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About us

This project is entirely voluntary, and it fully protects your confidentiality. Depending upon the extent of participation, Worden researchers everywhere will benefit from the addition of 21st century methodology to traditional genealogical research. What is involved? To fully participate in the study, a pedigree and a DNA sample (a simple swab of the cheek) are required from a male with the surname Worden (or similar). So Ladies, please encourage your father, brother or male cousin to participate. There is no need to test more than one brother or first cousin. We want to compare different lines. There is a cost for the actual DNA testing, but it is the lowest available because you will be participating in a project. And there are no additional costs.

Phase 3 of our project has recently been launched. It is based on autosomal testing, especially the Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA. Autosomal testing is open to everyone, male and female, and compares matches at the chromosomal level. The goal is to find living cousins who can help identify common ancestors across an entire pedigree, not just the paternal or maternal direct line.

With or without full participation, we ask that you submit a pedigree starting with your earliest Worden ancestor down to your last non-living ancestor in the paternal line. This pedigree should show birth dates and places and spouses' names, or as much as is known. You may submit your pedigree by sending it to doriswh@gmail.com. Won’t you join us and put some of those nagging questions to rest at last?