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I1 yDNA Haplogroup

I-M253 and all subclades
  • 10264 members

About us

One member has proposed the following as our primary goals:

Goal: To explicitly define the geographical points of separation between the I1 subclades and the estimated time range for each divergence. Then, to map those differences and time ranges with known historical events. The end result would be a divergence map called "The Historical Migration Routes of I1 Subclades," with the underlying historical events.

Objective 1: Collect x amount of data for each subclade to make solid inferences.
Objective 2: Define and name the known subclades of I1 and their geographical locations.
Objective 3: Define the time range of each divergence and map them.
Objective 4: Match the divergences with historical migratory events that would have preceded it.