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James Wilson James Wilson
March 18 @ 11:49am
Looking for clues of my great-grandfather Hugh Wilson born in Scotland and emigrated to US to be a miner, he died in a mine explosion in Centralia in 1878, I uploaded my DNA ( B493127) and awaiting results.
Sandra (Wilson) Smith
Yesterday at 10:00pm
Mark Wilson, When I compared your kit to mine on Genesis, 2 cm it came up with 99.1 cm half matches, 33 shared segments with the largest being 5.8 cm. I don't think that is significant, but I am researching three lines of Wilsons in my family. Two on my dad's side and one on my mom's--One is a total dead end and the other two I am struggling with. My Gedmatch # is T023680. Thanks
Matthew Moran
Yesterday at 7:07am
Sandra any of those three lines of Wilson's from Coshocton Ohio? Gedmatch # MQ5265022
Sandra (Wilson) Smith
15 hours ago
Hi Matthew. No, I don't think I have any Ohio Wilsons that I know of. I compared your kit to mine on Genesis using 2 cms and came up with 66.1 half matches and 23 shared segments with the largest being 4.0 cm. My dad's direct line is Everette L Wilson born 1920, KC, Mo, son of Robert Shelby Wilson born 1898, Kingston, Mo, son of Sherman Hardin Wilson born Indianapolis, Indiana 1896, son of Shelby Wilson born 1839 Seymour, Kentucky (Dead end) Shelby's mother died when he was a small child. His father remarried and sent Shelby and his brother to live with an aunt, Mary Brown in Iowa. I have not been able to find any info connecting Shelby to either of his parents. 2nd paternal Wilson line is Minnie Bell Wilson wife of Sherman Wilson. She was born 1868 Linn County, mo, her father Lewis Maddison Wilson born 1843 Cooper County, Mo, his father Robert Wilson born 1809-1811 in Virginia, his father John Craig Wilson born 1787 Bourbon county, Kentucky, his father Capt Henry T Wilson born 1754 Fairfax county, Virginia, His father Henry Wilson birth place and date unknown. Mom's Wilson line is my gr gr grandmother, Abbie S Wilson born 1819 Randolph North Carolina, her father, Samuel Wilson born 1787 Pasquotoak, North Carolina, his father Joseph Wilson born 1760, Perquimans, North Carolina, His father John Wilson born 1723 in probably Wesmorland, England. Any names or places sound familiar???
Michael Wilson
11 hours ago
Hi, Sandra. I just compared my GEDmatch to yours T273231 and got this result: Largest segment = 4.1 cM Total of segments > 1 cM = 52.4 cM 23 matching segments
Arthur Wilson Arthur Wilson
Yesterday at 10:31am
Like many of you, I have a brick wall. Mine is at John Wilson (1796-10 sep 1856) born maybe in either county Down or Armagh Ireland, married to Jane Baird (1811-15 Feb 1879) born county Armagh. Both immigrated and died farmers in Garafraxa Ontario Canada. Jane's family was from Lanarkshire Scotland, her dad James (1770-1831 Scotland) and his dad John (1751-1801 Scotland), and his dad James (1725-1760 Glasgow Scotland). Can't get back any further than Ontario with John. Their children were Agnes (born county Down), Margaret, Sarah, Jane, John Jr, and Maryanne (all born in Canada). Looks like John, Jane, and Agnes immigrated around 1837 or so because Agnes was born in Ireland 1836 and Margaret was born Canada 1838. There's a lot of John Wilsons coming from northern Ireland around then, and a lot of Janes, too. Agnes should help, but nope. There's a lot of Wilsons, Scots, Presbyterians, and Irish in Garafraxa and vicinity then, as well. Can anyone help out with this?
Linda Nelson Linda Nelson
March 17 @ 4:54pm
I am researching Julia Jane Wilson (Westwood) 1916 -1995 NC. Daughter of John Luther Wilson 1885-1970 and Jessie Loee Neill 1888-1977. North Carolina
Mark Wilson
March 17 @ 6:00pm
There's a Hamlin jr Family Tree on Ancestry with John, Jessie and Julia. Do you know about it?
