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NEWS  (July 5, 2020): An important new origins study is underway for Worden men at https://tinyurl.com/y9zthtqw.

(December 1, 2016): Caution! The story of Robert Sanders' migration path is based on a report from GPS Origins. That company has a less than stellar reputation, as reflected in several reports, notably this one by Debby Cruwys. The only conclusion can be that we should take all of this with a large grain of salt. Buyer beware!

NEWS (November 26, 2016): A story of presumed Worden migration, based on DNA hotspots, archeology and history, was published on Facebook today by a credible researcher and distant cousin. An accompanying map is shown below (follow the blue line for this Worden man's migration path based on autosomal DNA and as defined by GPS Origins):  

Robert H. A. Sanders Migration Story B (Blue)

Ancient ancestry in Croatia

Your ancestors came from around Croatia prior to 224 AD, so let's take a look at what was going on in Croatia up to this point:

Roman Croatia

Between 32 BC and 475 AD, Croatia was ruled by local leaders in a period known as the Roman era. In 32 BC Croatia was conquered by the Romans and divided into the province of Pannonia in the north and Dalmatia in the south. The final uprising against Roman rule was suppressed in 9 AD and Croatian administration and politics underwent Romanizing reforms. As Croatia was a Roman frontier, frequently threatened by raiding barbarian tribes, it had a strong military presence and many fortresses were erected. People migrated from Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and, in smaller numbers, and the rest of the Roman Empire to Croatia as new Roman citizens migrated around the Roman world in search of new opportunities. At the same time, populations moved from Croatia to places like countries within the Roman Empire as Roman the Croats newly acquired Roman citizenship allowed them to seek trade and employment across the Roman Empire.

Movement from Croatia to France.

At some point before 224 AD your ancestors moved to France. These are the events your ancestors would have lived through in France.

Roman France

Between 52 BC and 485 AD, France was ruled by local leaders in a period known as Roman Gaul. During this period the French territory once inhabited by Celtic tribes was conquered by the Romans and turned into a Roman province. Celtic culture was replaced with Gallo-Roman culture and the area encountered constant attacks by Germanic tribes. People migrated from Italy, Germany, and Belgium and the Netherlands to France with the Roman invasion of France and a constant influx of Germanic tribes into the area. At the same time, populations moved from France to places like Italy and Switzerland and France in order to trade with neighboring tribes and within the Roman Empire.

Movement from France to England

At some point after 224 AD your ancestors moved to England and once they reached there this is what they would have experienced:

The Roman Invasion

Between 43 AD and 410 AD, England was ruled by local leaders in a period known as Roman Britain. In the 1st century AD, England was invaded by the Romans who, having landed in Kent and defeated local tribal leaders, began to expand northwards. Although England became a Roman province, Roman expansion was frequently met with resistance and revolts from native rulers, such as the warrior-queen Boudicca. In the middle of the 4th century AD, Roman rule began to breakdown. People migrated from Italy and Ireland and the Netherlands to England due to the Romans conquest of England and subsequent settlement, the Gaelic invasions from Ireland in 300 AD and the arrival of Dutch Frisii tribes who settled in Kent.

NEWS (May 2017): The Worden subclade has been further refined by a second Big Y analysis within J-Y26712. The new terminal subclade is J-Y32998, with a TMRCA (Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor) within about the past 500 years or so. This SNP is most likely the terminal SNP for all Worden-surnamed men in the J2 cluster. By further testing, we hope to discover SNPs that delineate branches for even more recent ancestors.

(November 2016): New Worden clade J-Y26712 discovered! Edward Wayne Worden of Lineage I had his Big Y kit analyzed on YFull. It resulted in discovering a new clade that formed about 600 BC with modern descendants ranging from the Ukraine to England. More to come as we continue to analyze this. See the new clade J-Y26712 directly beneath J-Z1043, which was the previously most recent Worden clade known: heJ-Y26712 on the YFull Tree

NEWS (January 2016): A new project intended to examine the deep roots of Lineage I (Peter Worden b. 1576) has launched. Donations of any size will be much appreciated and should be sent via credit card, PayPal or check to Family Tree DNA

NEWS (February 2015): A new web site design includes the ability to post photos and comments, exchange thoughts, pose questions and answers, and otherwise expand your interaction with Worden genealogy and DNA testing. At least for now, all communication is limited to project members. I encourage everyone to participate in the Group Activity Feed. 

NEWS (May 2014): Advanced SNP testing has revealed that the terminal SNP in the J haplogroup that all Worden men who descend from William b. 1500 share is Z1043. Therefore, the haplogroup of everyone who matches within Group I is now J-Z1043. No further testing is needed to confirm this. However, this haplogroup appears to be relatively rare as it is known to exist in just Group I of our project and a few others, especially from southern Europe and the Mediterranean area. This supports the theory that our Worden progenitor arrived in England with the Roman forces. Update (June 2014): At least one member of the Worden group has a 25-marker match with another man at FTDNA. His line does not yet "cross the pond." Stay tuned for more information as it is uncovered.

NEWS! 21 members have joined Phase 3 (as of 10 April 2014). Won’t you join us too? All it takes is for you to order the FamilyFinder test ($99) or transfer your results from ancestry.com or 23andMe ($69). NOTE: Recent results (since about October 2013) from 23andMe will not transfer because of changes 23andMe has made to its testing platform. For help in getting started with your Family Finder results, please visit my blog post: http://genealogyanddna.blogspot.com/2014/04/putting-family-finder-to-work-for-you.html.

