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Laurel Allen Laurel Allen
July 20 @ 2:19pm
I am interested in my Allen connection (various spellings) with Johanna Prout married to Roger Allin. Roger born in 1832 in Holsworthy, Devon England. Came to Canada to live and raise a family. Known to have lived in St Thomas, Ontario Canada.
Roy Allen Roy Allen has a question!
July 6 @ 8:55pm
Hello everyone, my sister is going to take a test probably family finder or mtdna full sequence. Does anyone know if there are coupons for either of those tests? Thanks Melinda Allen-Roy's sister
Laurel Allen
July 20 @ 10:29am
Groupon often has coupons. I also did Ancestry DNA kit and they have sales from time to time.
Alex Allen Alex Allen has a question!
July 9 @ 4:42am
Hi guys I just joined thanks for having me. i am Stuck, if anybody Knows the Allen Line Going back or knows of a Gain R Allen 1812-1884 Married Amelia Potter 1822-1900. They had 4 children that i Know of Sarah L Allen 1845- ? , My GG-Grandfather Francis Gain Allen 1851-1901 Married Gertrude Doge 1856-1933. Grieg Allen 1854-1878, Rose M Allen 1845-?
Jonny Allen
July 13 @ 12:12am
I have an ancestor whose name was Zachariah GAINES Allen...He was born in Indiana about 1840ish. I wonder if there was a common ancestor. His father was Russell ALLEN,b.1785 in MAssachusetts, d. about 1870 in Iowa
Harold Allen Harold Allen
June 19 @ 8:31pm
Hello all. I am looking for any male decendents of any Allen families who were living in Meigs County, Ohio, or Wood County, West Virginia, between 1820 and 1840. More specifically, I am looking for any anyone (brothers, uncles, cousins, etc.) related to Aaron Mott Allen, who married Desdemona Farrington on September 13, 1829 in Meigs County. Their first born, Ezra Grover Allen, was born in Wood County, West Virginia, immediately across the river from Meigs County, Ohio. Desdemona's grandmother, Eunice Miller, died in Meigs County in 1825
Billy Allen
July 11 @ 8:03am
Harold, my name is Billy Allen originally from Meigs County. My Allen family moved there sometime in the 1920's or 1930's from KY. I grew up there in the 50's and 60's. I never ran into another Allen family. Certainly, it's possible that other Allen's were in Meigs Co. but it's a pretty small county population wise.
Billy Allen
July 12 @ 8:07am
Harold, I stand corrected. Your inquiry peaked my curiosity so I checked for Allen's in Meigs Co. in Find A Grave. There are 3 pages of Allen's only 4 of which are from my family. It's hard to believe I lived there for 20 years and never ran onto another Allen.
Thomas Power Thomas Power
July 9 @ 1:23pm
daniel m allen 1835-1895 tennessee, wife margaret i lee 1841- 1928 tennessee
Jennifer Allen Jennifer Allen
June 21 @ 9:23pm
My grandfather, Royce Page Allen, with his brother, Reginald. This was probably taken sometime in the 1940's.
Jennifer Allen Jennifer Allen
June 21 @ 9:13pm
My Allen line (mine and my Dad's surname) follows the direct paternal line all the way back to a Richard Allen, born in 1560 in Bedfordshire, England. That's as far as I can go. He must have traveled to the New World at some point, as he died in Cambridge, MA in 1652. His great-great grandson, Walter Allen, was born in 1643 in Newbury, MA, and died 4/2/1728 in Berwick, Maine. Thus began the long line of Allens in Maine. My ancestors James, Joseph, and Colonel Joel Allen were all in York County (primarily Kittery) until the early 1800's. They then moved to Cornish, Maine, and ultimately settled on Verona Island, where my grandfather, Royce Page Allen, was born (1898 - 1977, died in Brewer, Maine).
Harold Allen Harold Allen
June 19 @ 8:41pm
Hello all, again. My request posted before I could finish it. A pioneer history of Wood County, West Virginia, notes that a Samuel Allen was an early settler, who lived on Allen's run, and had come from Connecticut. Samuel and his wife, Mary, had a number of children, many of whom remained in Wood County. Does anyone known of any possible family connection between Aaron Mott Allen and Samuel Allen? Also, a younger brother of Desdemona, a David H. Farrington, was both on December 6, 1812 in Meigs County. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
John Allen, Jr John Allen, Jr
June 13 @ 8:21am
My Allen line goes back to at least William Allen 1611-1686 who married Ann Goodale. They were among the original founds of Salisbury, MA in 1639
Jeannette Munro Jeannette Munro
June 9 @ 6:06pm
Any relatives out there related to Francis Kimpton Allen or George Haskell Allen?