Mark Wilson
March 17 @ 6:02pm
From the Hamlin jr tree: When John Luther Wilson was born on April 10, 1885, in Rabun, Georgia, his father, William, was 37 and his mother, Julia, was 40. He had two daughters with Jessie Loee Neill between 1914 and 1916. He died on October 16, 1970, in Transylvania, North Carolina, at the age of 85, and was buried in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina.
Mark Wilson
March 17 @ 6:33pm
It looks like Julia was named after her grandmother Julia Ann Picklesimer. That should be an easy name to research.
Christine Mallouhi Christine Mallouhi has a question!
February 24 @ 6:41am
My GEDMATCH file is now loaded on their new site #XN2820858 My cousin Robert Lyons has authorised me to manage his Y test . His FTDNA kit #IN38407 there may be more links with his y-dna than mine. My FTYDNA #B316613 Our earliest known Wilson ancestor is William Wilson born abt 1799 maybe Midlothian Scotland but we have no birth certificate. His parents were maybe Joseph and Jean/Jane. He married Agnes Torrance in Canonngate 1818. They had 9 children including twins up until 1835 all in Midlothian. A daughter Mary married Daniel Mc LAren from Renfrewshire. Surnames connected with the maternal lines of the family are Reid, Douglas, Brackenridge. A couple of Wilson lines are in Australia and others believed to be in the USA. Our line is with William's son Richard and his daughter Agnes Wilson born 1861 in Victoria Australia who married John Lyons (son of George from Cork Ireland). Does anyone recognise any links? Facing a brick wall .
Mark Wilson
March 8 @ 12:57am
Christine, We think my Wilson ancestor left the Hawick, Scotland area for Northern Ireland in the early 1600s and then one of his descendants immigrated to America (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to be exact) in the early 1700s. From there they went South to North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. I show similar or even stronger matches on GEDMatch to most people with strong Kentucky roots. Some of it might be due to my Quaker ancestors (the Hollingsworths) but I'm still trying to work it out. I also have several other Scotch-Irish lines (Templeton, Gilmore, Smith, and Dill). Bottom line: It could be a link but most likely any common ancestor we have is four hundred or more years back. Mark Kit# B182201.
Mark Wilson
March 8 @ 1:42am
I do have Y-DNA67 matches in Melbourne (4 Gen diff) and New Zealand (2 Gen diff). One's a Wilson whose ancestor left Hawick in 1853 and the other a Telford originally from Langholm, Scotland. My Y-500 result is R-U152-L2-DF103-FGC4166-BY1020-BY3495 (FGC36273). Also on our Wilson line is James Glenny Wilson, known as the "Father of Agriculture" in New Zealand.
Christine Mallouhi
March 9 @ 2:24am
So one of these connections in Melbourne is NOT Robert Lyons? I guess I am seeing that no-one is connecting with his DNA matches so far? I have only the vaguest understanding of the results.
Mark Wilson
March 10 @ 1:06am
Sorry, no Lyons at all on my paternal line. I couldn't find any even at the Y-DNA25 level (513 matches) and I suspect for some of those our common paternal ancestor lived a couple of thousand years ago. What Y-DNA test did your cousin take? I've taken both the Y-DNA111 and the Y-500 tests.
Sharon Conlen Sharon Conlen
February 25 @ 2:33pm
Does anyone here have a person named Clifford Robert Wilson born in 1920 in their family tree? I don't have any other information about him other than he died around 2011. I would like to learn more him such as where he was born, possible military service and relatives.
Wolf Renier
February 25 @ 3:12pm
Might this be the correct Clifford robert wilson.. b 1921? https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/190446067/clifford-robert-wilson
Sharon Conlen
February 25 @ 7:13pm
Thank you. I will check it out
Clifford Wilson
February 26 @ 5:39pm
That's my uncle. Please contact me.
