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Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
September 5 @ 8:52am
I am working with Ancestry Pro Gen to learn more about my Wilson family established in Picton, Ontario and Glenora Ontario. I traveled there twice to see various locations the family was involved with. Met my first Wilson related cousin in Toronto. The study is focusing on the Wilson family that came from Johnstown New York around 1830. It was requested that I get the Y-67 DNA test. I am presently waiting for results. I hope I posted a photo of a three generation Wilson family.
Robert Wilson
April 19 @ 1:32pm
Robert Wilson
May 3 @ 10:44am
I am awaiting the Big Y results. Since my brother and I are considered the last of the Stewart Wilson family male line it is important to me to find out if Burley is the break at my great grandfather (he was the only Wilson male at that time). Any suggestions? I am unable to research Wilson history further from a Charles Wilson father to Stewart (Stuart) Wilson born 1795 in Johnstown, New York.
Gerald Wilson
May 25 @ 10:58am
I just came across your post today. My name is Andy Hochreiter and I manage the kit (192973) for my half-brother, Gerald Wilson. He was born in Picton, Ontario. I traced his paternal line back to his immigrant ancestor, Daniel Wilson, born in County Armagh, Ireland. I made a couple trips there to try to locate relatives (so far, no luck). Gerald has taken the Big-Y and his branch is I-M223 and terminal SNP is I-BY111793. He is not matching other Wilsons. He has a 67 match (GD of 5) with a Frazier and shares his terminal SNP with a Roth. I would like to hear more about your Picton connection and what you know about their origins. Many thanks.
Robert Wilson
May 28 @ 8:33am
Right now the ProGen haven't found the paper trail to solve their origin. My Y-67 traces me to the Mills Family.
Charles Wilson Charles Wilson
February 19, 2016 @ 3:25pm
My name is Charlie Franklin Wilson I should receive my Y-DNA test results in April 6-20. My paternal ancestors settled in Caldwell County, and surrounding counties in North Carolina in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I am searching for the parents of my 3rd great grandfather Jordan Wilson, he was born in Burke County in 1813 and died in Caldwell County in 1892. He served in the North Carolina Indian removal in 1838. Anyone researching this line please let me know. Thanks
James Wilson
February 28 @ 4:23am
Hi Kathryn We bring the Phillip Wilson line back from Owsley County KY. Phillip was in the 1751 Dan River Census in Stokes Co N.C. He was also in the 1748 Tithe list for the same county. Phillips Ydna is a perfect match for Isaac Wilson born in Maysville Ohio in 1800. His haplogroup is I-M253 and his Gedmatch is DadA752911.
James Wilson
February 28 @ 4:37am
I appears to me that there is a mega puzzle here that is ready to be solved!
Michael Wilson
February 28 @ 7:17pm
Charles are we genetic cousin (BIG Y)? I have a Charles Frederick Wilson that I'm genetically related to and was wondering if that's you? I am interested in the John Wilson1731-1800 you spoke of, due to his family ties/ branches – Cox and Smith. I to have Wilson males that married into the Smith and Cox family out of North Carolina and migrated into Tennessee. The Wilson, Cox, and Smith were also in the same Union Army units in the Civil War together.
Kathryn Schultz
April 19 @ 10:11pm
James Wilson, you are so right that this line of “Old Robin’s” descendants is “almost endogamous” with so many cousin marriages. I have been told by an expert that, because the intermarriages did not extend over a much longer period of time, it is still just pedigree collapse, not endogamy.
Kurt Wilson Kurt Wilson has a question!
April 11 @ 12:37pm
Kit 248389 is the father. Kit 245972 big y is a son. Kit 248392 is also a son. Kit323378 is a son of kit 245972. So here we have 3 generations with a paper trail to Thomas Wilson d1764 pipe creek md. Any thoughts appreciated.
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Erick Rooker (Wilson)
April 13 @ 4:32pm
Kurt, What is the haplogroup on the Big Y tester?
Kurt Wilson
April 13 @ 6:18pm
Hello Erick, Its posted on the Wilson project. Just not moved over yet. Halo group
Kurt Wilson
April 13 @ 6:23pm
Halpogroup R-A13223 Thomas Wilson d 1764 near Taneytown MD Pipe Creek thru the oldest child James. I have wondered about a tie to Augusta Co Wilson's as the namesake son of the famous Simon Kenton is buried in the little Wilson cemetery in Indiana but I c the Halpogroup dosent match urs if I read it right.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
April 19 @ 11:32am
Correct. Those Wilson lines cannot be related.