NEWS!  Phase 3 is underway. This phase is based on autosomal testing and requires a Family Finder test (or the transfer of raw data from ancestry.com or 23andMe.com to Family Tree DNA). We hope to identify Worden cousins among all who test and thereby .begin to sort out the lineages from the sons of Dr. Samuel> Peter II> Peter I. Group I in the Y-DNA Results Chart (click the Results tab above) contains descendants from Dr. Samuel b. 1646. Notice: Everyone -- males and females -- can further their genealogy through the use of an autosomal (Family Finder) test.

NEWS! The FTDNA Fund for the Worden DNA Project has a balance of only $50. Contributions to this fund are always welcome from anyone who is interested in advancing the genealogy of the Worden families and are used to fund carefully selected tests for candidates who are unable or unwilling to pay for them, but are willing and able to provide the required DNA sample. For example, the Project has an opportunity to obtain the presumed genetic signature of Mary, wife of Peter Worden II. To date, her name is unknown, but a DNA test could lead to her identification, a long sought goal of the Worden Family Association and her many descendants. We have learned of a living descendant in the maternal line -- the only person known to have a direct maternal line to Mary, but funding is needed to pay for the required test. Won't you help? Please go to the Worden General Fund to contribute.

NEWS! For those who have already tested with certain other companies...
February 1, 2012: Family Tree DNA now offers the ability to transfer results from 23andMe (Version 3 only as processed before December 2013), Ancestry.com and other companies, thus giving us the opportunity to compare test results with them. For details see http://genealem-geneticgenealogy.blogspot.com/ or http://www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com/. Family Tree DNA has always welcomed customers from the National Geographic/Genographic Project without charge because FTDNA does all the testing for it and already has the actual samples. Recently, Family Tree DNA acquired DNA Heritage and invites its customers to join FTDNA and any appropriate projects at no cost. It now allows anyone who has tested with GeneTree or Sorenson’s SMGF to transfer his or her Y-DNA results for a nominal fee.

Why would you want to transfer your results from another company?
  • Family Tree DNA has the largest database of DNA test results in the world and the largest number of projects for surnames, geographical origins and haplogroups.
  • It focuses on genealogical DNA testing and adds new and better tests and tools all the time to improve the value of testing for genealogy.You may order:
  • Y-DNA tests from FTDNA in increments from 12 to 25, 37, 67, and 111 to continually enhance your matches to others.
  • Three mtDNA tests – HVR1, HVR2 and FGS which covers the entire mitochondria for maternal matches.
  • The Family Finder (or autosomal) test which covers all your chromosomes for both men and women to find cousins to the 5th degree and beyond, thus expanding your opportunities to add to your genealogical knowledge.
  • A wide array of tests that refine your haplogroup assignment, determine your placement on the tree of mankind, called the Haplotree, and offer you the opportunity to participate in finding new SNPs on that tree. If you have an assigned haplogroup, see http://www.isogg.org/tree/ to find your current placement and to see what subgroups may already have been found for your haplogroup. Note: Those in Group I of the project already have a confirmed terminal haplogroup of Z-1043. That may change over time as new testing is done.
The following is a quote from the FTDNA announcement about transfers to project administrators:

[A] $19 fee will be credited to customers who order upgrades or add-ons. For an additional $39, customers who transfer their third party results will also have additional markers tested so that they can receive matches to Family Tree DNA's 25 or 37-marker level, ancestral origins, and other features of the personal page.

What do you get when you transfer third party results?

The $19 fee will provide the customer with a Family Tree DNA personal page which will allow them to join Family Tree DNA projects freely. This means results will be available to the administrator and included on the project's public page for comparison with other project members.

The $58 fee ($19 transfer fee + $39 for the added markers to Family Tree DNA's 25 or 37-marker level) will include the same features provided to Family Tree DNA customers in their personal pages.

For any additional questions related to Third Party transfer, please refer to our FAQ section for help.

If you ordered a DNA test from Relative Genetics, Oxford Ancestors, or Genebase, FTDNA continues to offer reduced pricing to those who join an existing project at FTDNA. To take advantage of this special offer, please be sure to contact the project administrator to obtain a special order form: Worden Project Administrator.

NEWS! The new Grant Program is now available from the Worden Family Association. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section titled "Worden Family Association Bill and Pat Worden DNA Fund" for details.

Why DNA testing?
Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father's father, etc.) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in no other way. The only cost is for the testing itself. We project administrators are volunteers who hope to gain knowledge about our own heritage. We receive no compensation or incentives from Family Tree DNA or any other entity. Note that only a male with any of the subject surnames may participate but, if you have Worden, Warden or similar ancestry, you can be represented by even a distant cousin whose name is Worden, Warden, etc. Note that only a male with any of the subject surnames may participate but, if you have Worden ancestry, you can be represented by even a distant cousin.

Why should you become involved?
Reading the news, watching specials on Public Television, seeing the many articles popping up in all the major news magazines … Doesn’t it make you wonder how modern science, and DNA testing in particular, can help solve some of your genealogical puzzles? After spending years rummaging through courthouses, libraries, family papers, cemeteries and the internet, aren’t you ready to use the latest tool to find your roots, once and for all?

How does it work?
Scientists mapping the human genome in 2000 found it consisted of about 3 billion pairs of DNA chemicals or "letters," and that those letters were 99.9 percent similar from one person to the next. It's within that 0.1 percent difference that the science of genetic genealogy was born. Just like notations in an old Bible or census records, family history is recorded in our genes. A father's Y chromosome DNA is passed down virtually unchanged to his sons while mothers pass down their mitochondrial DNA to their sons and daughters. While MtDNA can help us find our earliest roots, long before surnames came into existence, it is the Y-DNA that only males carry that holds the secret for genealogical purposes. And Ladies, don’t feel left out. Just find a male -- brother, uncle, cousin, even a distant one, and he can represent your paternal line.

