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The Project was started on January 15th 2006.
6 members have joined within the first 24 hours.
Welcome and thank you for your prompt responses!
4 more members have joined during the first 10 days.
As at 4th July 2006 we now have 20 members.

August 2007 - we now have 40 members
June 2008 - the Project has grown to 53 members

August 2010
FTDNA has just added subgroup SNPs for hg L to its Advanced Orders.
The package is:
Misc-L $139.00 for all 9 of the following SNPs or any individual SNPs for $29 each (plus a one-off transfer fee of $9.50 if this is the customer's first Advanced Order)
* M27 * M274 * M295 * M317 * M349 * M357 * M61 * M76 * PK3
Only a few members of the L Project need to order the full set (those I have grouped as predicted L*) - although anyone else is welcome to do so.
Predicted L1s should order M27 and M76
Predicted L2 should order M274, M317 and M349
Predicted L3 should order M357 and PK3
Predicted L2a - please ask for advice

I have also opened the Project Fund so that anyone who wishes can contribute towards testing Project members - the Fund will be used to ensure coverage of testing across the clusters of the project is as complete as possible.

We also only need 3 more members to reach 100 - if anyone is in contact with an L not yet in the Project please encourage them to join!

October 2010 - 100 members!

March 2011 - 118 members.
The Misc-L package is no longer available - instead there is a standard Deep Clade test at $89 which will test all SNPs necessary to determine a customer's branch in the tree. For some hg L members it may still be more economical to test only specific SNPs depending on the subgroup prediction, please contact the administrators for advice.