Michael Cadden Michael Cadden
February 21 @ 1:12pm
Hi - I am an adoptee with a BF with the Wilson name. I have triangulated a common ancestor (via DNA and ancestry.com) being Franklin Wilson (1866-1952) of Russell County, Virginia. If Franklin is one of your ancestors, then please tell me what you know.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
February 23 @ 10:29am
Hi Michael. Like you, my BF is also a Wilson. Have you done any yDNA testing? It's not good for recent ancestors, but is a huge help in finding your surname roots. For instance, Based on my yDNA results and matches, I am 100% confident that until me, my Wilson side was unbroken for about 30 generations because my closest and most distant matches at y67 and y111 are both Wilson's as are all of my y67 and y111 matches. I also know with about 90% confidence that they migrated to the colonies from Ireland after about 100 or so years in Ireland. I'm still searching for the paper trail to prove this, but it's help to limit my search.
Michael Cadden
February 25 @ 8:27am
Hi Erick. I have done Y DNA and have picked up Wilsons at the y67 and y111 level also. I now have autosomal DNA (3rd cousin level) among living Wilsons who share the same common ancestor. Thank you for replying.
Gerald Mead Gerald Mead
October 13 @ 11:56am
My Brick wall is William Wilson b. abt 1767 mar. Mary Richeson abt. 1789. Had Son Abner abt 1791, had son Levi, daus Sophia and Elizabeth. Have a solid record of son Abner in Louisiana til his death abt 1850.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
October 20 @ 4:48pm
Very weak connection, but we'd be a Y match if you've done any Y testing... assuming the weak match is on the WIlson side that is... Comparing Kit A903304 (*bigrook-ancestry) and T154498 (*Jerry) Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 400 SNPs Mismatch-bunching Limit = 200 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 2.0 cM Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 2 80,327,669 85,163,183 3.0 442 Largest segment = 3.0 cM Total of segments > 2 cM = 3.0 cM 1 matching segments 421597 SNPs used for this comparison.
Kenneth&Jeanne Forester
December 23 @ 3:07pm
Comparing Kit M173803 (Kenneth A Forester) and T154498 (*Jerry) Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 500 SNPs Mismatch-bunching Limit = 250 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 1 21,831,496 24,285,746 3.8 621 2 185,917,001 192,052,246 3.1 967 6 147,252,370 149,156,689 3.5 558 7 81,996,518 85,333,773 3.2 645 12 110,575,739 113,344,884 3.6 675
Michael Wilson
December 27 @ 11:40pm
mparing Kit T273231 (Michael Wilson) and T154498 (*Jerry) Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 500 SNPs Mismatch-bunching Limit = 250 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 1.0 cM Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 1 146,286,966 150,793,436 3.0 584 2 124,783,446 127,493,570 2.6 516 2 134,851,642 137,728,653 2.0 650 2 177,547,882 180,013,614 2.2 579 5 128,705,881 132,492,003 1.5 631 6 32,718,721 33,938,340 1.2 1,183 6 144,309,787 147,224,032 1.5 561 8 32,631,182 36,809,481 2.2 501 9 16,267,713 18,649,794 4.3 838 11 65,811,399 68,440,681 1.7 521 11 87,723,287 91,005,196 1.4 566 12 20,686,459 21,469,826 1.3 514 12 54,687,352 57,427,666 1.7 609 15 40,222,129 44,470,086 2.4 742 16 29,784,802 45,726,804 1.3 549 19 41,187,961 44,088,489 1.3 538 21 28,368,946 30,676,042 1.6 563 Largest segment = 4.3 cM Total of segments > 1 cM = 33.4 cM 17 matching segments
William Wilson
February 19 @ 4:42pm
Hi Gerald. My name is Tracey (Wilson) Little. I am managing my uncle's account (William Wilson). This is very strange as we happen to have almost the same names in our search. My great grandfather apparently had the name of Thomas Wilson. I am now finding out that most of my father's, father's side used middle names as their first name. I have a feeling my great grandfather was Thomas William Wilson. He was married to a May Richardson (Richerson, richeson?). I am not sure where they originated from, but somehow immigrated to Canada. My grandfather's birth certificate is from Winnipeg, Canada. I cannot find any other paper trail for my Wilsons.