Importantly, the newer autosomal DNA tests (Family Finder from Family Tree DNA, Ancestry and 23andsMe) make it possible for both men and women to find cousins throughout their pedigree in up to six generations and beyond.

As a Worden descendant who has done my share of “rummaging,” I decided to make science work for me and all the other Worden researchers out there who have “holes” in their paper trail or want to extend their research to:

* Eliminate or confirm relationships.
* Focus research towards related families.
* Direct research into a geographical area.
* Direct research into a specific timeframe.
* Establish country or region of origin.
* Confirm variant surnames are the same family.
* Learn about our family's pre-surname migration.
* Strengthen weak paper trails.
* Avoid pursuing false connections.

Few of us are entirely comfortable with the research we and others before us have done. Virtually all our findings have words like “probably,” “could,” “may,” “perhaps,” and “assuming” liberally scattered throughout. Let’s get to the bottom line. We’ve exhausted all the traditional research tools. It’s time to let a simple, painless DNA test provide the answers. The cost is a few tanksful of gas or probably no more than a research trip to a nearby town. Think about gas, tolls, parking fees, copying costs, meals, possibly an overnight stay – all sometimes yielding little or no new information. Instead, you could order the test of your choice from FamilyTreeDNA.com, simply swab the inside of your cheek a few times in the comfort of your home, and then sit back and wait about six weeks. You will be notified when results are completed and when matches are identified, giving you the opportunity to compare notes with others who share your DNA and are related to you, even if the common ancestry is not immediately apparent. 

As you can see on the Results page at this website, we have so far identified two Worden/Warden lines. For some, the results are not surprising because the traditional genealogies have pointed to them all along, but now the proof is indisputable. For others, the results suggest some clear research avenues to pursue. For still others, there may be a nonpaternal event in some distant generation, such as an unknown adoption, and there may be an opportunity to find a heretofore unsuspected genealogy. Or no clear match emerges, in which case the testee can expect a future match as more people are tested. Notice that results of the Family Finder (autosomal) test are not displayed on this website. Each testee will view his/her matches independently on his MyFTDNA page where he has access to many tools to help determine how he is related to those matches.

This Family Project is intended to:
1. Help researchers with Worden ancestry work together to find their common heritage (see the Pedigrees section below).
2. Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile them and their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches.

Useful Links:
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Disclaimer, Conditions and Agreement

The Worden Surname DNA Project or its project administrators have no commercial affiliation with any profit-making organization and receive no compensation for services or expenses involved with the project. This webpage is maintained for posting DNA results and pedigrees of participants who choose to make their information available.

Although the Worden Project offers discounts at FTDNA, that by no means suggests a business partnership or other relationship between the Project and the Laboratory. All funds are payable only and directly to the Laboratory. The Worden Project will not be the recipient or steward of any DNA samples and has no responsibility for their care, handling or return to participant, nor duty to act on behalf of a Participant in mediation of any dispute between the Participant and the Laboratory.

While a match between two participants may suggest that they share a common ancestor, it will not identify the specific ancestor and there is no guarantee that every participant will match anyone in this project or in any public database.

By participation in the project, the participant agrees to all conditions of the Project.

Worden Family Association

Bill & Pat Worden DNA Fund

DNA Testing Policy
Recognizing that DNA testing has become an essential tool for confirming a genealogical paper trail, determining a common ancestor and extending one’s genealogy when the paper trail ends, the Worden Family Association Board has adopted the following set of guidelines.

Every Worden male, or at least the oldest male in a family, is encouraged to have at least the basic 12-marker Y-DNA test. The results of this test will prove, with 99 percent certainty, that he descends from Dr. Samuel Worden b. 1646 or from his ancestor. If his results do not match the DNA signature that has been established for Dr. Samuel Worden and his Worden ancestors, then he either descends from an unrelated Worden ancestor or a nonpaternal event such as an adoption has occurred at some point in his lineage. Further testing beyond 12 markers should eventually determine where line breaks have occurred. For example, for many Worden descendants the paper trail ends in the 1700s or even later. By determining via DNA testing which son of Dr. Samuel they descend from, they would then be able to narrow their research to that particular line.

To further this goal, a special fund has been established. Of course it is expected that those who have an interest in a particular individual’s DNA test results – whether that is the person to be tested, a relative or the family genealogist – will normally pay for the testing itself. Grants will be considered only for those who cannot afford to pay. The Bill and Pat Worden Fund will help pay for these tests through grants (see Grant Application below), as follows:

* Any Worden male who wishes to be tested and can provide some evidence of research into his own Worden genealogy but cannot afford to pay for his own test may apply to the Association for a grant.
* Any Worden male whose initial test results and paper genealogy suggest that further testing will be of benefit to the Association may have such further testing paid for by the Association if he or another interested party is unwilling or unable to pay.

Given that the Association has a clear and strong interest in the results of DNA testing as they pertain to Worden family genealogy, everyone who has tested or will test in the future will be asked to agree to the following:

Because the science of DNA testing is in its infancy and new tests are likely to be made available in the future, I authorize the Worden Family Association to order additional testing of the DNA sample that is currently held by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Upgrades may be paid for by myself, my relatives, the Association or individual Association members. The DNA sample itself will be held by FTDNA according to its own policy. This approval can be rescinded at any time by me by notifying the Association in writing and reimbursing the Association for this grant.

