Are there any "Allens" out there with helpful information- maps, deeds, wills, etc? This line of Allens is well documented in the books by Landon C. Bell (1927), and J.R. Martin (1957) that shows the lineage mentioned above, but land maps will help me figure out if Willam Allen of Mecklenburg was a Jr. or not......
Edward Allen Edward Allen
October 31 @ 2:23pm
My earliest known Allen ancestor is Drury Allen born @1720, lived in New Hanover Co, NC, which became Brunswick County in 1764. Possible father or uncle was Elkanah Allen b. @ 1695 with wife Martha. From Drury and wife Margaret came son, Elkanah. Three more generations of Elkanahs and they have moved to Wilmington NC across the river from Brunswick Co.
Louise Allen Louise Allen
September 2 @ 6:46pm
I was born January 13, 1950. Birth mom was separated from her husband at the time when she became pregnant me. Her last name she used at hospital was Allen (not sure of the spelling). I was born in New York City. BM had two previous sons. She gave me the name Louise. I was adopted through Louise Wise Services in New York. Turned out very well for me. If this info might ring a bell with anyone please contact me, thank you!
Melissa Farber
October 28 @ 11:12am
Do you know her First name or anything about her?
Jeremy Allen Jeremy Allen has a question!
July 20, 2018 @ 10:49am
Had a question I guess for the group as a whole. I am waiting for my kit, but in the mean time what are your suggestions that I can do here to make searching for my genetic matches easier. I am in the process of following my Paternal line and already have a tree set up on a separate site. Suggestions?
Diane Click
August 4, 2018 @ 7:39am
Please tell us about your Allen family :)
Jeremy Allen
August 14, 2018 @ 8:23am
Certainly Diane I would be happy to tell about my family. My Great Grandfather is John McClellan Allen born in 1881 in Hill Valley, Huntigdon, PA He was born out of wedlock. now according to my basic DNA results I have been able to connect the line to a John Allen also born in PA in 1862. since the match is through an Autsomal test and is matching me back to what would be his Great Grandmother Margaret Ann Hanawalt. I am testing the Y-DNA line for confirmation. John Allen from 1862 had 3 children Roy Melvin, Mae, and Alta. John's Father was Joseph M born in Oliver Twp, PA. in 1838. He had a total of 9 children Lou Emma Catherine, John, David Franklin, Annie Lauretta, Michael Melville, Mary Martha, Clara B, Joseph P, and Addie C. Joseph's Father was John jr. born in Mcveytown PA1798. By the way anyone else noticing a pattern of John's and Joseph's here? :) in the mean time John Jr. had 8 children. Henry, George, Mary ann, Gabriel, John, David, Joseph M, and Susan. We are now up to John Allen Sr. born in 1747 and married to Margaret Ann Hanawalt. John Allen Sr. was reportedly born in Dundee Angus Scotland and this is where I am currently working on my ancestry so that when my Y-DNA results come in I have as many of the male lines flushed out to catch a match. I have driven down on each of the male lines in the previous ancestors as far as I can tell to the 1950's or so as that is as much information as I can get currently. I had uploaded a gedcom file prior to this but that was before I did some additional research. I will upload the new as well and also once my results are in I will update the file with any new research I do. What I am looking to do is really two fold. I am looking to find part of my family that was lost to us since my Great Grandfather was born out of wedlock and I am trying to learn from that more of his history. I am also trying to confirm the connection to Scotland with any research others have may have done. Thanks as always for any assistance.
Holly Vogt
October 12 @ 2:51pm
My name is Holly Fleisher Vogt. My maternal grandfather was George Hanawalt Allen. According to a journal written in the early 1950's on a trip to Pennsylvania, John H
Holly Vogt
October 12 @ 3:05pm
cont. from above (Ignore the H) Allen b. 1747 in Dundee, Scotland, was my grandfather's gggrandfather. He served in the Revolutionary War and served with 2 brothers, Henry and George Hanawalt. That is how he met Margaret Ann Hanawalt and married her. I hope this is the same family mentioned in your post. Feel free to contact me with for further information. As it turns out, my great grandfather Joseph Allen married Christianna Hanawalt, so I am related to the families on both sides. My email is
Teresa Skaryd Teresa Skaryd
September 3 @ 7:06pm
One of my grandparents. George G Allen 1836-1893 married Catherine Eggleston. From NY and moved to Michigan. His father is William Allen 1796-1867. If anyone has the name of William's parents and more, please share.
Robert Servis
September 7 @ 7:48am
My Allen line came from NY as well into Indiana and Illinois. What county(ies) in NY was George Allen from? Mine were originally in Dutchess County, then moved up to Franklin County for a generation, then spread out from there.
Teresa Skaryd
September 8 @ 11:49am
They are buried in Michigan.
Teresa Skaryd
September 14 @ 5:24pm
William Allen 1796-1867 married Mercy Nichols 1802-1850 and her father is George Nichols 1772-1819. I'm from Sarah Blanch Allen family line who married John Easlick. That would make Sarah Blanch Allen my Great Grandmother.
Teresa Skaryd
October 6 @ 9:01pm
My DNA results on just came in. In my Allen line, NO ONE has been tested. Can't find family members if you do not take a test. I encourage ALL Allen family members to go to for DNA testing to see if you are related to me. I have also been tested here on FTDNA and my haplogroup is H1c6. I have also built a family tree there and it's more complete than I have on FTDNA.
S Brusven S Brusven has a question!
September 16 @ 8:13pm
I cant make head nor tail out of the chart..I cant even find my id #
Eric Allen
September 18 @ 12:30pm
email me at and I will follow up with you. I am one of the Allen Project ADmins
George Allen George Allen
September 13 @ 8:53pm
Well, my YDNA 111 test results are in, and I guess they're interesting... but I don't understand them at all. Which is no surprise to be honest. Hopefully I'll find tome to really take a look at them, but any help would be appreciated. Eric I know you have helped me in the past, maybe you could take a peek and give me some direction? Thank you in advance
Eric Allen
September 18 @ 12:29pm
George email me at and I will follow up with you.
S Brusven S Brusven
September 15 @ 2:48pm
Hi all! My 2x grandpa was Thomas Allan, born in Ireland and immigrated to Canada in 1845 at the age of 13. He settled in Shelburne Ontario and married Elizabeth Madill. I have it a brick wall with Canada did't keep records yet..I know how his life ended very near by to me but no Idea who his parents is family lore that he lost 2 sisters on the trip over but I can't find evidence of his parents or siblings It was a huge family with some moving to the US so if this sounds familiar to anyone message me.