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We now have over a 1000 participants from the USA, Canada, Australia, Scotland, England South Africa, and Ireland.  Results of close 12 match groups are colour-coded in the attached charts.

Scotty Drue Owens
Haplogroup R-L20
R subgroup e
Kit # 56587                
Father Bruce C Owens 1923-1982 Buchanan County Virginia
Harmon Owens 1892-1975 Buchanan County Virginia 
Elihu Owens 1872-1948 Buchanan County Virginia 
William C Owens 1849-1888 Buchanan County Virginia 
James M Owens 1820-1878 Buchanan County Virginia 
Harden Owens (probably Orphan) abt1796-1887 KY/VA

Jerry Lorell Allen
R subgroup D
Kit # 
Father, John Lorell Allen, born 1918 Girard, Texas, died 1996, Lindsay, California.
Grandfather, Walter Elijah Allen, born 1886 Mason County Texas, died 1955 Porterville, California.
Great Grandfather, Jerry Allen, born 1858, Jefferson County, Texas, died  about 1909, Jayton, Texas.
2nd Great Grandfather, Elijah Allen, born 1817, St. Helena Parish, Louisiana, died about 1870, Orange County, Texas.


Jonny Joe Allen

R1b1 subgroup C Kit # N48922   

Jonny Joe Allen 7/24/1959 Colfax Washington   

Richard Henry Allen 6/22/1920 Reibling Montana             

Fred Elmer Alen c. 1890 Iowa     

Henry Albertis Allen c. 1860 Indiana        

Thomas Cork Allen c. 1829 Indiana           

Russell Allen 1795 Massachusetts            


Marvin Allen     

FTDNA R1b Subgroup C Kit #97507          

Marvin Ollie Allen, 10 Mar 1946, LaPorte, IN        

Ollie Allen, 23 Feb 1923, Magoffin, KY, 7 Apr1979, LaPorte, IN    

Mack Allen, 20 May 1893, Magoffin, KY, 15 Aug1985, Starke, IN

Eli Allen, 7 May 1867, Magoffin, KY, 29 Jun 1955,Magoffin, KY    

William F. Allen, 29 Mar 1848, Magoffin, KY, 28Dec 1931, Magoffin, KY   

Elijah Allen, 16 Sep 1822, Floyd, KY, 5 Jun 1896,Morgan, KY          

Richard Allen, 1797, Montgomery, KY, 1866,Morgan, KY               

John Allen, 1740-1750, Jan 1804, Montgomery, KY           


John Allen          

Kit # 392569       

daniel m allen 1906-1978              

richard henry allen 1871-1957    

daniel merrill allen 1835-1895     

john allen born virginia /died 1848           


R Subgroup Y    

Kit number: 260932        

William Alonzo Allen      

Birth 18Dec1891 in Malakoff, Henderson, Texas,USA     

Death 31Dec1969 in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas, USA       

Robert "Bob" Martin Allen          

Birth 1853 in Malakoff, Henderson, Texas, USA 

Death 1900 in Malakoff, Henderson,Texas, USA

Samuel Allen     

Birth 1813 in Georgia, USA          

Death 1879 in Malakoff, Henderson, Texas, USA              


Steven Kenneth Allen   

Haplogrop R-M269         


Kit 121199           

Father Grand K. Allen 1930 Isabella County, MI 

Elmer Victor Allen 1885-1957 Isabella County, MI              

Burton Phillip Allen 1857 Lenawee County, MI-1947Clare County, MI     

Ambrose Peter Allen 1814 Wayne County, N.Y. 1898Isabella County, MI              

Spencer Allen possible Henry Spencer Allen livedin Wayne County, N.Y.              



FTDNA, R1b Subgroup c

Haplogroup: U106-FGC3861-FGC14877-FGC14878            

Kit #97507: Marvin Ollie Allen, 10 Mar 1946,LaPorte, IN 

Father: Ollie Allen, 23 Feb 1923, Magoffin, KY, 7Apr 1979, LaPorte, IN    

Grandfather: Mack Allen, 20 May 1893, Magoffin,KY, 15 Aug 1985, Starke, IN     

Great Grandfather: Eli Allen, 7 May 1867,Magoffin, KY, 29 Jun 1955, Magoffin, KY            

2nd Great Grandfather: William F. Allen, 29 Mar1848, Magoffin, KY, 28 Dec 1931, Magoffin, KY  

3rd Great Grandfather: Elijah Allen, 16 Sep 1822,Floyd, KY, 5 Jun 1896, Morgan, KY          

4th Great Grandfather: Richard Allen, 1797,Montgomery, KY, 1866, Morgan, KY               

5th Great Grandfather: John Allen, 1740-1750, Jan1804, Montgomery, KY           


Charles Randy Allen        Sub group ??