Bill and Pat Worden DNA Fund Grant Application

This application, as well as the actual order with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), may be completed by either the prospective testee or his sponsor/nominee. I/we cannot pay for part or all of DNA testing and hereby request a grant to be applied to a DNA test with Family Tree DNA. Additional information appears below under “Reason for grant request.” Evidence of my genealogical research is attached.
I agree to the following:

Because the science of DNA testing is in its infancy and new tests are likely to be made available in the future, I authorize the Worden Family Association to order additional testing of the DNA sample that is or will be held by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Upgrades may be paid for by myself, my relatives, the Association or individual Association members. The DNA sample itself will be held by FTDNA according to its own policy. This authorization can be rescinded at any time by me by notifying the Association in writing and reimbursing the Association for this grant.

Signature_______________________________________ Date:____________

Print name:____________________________________________________________




Reason for grant request (which test and why):__________________________________



Email application to pwarden12 AT charter.net  
Mail to Pat Warden, 3561 Country Lane, Salem, IL 62881

Worden Project Pedigrees

The pedigree is an essential part of genetic genealogy. We invite all researchers of the Worden and similar surnames to submit their proven pedigrees for posting on the Patriarch page.  Please follow the format of the pedigrees posted on this page. Be sure to include a Line Leader (researcher) as your first entry.

Note that the pedigrees posted to this site are not guaranteed for accuracy by the Worden DNA Project, but are the submissions of the individual DNA participants. Any data provided should always be independently proven. Because the Worden Family Association has proven some part of these lineages, we have arbitrarily chosen to replace the first three generations (Peter I, Peter II, Dr. Samuel) with the accepted (proven) data as provided by the WFA.

Click here to send your Pedigree information for the Patriarch Page.

The pedigrees that follow are organized by the earliest known Worden ancestor and are based upon the traditional genealogy, or paper trail, in an effort to make comparisons easier. Your comments are always welcome.


Line leader: http://ketheric.magix.net/ 
William Werden
Richard Werden (1616-1668) m. Katherine Southarth (1642-)
Ralph Werden (1664-) m. Margaret Taylor
Richard Worden (1693-)
Ralph Worden (1736-1816) m. Alice Walmsley (1740-)
Thomas Worden (1770-) m. Ann Unsworth
John W. Worden (1805-) m. Agnes Farnworth (1799-)
William Worden (1836-1911) m. Margaret Caton (1837-1895)
Charles Henry Worden (1873-1908) m. Hannah (Annie) Hayes (1877-)
George Stanley Worden (1904-1989) m. Lillian May Swift (1906-1973)
Worden DNA Participant W-

Line I Proven

Peter - Peter II - Dr. Samuel Worden

Line leader: http://www.wordenfamilyassoc.org
Peter Worden b <1574, Lancashire England m. Margaret Grice Wall
Peter Worden II, b 1609  Lancashire England m Mary
Samuel Worden b 1646, Yarmouth, MA, m Hopestill Holly

An asterisk (*) attached to the DNA Participant ID indicates that this person "matches," i.e., is related to the Peter> Peter II > Dr. Samuel line, according to Y-DNA test results.

Peter - Peter II - Dr. Samuel - Nathaniel

Line leader: robdonworden AT comcast DOT net
Nathaniel Worden abt 1677 Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, married Margaret ?
Roger Worden abt 1715, married Elizabeth Holmes
Roger Worden II 1748 Greenwich, CT, married Mary Husted
Isaac Worden abt 1770, Greenwich, CT, married Hannah ?
Andrew Worden abt 1803, Stamford, CT, married Amanda Timpany
Isaac C. Worden 1829, Stamford, CT, married Sarah Duryea
William Clinton Worden 1863, Franklin Co., IN, married Mary Katherine Rue
Hallie Everett Worden 1890 Hidalgo, IL, married Flossie Irene Holland
Robert Delman Worden 1923, Weiner, AR, married Bertha Rea Smith
Worden DNA participant W-1*

Line leader: pwarden12 AT rcharter.net
Nathaniel Worden abt 1677 Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, married Margaret ?
Nathaniel II abt 1709, d bef Oct 1741 Greenwich, CT, m Margaret ?
Nathaniel III abt 1735, d 17 Oct 1807, m Sarah
Silas 10 Sep 1763 Pawling, NY, d 23 Mar 1847 Middlebury, NY, m Anne
Stephen 18 Mar 1804 Albany, NY, d 18 Jan 1877 Bueva Vista Twp., WI, m Marcy
Willis Dibble b 14 Jul 1830 Middlebury Twp., NY, d 6 Dec 1917 Bueva Vista Twp., WI, m Susannah Mary
George Henry, 13 May 1860 Stockton Twp, WI, d 15 May 1939 Linwood Twp., WI, m Jane Ruth
Ava Milton 2 Jul 1886 Bueva Vista Twp., WI, d 6 Jun 1962 Woodruff, WI, m Clara H.
Worden DNA participant W-18*

Line leader: jwordn AT yahoo.com
Nathaniel Worden abt 1677 Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, married Margaret ?
Gabriel Worden b. 1723
Anderson Worden b 1760
Anderson Gidney Worden b. 1789 (Canada)
William Worden b. 1815
William Allen Worden b. 1841
Frederick Hudson Worden b. 1880 St. John, New Brunswick
Worden DNA Participant W-19*

Line leader: debgene72 AT comcast DOT net (also w635Debby.Worden AT yahoo DOT com)
Nathaniel Worden b abt 1677 Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, m Margaret ?
Gabriel Worden 1723 CT-1800 NB, Wickham
Jeremiah Worden 1750 CT -after April 18, 1821 Kingston, Ont
Nelson Horatio Worden Nov 18, 1798 NB, St John,  D:Aug 18, 1870 MI, Lakeport
David Nelson Worden Nov 11, 1831 Ont, Kingston died Nov 30, 1906 MI, Detroit
Allen Elsworth Worden born July 4, 1875 MI SCC Grant Twp died Nov 1, 1926 MI, Detroit
William David Worden born Aug 1, 1900 Detroit died June 9, 1964 Detroit
William Carlisle Worden born Aug 16, 1924 Detroit died Oct 8, 1968 MI, Lincoln Park
Worden DNA Participant W-19*

