L - Y Haplogroup L

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About us

Our first members are from several different geographical locations and their results show considerable variation. As the project grows we will try to identify haplotype clusters and link them to possible ancestral regions.

31st January 2006.
Using FTDNA's brand new sub-grouping function 9 of the 10 members are now shown as allocated to a predicted subgroup. This grouping is supported by network analysis of the 1st 12 markers.
16th February 2006.
All 10 members now have a subgroup prediction.
17th February 2006.
7 project members have now been confirmed as haplogroup L by testing positive for SNP M20.

August 2007 - 7 members have results for 67 markers confirming the deep ancestral divisions within haplogroup L.
11 members have results for 37 or more markers.
If you have results for only 12 or 25 markers please consider upgrading to 37 or 67 markers.

June 2008
The L2a group is large enough to begin to see subgroupings so I have provisionally created 3 based on the closest matches at 67 markers. Others have been assigned to the nearest matching subgroup. The most significant marker appears to be DYS392. More results are needed to consolidate these subgroups.
The L3(?) group has also been split based on distinctive values at DYS385a. The two groups have 7 and 9 for this marker, both unusually low values and possibly very stable, so useful for confirming deep ancestral relationships.

February 2011
The L2* group has grown significantly in the past few months and a subgroup has emerged with a distinctive 17-21 at YCAII.
Anyone in the "L2 not clustered" category is invited to upgrade to at least 37 markers so the extent of the 17-21 pattern can be investigated.