Carrie E. Allen 1892 - 1961 b. Edmond, SD d.Peach Orchard, Clay, Arkansas, United States            

Charles Abraham Allen 1825 - 1922 b. New York d.Peach Orchard, Clay, Arkansas, United States               

John E. Allen 1825 - 1901 b. Niles, Cayuga Co.,New York d. Lapeer Co., Michigan               

John F. Allen b. 1800 Massachusetts, USA            


George Allen    

G Subgroup A   

Confirmed Haplogroup G-CTS9737          

Kit number: N22346       

Sarah Dew was married to Henry Carr

William Allen Jr and Ann Stewart Carroll co. VA.

George Allen m. Alta Spurlock Dec 25, 1907 



Rufus Allen        

Hap R-subgroup C-U106               

(2) Margaret Sarah Allen  b. 1898/d. 1985             

  (3)ArthurOrlando Allen b. 1856/d. 1930              

    (4)Rufus E Allen     b. 1831/d.1889       



Jimmy Allen        Kitnumber? Subgroup?

My father-Walter Oscar Allen  b: 22 Aug 1913 Bibb Co., Ga.  d; 5 Oct. 1999             

His father-James Walter Allen Jr. b: 19 Jun1877    Bibb Co. Ga.  d: 28 Oct 1938  Bibb Co.   

His father-James Walter Allen  b: 13 May 1853    Bibb Co., Ga.  d: 26 Aug 1928      

His father-Nazareth Allen b: 22 Apr 1820  South Carolina  d: 20 Sep 1880 Bibb Co., Ga.     

His mother-Mildred "Milly" AllenHunnicutt- b: 13 Mar 1804 South Carolina d: 4 Apr 1887 Bibb Co., Ga     


Donald Allen     

Kit #172807        

Donald Lee Allen 1938 Oklahoma b. 11 May 1938, OKCo., OK-Living         

John Elmer Allen b. 15 July 1907, Okla.Territory-d. 1 March 1989 OK Co., OK        

O'Guster Allen b.9 Sept 1877 Tarrant Co., TX-d.18 Aug 1959, Okla. Co., OK           

John M. Allen b. 10 Feb 1843, Smith Co. (Dekalb)TN-d. 13 Aug 1902 Wise Co., TX              

John W. Allen b.1800 Amherst Co., VA-d. Laterthan 1870 Dekalb Co., TN              

George Allen b.12 Jan 1773 Amherst Co., VA-d.12Jan 1835 White Co. (Dekalb), TN          

Samuel Allen b. 17 Feb 1747 Albermarle Co.,VA-d.16 Dec 1799 Amherst Co., VA

John Allen b.27 Mar 1726 Charles City Co., VA-d.27 Jun 1754 Albermarle Co., VA               

William Allen b. 1692 New Kent Co., VA-d.Jun 1752 Buckingham Co., VA


Subgroup R-P312            

kit number 237184          

grandfather David Leon Wilson 

my great grandfather maternal side Linton EugeneFloyd             

his father John Colbert Floyd     

His wife's father Alexander Arva Allen   

his father is John Showell Allen 

His father is Arva Allen  


Haplogroup - R-L21 - R1b1a2a1a1b4        

R Subgroup d    

Kit No. - N3983 

Father, Ward Allen, b 1912, Kalamazoo Co. MI, d1999, Lenawee Co. MI

Grandfather, George Green Allen, b 1875 KalamazooCo. MI, d 1942, Kalamazoo Co., MI               

Gr. Grandfather, Lewis Clark Allen, b 1846,Chautauqua Co., NY, d 1915 Kalamazoo Co., MI.         

Gr. Gr. Grandfather, Sylvanus Allen, b 1823Canada East, d 1865 Kalamazoo Co., MI