Line leader: elricworden AT shaw.ca
Nathaniel Worden abt 1677 Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, m Margaret ?
Roger Worden abt 1715, m Elizabeth Holmes
Gilbert Worden b 23 Mar 1750, Greenwich, CT, m Mary BrownGilbert Worden b. 20 Sep 1775, d 5 Apr 1840 Dunham, Quebec, Canada, m Arabella Hawk
Gilbert Hamilton Worden b 25 Jul 1807 St. Armand, Quebec, Canada, m. Hannah Houck
John L. Worden
Frank M. Worden
Clive M. Worden
Worden DNA Participant W-20*

Line leader: lwarden3 AT gmail DOT com
Nathaniel b. 1679
Gabriel b. 1723 CT d. 1800 New Brunswick
Gabriel b. 1745 CT d. 1780 NY
Gabriel b. 1777 NY, d. 1838 OH
Lew M. b. 1825 OH, d. 1893 CA
William H. b. 1861 CA, d. 1945 CA
Lew M. b. 1892 CA, d. 1970
DNA Participant: W-46*

Line leader: jimmchugh AT shaw DOT ca
Nathaniel b. 1679
Gabriel 1723-1800
Gabriel 1745-1780
Nathaniel Worden, c. 1778, likely New York (maybe Vermont), Cyrena Hurlbu(r)t
George Worden, New York, 1824, Louisa Elizabeth Gokey
Morton Monroe Worden, New York, 1852, Elizabeth Jane Billings
Homer Arthur Worden, Ontario, 1879, Isobelle Newton
Morton M. Worden, Saskatchewan, 1918, Grace Devlin
DNA Participant W-47*

Line Leader: frenchie1923 AT yahoo.com
Nathaniel Worden abt 1677 Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, m Margaret ?
Roger Worden abt 1715, m Elizabeth Holmes
Gilbert Worden b 23 Mar 1750, Greenwich, CT, m Mary Brown
Gilbert Worden b. 20 Sep 1775, d 5 Apr 1840 Dunham, Quebec, Canada, m Arabella Hawk
Gilbert Hamilton Worden b 25 Jul 1807, St. Armand, Canada, d. 1857, m Hannah HOUCK
Manly Worden b. 22 Jul 1841 Canada, d 1911 Galesburg, IL, m Annetta V. Pickle
Homer Jerrid/Jerad Worden b 9 Dec 1871 Canada, d 1937 Rock Island, IL, m Catherine Agnes Godsil
William Francis Worden b 12 Nov 1895 Galesburg, IL, d 1969 IL, m Kathleen L. Burns
William Francis Worden b 31 July1923 Galesburg,Ill d 2000 IL m E.Laurane Pierson
Worden DNA Participant W-22*

Line Leader: Loretta Worden, email reddas51 AT hotmail.com
Nathaniel Worden b ca 1708 Yarmouth  MA  m Margaret Marshell
Gabriel Worden b. 1723 Middlesex MA m Sarah Anderson
Isaac Worden b 1771 New York, USA m Mary Ann Carpenter
Archelaus C Worden .b 1797 Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada m Sarah Ann Worden
Archelaus C Worden b 1825 , New Brunswick, Canada m 1st Mary Keistead 2nd  Margaret Worden
Archelaus H Worden B 1868 NB, Canada m 1st Keziah A Worden aka
Bertie  2nd Ella May Worden
Archelaus G Worden b 1900   Hoyt, NB , Canada m Hilda Byers
Willard Worden b 1928 , Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada m Euphemia Phillips aka Betty
Worden DNA participant: W-56*

Line leader: lifeofriley1 AT
Nathaniel Worden abt 1677, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, m Margaret ?
Gabriel Worden 1723, CT, US married Sarah Anderson
Isaac Worden abt 1770, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, US m Mary Carpenter
Isaac Worden 1795, Queens, NB, Canada m Elizabeth Thorne
Isaac Worden 1819, Johnston Parish, Queens, NB, Canada m Deborah Rupert
Gabriel Wellington Worden 1844, Johnston Parish, Queens, NB m Phoebe Melissa Thorne
Annie Elizabeth Worden 1888 Oakham, Queens, NB, Canada m William Edward Sheppard
Malcolm Robert Sheppard 1910, Salmon Creek, Queens, NB, Canada, m Anna Veres

Peter - Peter II - Dr. Samuel - Samuel II

Line leader: reeseworden AT aim.com
Damiel Worden, b 1708, South Kingstown, Washington, RI, d Pawling, Dutchess, NY, m (?).
Samuel Worden, b 4 Apr 1745, Stonington, New London, Connecticut, d (?), m Ann.
Edmund Worden, b 1 Apr 1779, Westchester Co., NY, d 29 Oct 1863, Highland, Town of Lloyd, Ulster, NY,
m (?).
Harvey L Worden, b 10 Aug 1815, Highland, Ulster , NY, d 23 Jan 1892, Hoosick Falls, NY, m Ann Eliza
George Simmons Worden, b 12 Jun 1857, Highland, NY, d 22 May 1941, Rensselaer, NY, m Elizabeth Jane
Reese Edwards Worden Sr., b 22 Sep 1885, Bath-on-the-Hudson, NY, d 30 Aug 1951, Rensselaer, NY, m
Margaret Louisa Smith.
Reese Edwards Worden Jr., b 11 Nov 1912, Rensselaer, NY, d 9 Jun 1994, Anaheim, CA , m Mary
Catherine Bailey, 2 Oct 1934.
DNA Participant W-53