Mike Ramsey Mike Ramsey
April 14 @ 12:59pm
Wilson admins, thank you for grouping we four Wilson/Ramsey/Barnett together, but I do think that we need to be grouped together with kit 54449 Robert Wilson separately, as we are all E-V22 and downstream and match up more closely with him.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
April 19 @ 11:30am
Good luck. I haven't seen much activity from the "admins" in a couple years. Wilson, being one of the most popular surnames, really need a more active admins... especially since there are so many unrelated Wilson lines.
James Wilson James Wilson
November 9 @ 1:46pm
After many years and much progress on my Wilson line, I have come to a brick wall at James Wilson Sr., d. 1777 in Henry County, Virginia. He might have arrived in that area from the Northern Neck of Virginia, but I have no confirmation of that. There are many trees on Ancestry.com and other sites with possible parents and lineage, but they are either demonstrably incorrect or have absolutely zero documentation. All of my Wilson Y-DNA matches can be traced back to this James in Henry County, so they do not provide me with any new information. Thus, I am posting here hoping to find Wilson matches that go back farther than this James to give me something more to work on. My dad's GEDmatch is A332740. BTW, I have a blog at www.jameswilson.family which details much of my research into this ancestor. Thanks in advance for any matches or tips.
Roger Barnett
March 25 @ 8:12am
James, I checked our GEDmatch and nothing is there but I have 3 seperate Wilson's just up the road literally from Henry county in Augusta county, Va as early as 1738, Robert, John, and Ephraim. Many of these families migrated to present day Henry, Franklin and Pittsylvania counties Va prior to 1785. Henry county was split from Pittsylvania in 1776 so maybe check those records also. This map may help, http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~george/countyformations/virginiaformationmaps.html
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
March 28 @ 10:28am
James, I have matched you to my paternal grandfather's sister. Do these segments match on you know Wilson segments? D Wilson is the oldest living Wilson on my Wilson branch. Also, I matched with 8 other known Wilson's at y67 and both of those that have tested at y111. I am R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > ZZ10 > Z253 > Z2534 > ZZ5 > BY25447 > BY13693 > BY182633 with only one Big Y700 match (another Wilson). I order to say with certainty that our Wilson lines are connected, you would match me on the yDNA test. My father was a Wilson, I do not share the Wilson surname only because my mother did not marry him (I am the known NPE in an ancient Wilson line). Comparing Kit A197872 (*D Wilson) [Migration - F2 - A] and A332740 (jimw5mhl) [Migration - F2 - A] Segment threshold size will be adjusted dynamically between 200 and 400 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 2 36,747,912 39,728,431 3.6 508 6 7,673,719 9,289,146 3.5 261 16 20,268,056 22,793,128 3.3 226 16 23,394,399 25,035,627 3.1 283 18 7,215,275 8,356,972 5.2 250 Largest segment = 5.2 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 18.6 cM (0.520 Pct) 5 shared segments found for this comparison. 418451 SNPs used for this comparison. 52.628 Pct SNPs are full identical
James Wilson
April 8 @ 4:38pm
Thanks, Erick. There is some overlap on Chr6 where I also match a known 3rd cousin (A927956). She in turn has some matches (at 3-4 cM) to your great aunt. But we're pretty far apart based on the Y-DNA results so it's not clear these are significant. The search continues!
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
April 13 @ 4:37pm
Agreed! I HIGHLY recommend the yDNA testing to confirm any connection of our Wilson lines. if there is no match there, our Wilson lines are not related.
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
March 30 @ 12:36pm
https://d3tije9h5o4l4c.cloudfront.net/social-photos/3535820?dpr=2&fit=max&h=304&w=590 https://forebears.io/surnames/wilson England 195,974 Scotland 43,419 Northern Ireland 10,229 https://named.publicprofiler.org/ Erick Rooker (Wilson) 1 hour ago "There are at least dozen's of unrelated Wilson families. So, yes, SOME Wilson's are Scottish (both northern and southern), many more are not Scottish."
Michael Wilson
April 11 @ 1:24pm
Mark - Try this: http://scaledinnovation.com/gg/countyMapper.html . It's a lot better than the two URLS above.
Kurt Wilson Kurt Wilson has a question!
