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Zamagurie Region

Ancestry from the Zamagurze Spiskie - Spišské Zamagurie Villages
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About us

1) To collect DNA samples for surnames specifically linked to the Zamagurie Region villages. 
2) To establish a corresponding Zamagurie Region DNA database correlating with the pedigrees generated by conventional genealogy.
3) To formalize an academic review of the project results.
4) To provide means to sample DNA test candidates in the United States and the villages themselves. Project participants may test personally or sponsor testing of their ancestral surnames overseas. The GA may be able to assist in identifying test candidates overseas. Contact the GA for more details.
5) To assist project participants in identifying their link to the particular Geographic Region, when possible, prior to their participation in the project. 
6) The GA will personally cross check ancestral information against her private database or available records to confirm a link to the region.
7) To continue to identify key documentation (village histories, church histories, etc) for our ancestors AND immigrants for the purposes of furthering our genealogy efforts! GA note: Genealogy assistance is performed in hopes that the member may participate in these specific GEOGRAPHIC DNA PROJECTS. Certain conditions and limitations apply.
8) The GA will  work with the participant to generate a Y-Chromosome DNA Chart or mT-DNA chart and determine if a suitable DNA donor can be identified. For more information, please contact the Group Administrator.
9) To encourage fuller participation in DNA testing through autosomal DNA testing.
10) The GA will attend classes and seminars to improve the groups understanding of their autosomal DNA matches.
11) Membership into the FT-DNA project is free once you have DNA tested with FT-DNA (or transferred DNA results from other companies), as is joining any FT-DNA Project.
12) FT-DNA now permits transfer of autosomal results from Ancestry.com DNA for a fee paid to FT-DNA. 

If you are unable to participate at this time, perhaps you would consider sponsoring a DNA candidate's test kit in whole or in part. Simply click on the 'Contribute to the surname Project General Fund' tab located to the left. Thanks.