Line leader: doriswh AT gmail.com
Samuel Worden II, b 1672 Yarmouth, MA, m Rose Holley
Daniel Worden b 1708, S. Kingstowne, RI, m Unknown
Peleg Worden b 1732 Stonington, CT, m. Rebecca
Benjamin Worden b 1756, m Sarah Frost, d. 1841
Leonard Worden b 1776, Town of Clinton, Dutchess Co., NY, m Amy Montross
Samuel Montross Worden, b 4 Jul 1794 Clinton, Dutchess Co, NY m Catherine Southard
Renselaer Worden, b 18 Aug 1844 Milan, Dutchess Co, NY, m Minerva LaBonte
Evina Worden b 6 Aug 1867 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY, m John F. Tipple
Anna Edna Tipple b. 21 Feb 1889 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY, m Jonas Coons
Isabel A. Coons b 3 Feb 1910 Hyde Park, Dutchess Co., NY,  m Theodore J. Muller
Worden DNA participant W-3* (Proxy for Doris Wheeler)

Line leader: doriswh AT gmail.com
Samuel Worden II, b 1672 Yarmouth, MA, m Rose Holley
Daniel Worden b 1708, S. Kingstowne, RI, m Unknown
Peleg Worden b 1732 Stonington, CT, m Rebecca
Benjamin Worden b 1756, m Sarah Frost, d. 1841
Leonard Worden b 1776, Town of Clinton, Dutchess Co., NY, m Amy Montross
Samuel Montross Worden, b 4 Jul 1794 Clinton, Dutchess Co, NY m Catherine Southard
Renselaer Worden, b 18 Aug 1844 Milan, Dutchess Co, NY, m Minerva LaBonte
Ralph Van Renselaer Worden, b 27 Feb 1880 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY m. Fannie May Dennis
Ralph Sterling Worden, b 15 Feb 1905, d. 1938
Worden DNA participant  W-3*

Line leader: pnesir AT aol DOT com
Samuel Worden II, b. 1672 Yarmouth, MA, m. Rose Holley
Daniel Worden b. 1708, S. Kingstowne, RI, m. Unknown
Samuel b. 4 Apr 1745
Edmund Worden, b. 1Apr1779 Westchester Co., NY, d. 31Oct1863 Lloyd, Ulster Co., NY, m.
John E. Worden, b. 1800 Beekman, Dutchess Co., NY?, d. 13Feb1867 Girard Twp., Branch Co., MI, md. Barbra Rose.
William V. Worden, b. 16Nov1835 Girard, Branch Co., MI, d. 11May1908 Ft. Morgan, Morgan Co., CO, md. (1) Artemesia "Artie" E. Dyer, (2) Christina J. "Tiny" Gordon.
Elwin Jay Worden, b. 17Dec1867, Girard, Branch Co., MI, d. 18Nov1944, Des Moines, Polk Co., IA,  md. Mary Sprowls.
William Glen Worden, b. 18Aug1927 Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, d. 20Nov2000 Midland, Midland Co., MI, md. to Patricia Ann Carter.
DNA Participant W-34*

Peter - Peter II- Dr. Samuel - Isaac

Line leader: bill-worden AT comcast.net
Isaac Worden 1673? - 1718 (WAW) m. Rebekah
William W Worden I 1698 - 1781? (WAW) m. Sarah Shelley
William W Worden II 1724 - ? m. Amy Ann Wilcox
John H Worden 1744 - ? m. Sarah Brayton
Isaac Worden 1777 - 1856 m. Ruth Austin
Calvin Worden 1811 - 1872 m. Juliann Teall
Sylvanus A. Worden 1856 - ? m. Dora Pope
Harold Everett Worden 1885 -- ? m. Alice Gertrude Smith
Robert P Worden 1920 - ? (WAW) m. Marjorie E. Schatz
Worden DNA participant W-8*

Line leader: rfworden AT artelco.com
Isaac Worden b:1673 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA m: Rebekah
William Worden b:1698 in Stonington, New London, CT m: Sarah Shelley
Ebenezer Worden b:Jan 14,1718/19 in Stonington, New London, CT m: Borridel Button
Abial Worden b: May 12,1740 in Stonington, New London CT m: unknown
Asa Worden b: bet. 1760-1770 m: Mary in NY
Isaac Worden b:October 09,1803 in Seneca, NY m: Martha Brown
Francis Marion Worden b; July 11,1849 in Shawnee, Niagara  co. NY m: Julia A. Cavanaugh
Worden DNA participant W-11*

Line leader: jwerden AT cinci.rr.com Alt: jcwerden AT pg.com
Isaac Werden, b: 1673, Stonington, CT, m Rebekah ? b: ?
William Werden, b: 1698, Stonington, CT, m Sarah Shelley b: ?
Isaac (Capt.) Werden, b: 1721, Stonington, CT, m Sarah Wilcox b: 1713
Isaac (Dr.) Werden, b: 1739, Stonington, CT, m Jerusha Pierson b: ?
Asa Werden, b: 1779, Stonington, CT, m Elizabeth Aylsworth b: 1785
Robert Burns Werden, b: 1813, Picton, Ontario, Canada, m Wealthy Ann Davis b: 1817
Rudolphus Davis Werden, b: 1846, Picton, Ontario, Canada, m Philinda Weeks b: 1850
Grenville Weeks Werden, b: 1872, Picton, Ontario, Canada, m Alice Grace Halley b: 1873
Clayton Davis Werden, b: 1897, Cincinnati, OH, m Edna May Fowler b: 1895
George Washington Werden, b: 1926, Cincinnati, OH, m May Ellen Viall b: 1922
John Charles Werden, b: 1959, Cincinnati, OH
Worden DNA participant W-12*

