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Ancestry from the Zamagurze Spiskie - Spišské Zamagurie Villages
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About us

Members of this project have ancestry from the geographic area known as the Zamagurie region. The area is made up of the Slovak / Poland border villages of the former Spis County; the northernmost former County of the Kingdom of Hunagary. Today, these villages cross the borders of Eastern Slovakia and Southern Poland. A list of villages is available under the Background tab of the public website. Membership to this geographic project is based on the following criteria: 1) Members will have at least one branch of their pedigree documented from the Zamagurie. The group administrator will cross check member's links to the region prior to members joining via the Join Request button. 2) Your DNA testing must be representative of the ancestor(s) from the the Zamagurie region and include the branch that is representing the connection to the project. 3) The project welcomes members who have tested Y, mt-DNA, FamilyFinder (autosomal) DNA, and autosomal transfers from other genetic genealogy companies. We are especially interested in growing through the membership testing autosomal DNA which looks at genetic matches on all branches of one's family tree. This may lead to more genetic matches linking to the region. Knowing the surnames associated, may lead to an increased understanding of our member's shared matches. By limiting membership to those with ancestry specifically from the geographic region AND whose DNA results represents ancestors from the region, permits our statistical results to be representative of the region and valid for study. Created in March 2007, the Zamagurie Project is the only geographic project to serve this area. The GA has over 25 years of experience in researching the records, histories, and culture of this region. The project serves as an extension to two other additional projects for those with Slovak ancestry: the Spis County Slovakia Project and the Podhale Region. Many of our project members fit in more than one project. If you have documented ancestry from any of the regions, please cross-register for those projects. I look forward to meeting new project members and assisting in understand our project member's results. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the GA. We look forward to you joining us.