April 11 @ 12:31pm
Wilson family mutation rates. Anyone want to take a crack at it? Perhaps its helpful to the study. Any explanation would be appreciated. Kitsch
Kurt Wilson Kurt Wilson has a question!
April 11 @ 12:27pm
Wilson family mutation rates for Thomas Wilson d1764 Pipe Creek MD.
Carl Frederick Carl Frederick
December 16 @ 4:54pm
I am a life long resident of Montgomery Co., PA (formerly included in Philadelphia Co.) . I am related to most of the original Quaker lines who settled in suburban Philadelphia. My Wilson line settled in this area. Before looking at the citations of searchers here I would have said that JOHN and David Wilson were related. Now, I am not so sure. In any event nearly all of these settlers came from Lancashire, Chestershire, or Wales. Does the DNA bear this out? It is hard to know, when everyone sees different destinations in England, which JOHN or David came from Philadelphia., PA.
Robert Davis
April 6 @ 9:59am
Just a remote possibility, but my wife descends from David Wilson, b. 3/9/1742, d. 12/29/1820, bur. Cantwell's Bridge (Odessa), Delaware. He was the son of John and Martha Wilson. Odessa is in New Castle Co, DE and is related to several lines in Chester Co, PA, although they were on his mother's side. His line of descendants has daughtered-out, so there is no living all male line back to this David Wilson. A web-site you may have an interest in is HistoricOdessa.org. This David Wilson's house is part of the historic village of Odessa that might be of interest to visit if you live near northern Delaware.
Joni LeClear Joni LeClear
December 21, 2018 @ 12:13am
William Henry Wilson 1868-Mar 30 1951 The family Bible says his parents were Amos and Sarah Wilson from MaysVille, Ky.
James Wilson
October 21 @ 2:50am
Hello Eric and Joni! I am James F Wilson. I represent the Phillip Wilson line, Haplo group I-M253, Kit B85689. Phillip's Ydna 111 is a perfect match with Isaac Wilson, Kit 350423 Haplo group I-M253. Isaac was born in Maysville and ended up in Nebraska. Phillip Wilson SR was last located in Lunenburg County North Carolina on his way to Kentucky in 1748. He disappeared later and his son Phillip arrived in Clay County Ky in about 1708. It seems reasonable that Phillip emmigrated through Pennsylvania or Maryland. I will be gone for about a week but email me jfwilson99919@gmail.com if you need more help.
James Wilson
March 30 @ 6:23am
Phillip's Gedmatch is DadA752911
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
March 30 @ 11:47am
Thanks James! I appears that our WIlson lines have crossed, but they are not the same. Phillip is a distant match my my great aunt, My Wilson grandfather's sister Doris is alive and has tested. I am R1b (my father was a Wilson, but my mother did not marry him), so our lines are not related. Comparing Kit A197872 (*D Wilson) [Migration - F2 - A] and A752911 (*ROY) [Migration - F2 - A] Segment threshold size will be adjusted dynamically between 200 and 400 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 2 227,286,027 229,872,265 4.2 407 3 115,650,448 118,016,233 3.9 411 5 11,302,152 13,847,984 3.1 272 6 134,887,047 137,423,779 3.7 304 12 8,255,530 10,283,711 3.5 292 14 97,216,433 98,734,567 4.1 311 Largest segment = 4.2 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 22.4 cM (0.625 Pct) 6 shared segments found for this comparison. 417117 SNPs used for this comparison. 52.513 Pct SNPs are full identical
Mark Wilson
March 30 @ 11:03pm
My Wilsons also go back to Pennsylvania and Kentucky and my comparison is very similar. I'm an R-U152-L2 so also not in the same Wilson line. There are a large number of I-M253 Wilsons here: https://www.familytreedna.com/public/wilson/default.aspx?section=ycolorized Comparing Kit M942143 (Mark Wilson) [Migration - V4 - M] and A752911 (*ROY) [Migration - F2 - A] Minimum segment threshold size to be included in total = 200 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 6 104,690,621 106,824,214 3.2 236 9 128,910,419 132,044,938 4.5 308 12 20,076,620 22,389,474 3.8 418 13 30,633,164 32,554,286 5.1 294 19 15,263,385 17,292,014 3.6 239 22 25,284,829 26,675,608 4.2 201 Largest segment = 5.1 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 24.3 cM (0.677 Pct) 6 shared segments found for this comparison. 294672 SNPs used for this comparison. 54.132 Pct SNPs are full identical