Line leader: nmmaloney2 AT yahoo.com
Isaac Werden, b: 1670, Stonington, CT, m Rebekah ?
William Werden I, b: 1698, Stonington, CT, m Sarah Shelley
William II, b 1724, Stonington, CT, m Amy Wilcox Wells
John H. b. 1744, Stonington, CT, m Sarah Brayton
William W. b 1775, Stephentown, NY ?, m Penelope Sweet
William S. b Oneida County, NY ?, m Polly Gallop
Edmund G. b c 1827 Herkimer or Oneida County, NY, m Elizabeth Thomas
William H. b 1873 Oswego County, NY, m Catherine White
Shannon b 1906, Emmett, MI
Worden DNA participant W-16*

Line leader: keli1 AT aol.comIsaac Worden 1673? - 1718 (WAW) m. Rebekah
William Walter Worden (1698-1781) m. Sarah Shelley
Nathaniel Worden (1728-1813) m. Anna Palmater
Arnold Worden (1765-1840) d. Renselaer County, NY, m. Abigail Marshall (1763-)
Parley Worden (1795-1862)
DNA Participant: W-32*

Line leader: Heritage Files heritagefilesgenealogy AT gmail.com
John Worden b. 1741 Fairfield, CT, d. 6 Jan 1842 Wallkill, Orange, NY, m. Hannah Stark
John Worden b. 1789 Pawling, Dutchess, NY, d. 1861 Wallkill, Orange, NY, m. Eleanor Nelly Underhill
James Worden b. 1809 Highland, (Ulster or Sullivan), NY, d. 1864, NY, m. Harriet Moore
John Worden b. 1846 Port Jervis, Orange, NY, d. 1923 Bayonne, NJ, m. Jane Stickle
John Henry Worden b. 1879 Port Jervis, Orange, NY, d. 1942 Bayonne, NJ, m. Electa A. Savage
John Emery Worden b. 1904 Jersey City, Hudson, NJ, d. 1905 Mt. Holly, Burlington, NJ, m. Helen Dorothy Heald
DNA Participant: W-

Peter - Peter II - Dr. Samuel - Peter III

Line leader: pwarden12 AT charter.net
Peter Worden III, b 1668, Yarmouth, MA, m Mary Holly
Peter Worden IV, b 1697, Westerly, RI, m Rebekah Richmond
Peter Worden V, b 1728, Westerly, RI, m Mercy Moon
Rufus Worden, b 1759, RI, m Tabitha Cook
Ripha Worden, b c1793, Shaftsbury, VT m Rebecca Ripley
Rufus Ripha Worden b 1831, Sheldon, NY, m Almyra Thayer
Albert N Worden, b 1856 Livonia, MI, m Laura Thomas (1), Maud West (2)
Ripha Earl Worden, b 1883, Liberal,Mo, m Alice Margaret Gaines
Clarence Jesse Worden, b 1911, Sandoval, IL, m Lillian J. Gibbs
DNA Participant W-10*

Line Leader: ginnyt25 AT gmail DOT com
Peter III
DNA Participant W-48*

Line leader: dhw AT pobox.com
Peter Worden III, b 1668, Yarmouth, MA, m Mary Holly
Peter Worden IV, b 1697, Westerly, RI, m Rebekah Richmond
John Worden, 1724 - 1779, m. Dorthy Satterly
Joseph Worden, 1753 - 1819, m Electa (Amy) Lamb
Amos Prentis Worden, 1780 - 1841, m Mary Case
Benjamin Franklin Worden, 1837 - 1908, m Christine Dunn (?)
Charley Warren Worden, 1866 - 1948 Dallas City Il., m Allie Smith
Leo Warren Worden, 1893 - 1959 Durham Il., m Sadie Anderson
Harold Leo Worden, 1915 - 1974 , m Gladys Eileen Tilton

Line leader:  dote37 AT aol.com
Peter Worden III, b 1668, Yarmouth, MA, m Mary Holly
Peter IV b. 1697 m. Rebecca Richmond
Sylvester b. 1732 m. Rebecca Eccleston
Sylvester Jr. b. 1758 m. unknown
Justus H.  b. 1788 m. unknown
Maria b. 1808 m William Drayton
Lois Ann b. 1830 m. William Kineston
Lura May b. 6/23/1869 m. George W. Walters
Cora Mae b. 12/16/1893 m. Stanely Meleen
Alice Elaine b. 4/8/1934 m. Richard H Larson
Doreen Elaine b. 3/31/1958 m. John A. Cesari, Jr.
mtDNA Participant WM-1

Line leader: Judith Setley Wright judyinocala AT gmail.com
Peter Worden III, b 1668, Yarmouth, MA, m Mary Holly
Peter IV
Peter V
Richmond (Revolutionary War Patriot, served with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys)
Schuyler? (Oswego, NY) (1806-1901)
Amanda Worden Perry, Minetto, NY (1840-1936)
Walter Worden PerryH, Minetto, NY (1867-1948)
Harriet Perry Setley Minetto, NY (1893-1971)
Harold William Setley, Jr., Stamford, CT (1917-1986)
Judith Setley Wright, Stamford CT - Living

Line 1: Not yet aligned with a son of Dr. Samuel

Daniel - Peter

Line leader: jadib58 AT yahoo.com
Daniel Worden, m. Rhoda Arnold
Peter Worden, b. 25 March 1777, Dutchess Co., N.Y., m. Hannah Sheldon
Humphrey Worden, b. 29 Aug. 1800, Dover, Dutchess Co., N.Y., m. Anna Barnes Kelley Leonard
John Adams Worden, b. 26 Feb. 1872, Pittsford, Rutland Co., Vt., m. Sue Murray
Ithiel Murray Worden, b. Texas, m. Irene Krepkovich
Worden DNA participant W-9*

