I1 yDNA Haplogroup

I-M253 and all subclades
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About us

The I1 project is open to any male whose Y-haplogroup is I1; meaning I1* & all subclades. The I1 project uses a combination of STR haplotypes and SNPs to group results. Kits that have provided the Admins with at least Limited Access will be grouped. The group names may include recommendations for additional testing.

PLEASE READ: When writing to Admins or Co-Admins for assistance, please include kit #, kit name and ensure privacy settings are set to Limited Access, as follows:

* Go to: Privacy and Sharing, and work through the privacy options.

* When complete, click on the tab right next to the Privacy and Sharing called Project Preferences

* Please click on “EDIT” then grant your Administrators ‘Limited Access.’

* Don't forget to SAVE your new settings.