Fred franklin Fred franklin
February 13 @ 1:19pm
Does anyone have any info on a john wilson, (1872 to 1932). Was married to a Sarah Cline? one of there children was Thomas Anderson Wilson. thats all the info i have so far
David Smith (Wilson bio name) David Smith (Wilson bio name) has a question!
February 2 @ 3:49pm
Hi! My name is Mary and I'm helping a friend find his BF. Through testing on every site and FTDNA, it's become obvious that we are looking for a Wilson. I've traced his closest matches (2c-3c) beck to a George Washington Wilson from MS/TN who had nine sons whose descendants could be the BF. If anybody has traced this family, I'd appreciate being able to talk with you. I have a pretty big tree done but there are some gaps that might hold the answer. Thank you. Mary
Patrick Wilson
February 7 @ 11:46am
I'm descended from George W. Wilson. My GWW moved at a young age from northwest TN to northwest Mississippi at the outset of the Civil War. He is my great-great grandfather.
David Smith (Wilson bio name)
February 12 @ 8:29am
Patrick - this is awesome. Which of George's sons is your grandfather? Mary
Greg Goold
February 12 @ 9:00am
I have a Geo. Wash. Wilson b. 1817 Guilford, N.C., d. 18 Aug 1869, Tupelo, MS. Married to Lucinda Carneal Street, son of William Rankin Wilson and Lydia Lee Isabella Rankin of North Carolina and Tenn. This is my 1st cousin 4x removed. Could this be the person you are looking for?
David Smith (Wilson bio name)
February 12 @ 1:10pm
I don't believe so. My GWW was born in 1830 in Tennessee to Samuel R. Wilson and one of his three wives (I believe it to be Catherine Hill). This GWW was married to Mary Etta Dunn. Thank you for responding. I appreciate it.
Fred franklin Fred franklin
February 9 @ 8:22am
Hello my name is Fred franklin. I came across this page looking for help. It started when my parents died in 2017. Upon building my family tree I found that on my fathers birth record his mother used a different last name. all other kids she used the name Dorothy l worthy. But on his she used Dorothy l Abernathy. At first no big deal until I noticed on ancestry that I had a 2nd cousin under the profile pettusre, which I believe is pettus. Another strange thing is I never get any dna hits on my dads fathers side but on geni I match a Thomas Anderson Wilson, 2 as a second cousin twice removed. The thing is I match his Y-DNA at E-CTS6080 and his MT-DNA atH5a1i and autosomal. I have always had the suspicion that I wasn’t part of the family, just trying to connect the dots. My immediate family was Earnest Howard Franklin and Patrica Ann Gross. His parents were Fred Earnest Franklin and Dorothy L Worthy. Patricia’s Parents were Marion Lee Gross and Glenda P Smith….Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mark Wilson
February 9 @ 3:07pm
OK, is there any way to compare Thomas Anderson Wilson's DNA with the DNA for pettusre? I hope you've tried contacting both of them. If your biological father is actually a Wilson then pettusre could be one of his cousins. That would explain why pettusre is totally unknown to you. Have you taken a Y-DNA test at Family Tree DNA? I'd recommend at least a Y-67 test. A full mtDNA test would also be a good idea. The Wilson Chart does show one E-CTS6080 haplogroup match to someone going back to a Thomas M Wilson b. 1809 and d. 1843, Pike, KY. The fact that you match Thomas A on both paternal and maternal haplogroups is odd but Kentucky is one of those states where families tended to intermarry over several generations. To quote Brett Butler: "I'm so Southern I'm related to myself". Obviously more information will be needed to resolve this.
Mark Wilson
February 9 @ 3:11pm
Sorry, I meant biological paternal grandfather not father. A story like yours tends to confuse me.
Fred franklin
February 9 @ 5:08pm
Lol it's confusing to me too..I have sent both profiles messages and no response yet..and pettsure is only on ancestry. I am starting to learn that my 2nd great grandfather might have been adopted. I'm saving up for the y-67 test as we speak...thank you for replying