Line leader: jadib58 AT yahoo.com
Daniel Worden, b. probably 1750's, m. Rhoda Arnold
Peter Worden, b. 25 March 1777, Dutchess Co., N.Y., m. Hannah Sheldon
Joseph Arnold Worden, b. 28 March 1805, Pittsford, Rutland Co., Vt., m. Mindwell Jackson
Henrietta Worden, b. 21 May 1852, Columbia Twp., Bradford Co., Pa., m. James Wesley Bailey
Joseph Ebenezer Bailey, b. 23 Aug. 1874, Sylvania, Bradford Co., Pa., m. Fredareka Rosetta Kobbe
Richard Delbert Bailey, b. 16 May 1916, Overton, Bradford Co., Pa., m. Helen Beatrice Shaffer
Carol Fredericka Bailey, m. Donald Arthur Dibble
James Arthur Dibble, m. Catherine Leonie Daniels

Line leader: jadib58 AT yahoo.com
Daniel Worden, m. Rhoda Arnold
Peter Worden, b. 25 March 1777, Dutchess Co., N.Y., m. Hannah Sheldon
Gideon Sheldon Worden, b. 17 March 1809, Pittsford, Rutland Co., Vt.,  m. Sarah Carlisle
Hiram Ezekiel Worden, b. 20 Aug. 1844, Vt.,  m. Harriet Heart
Frank Herbert Worden, b. 1 May 1876, Charleston Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.,  m. Edith Jane Black
John Herbert Worden b. 18 May 1910, Charleston Twp., m. Alice Marcella Tracy
John Allen Worden m. Agnes Tokarz
DNA Participant W-13*

Ezra Worden

Line leader: hdwordenjr AT aol.com
Ezra Worden, b 25 Jul 1827 Onondaga Co., NY, d 22 Feb 1913 Allen Co., IN, m? Elizabeth Alzina Walworth
John Wesley Worden, b 14 Nov 1857 Allen Co., IN, d 1944 Allen Co., IN, m Florence Rhoda Conway
Lester Raymond Worden, b 31 May 1902 Allen Co., IN, d 01 Sep 1969 Springfield, Missouri, m Ester Racheal Coplin
DNA Participant: W-21*

Benjamin William Worden

Line Leader: Florence_410 AT msn DOT com
Sherrill Wait Worden?
Benjamin William Worden b c 1800 NY, m Marietta
Alexander William Worden b 1843 NY, m Durinda Stanley 1861 OH
John Benjamin Franklin Worden b 1864 OH, m Mary Love
James Forrest Worden b 1892 OH, m Ethel (Mae) Grove
DNA Participant W-24*

George Worden

Line leader: njworden AT aol.com
George Worden, b c 1749, Mt. Pleasant, Westchester Co., NY, d. 1831 m. Lucretia Garrison
William Worden b 2 Dec 1800, m. Melinda Miller
John Lorimer Worden, Sr. b 12 Nov 1876, Sing Sing, NY, m. Sadie Belle Dinan
John Lorimer Worden, Jr. b 11 Dec 1907, South Bend, IN, m. Leone Elizaneth Borer
DNA Participant W-15*

Jonathan Worden

Line Leader: suubob AT aol DOT com
Line Leader: w635Debby.Worden AT yahoo DOT com

Jonathan Worden b. 16 Sept 1761 NY, Westchester Co., d. 21 May 1836 Halton Co., Esquesing m. Esther Rushton
Peter Worden b. 1804-1808 NS, River Ramsheg d. 1855-1861 Halton Co., Esquesing m. Mary Mathews
Joseph Henry Worden b. 12 January 1854 Halton Co., Esquesing d. J30 Jun 1944 Sask, Yorkton m: Margaretta McLaren
------Edgar Lee Worden b. 26, March 1884 MI, Sanilac Co., Croswell d. 4 June 1932, m. Cora Morrison
------------Edgar Ray Worden b. 3 Nov 1911 MI Port Huron d. 7 Mar 1966 MI, Pontiac m. Alice Teeple
------Percy Earl Worden b 8 Sep 1886 Sanilac Co., MI, d 14 Oct 1969 MI, m Ruth McNary
DNA Participant W-27*

William B. Worden

Line leader: mcvicker1948 AT yahoo.com, worden1936 AT yahoo.com
William B. Worden b. 1809 New York  d.26 Dec 1886  m. abt 1830   Lucinda “Lucy”   b. 1810  d. 14 Feb 1889
John Stedman Worden  b. 1 Jan 1844 New York  d. 15 Jun 1902  m. 1868  Julia Louise Van De Bogart  1846-1887
Harry Roy Worden   b. 13 May 1872 Wisconsin  d. 28 Sept 1932  m. 23 Apr 1895  Bertha “Rose” Theresa Mohns  b. 1879-1928
Harold Clint Worden b. 13 Nov 1900 Minnesota  d. 1966  m. 29 Apr 1929  Grace Cecelia Hansen
b. 28 June 1901  d. 26 Feb 1985
DNA Participant # W-49*

John Riley Worden

Line leader: bworden AT ameritech DOT net
John Riley Worden, b. 1844 MI, St Clair Co., China Twp m. Elizabeth (Libbie)
Scott Buell Worden, b. 1874 MI, St Clair Co., China Twp m. Kathryn Sorensen
Scott Buell Worden, Jr., b. 1909, Detroit, MI m. Virginia Moynihan