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Joni LeClear Joni LeClear
December 21, 2018 @ 12:13am
William Henry Wilson 1868-Mar 30 1951 The family Bible says his parents were Amos and Sarah Wilson from MaysVille, Ky.
James Wilson
October 21 @ 2:50am
Hello Eric and Joni! I am James F Wilson. I represent the Phillip Wilson line, Haplo group I-M253, Kit B85689. Phillip's Ydna 111 is a perfect match with Isaac Wilson, Kit 350423 Haplo group I-M253. Isaac was born in Maysville and ended up in Nebraska. Phillip Wilson SR was last located in Lunenburg County North Carolina on his way to Kentucky in 1748. He disappeared later and his son Phillip arrived in Clay County Ky in about 1708. It seems reasonable that Phillip emmigrated through Pennsylvania or Maryland. I will be gone for about a week but email me jfwilson99919@gmail.com if you need more help.
James Wilson
Yesterday at 6:23am
Phillip's Gedmatch is DadA752911
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
Yesterday at 11:47am
Thanks James! I appears that our WIlson lines have crossed, but they are not the same. Phillip is a distant match my my great aunt, My Wilson grandfather's sister Doris is alive and has tested. I am R1b (my father was a Wilson, but my mother did not marry him), so our lines are not related. Comparing Kit A197872 (*D Wilson) [Migration - F2 - A] and A752911 (*ROY) [Migration - F2 - A] Segment threshold size will be adjusted dynamically between 200 and 400 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 2 227,286,027 229,872,265 4.2 407 3 115,650,448 118,016,233 3.9 411 5 11,302,152 13,847,984 3.1 272 6 134,887,047 137,423,779 3.7 304 12 8,255,530 10,283,711 3.5 292 14 97,216,433 98,734,567 4.1 311 Largest segment = 4.2 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 22.4 cM (0.625 Pct) 6 shared segments found for this comparison. 417117 SNPs used for this comparison. 52.513 Pct SNPs are full identical
Mark Wilson
13 hours ago
My Wilsons also go back to Pennsylvania and Kentucky and my comparison is very similar. I'm an R-U152-L2 so also not in the same Wilson line. There are a large number of I-M253 Wilsons here: https://www.familytreedna.com/public/wilson/default.aspx?section=ycolorized Comparing Kit M942143 (Mark Wilson) [Migration - V4 - M] and A752911 (*ROY) [Migration - F2 - A] Minimum segment threshold size to be included in total = 200 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 6 104,690,621 106,824,214 3.2 236 9 128,910,419 132,044,938 4.5 308 12 20,076,620 22,389,474 3.8 418 13 30,633,164 32,554,286 5.1 294 19 15,263,385 17,292,014 3.6 239 22 25,284,829 26,675,608 4.2 201 Largest segment = 5.1 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 24.3 cM (0.677 Pct) 6 shared segments found for this comparison. 294672 SNPs used for this comparison. 54.132 Pct SNPs are full identical
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
Yesterday at 11:52am
Seems to be a concern among the admins in a surname project whether I am related to their surname, so included this graphic to show that I am related to a Jessica, and a Roger Wilson.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
17 hours ago
Mark, This graphic is evidence enough that you are likely NOT related via a Wilson connection to either of those matches. Do you have known Wilson connections?
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
23 hours ago
In FTDNA Family Finder am related to a Sandra Wilson. 13 cm like Roger. 3rd - 5th Cousin, though she may not want to admit it. Maybe she's Roger's sister or not removed cousin.
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
24 hours ago
https://d3tije9h5o4l4c.cloudfront.net/social-photos/3535820?dpr=2&fit=max&h=304&w=590 https://forebears.io/surnames/wilson England 195,974 Scotland 43,419 Northern Ireland 10,229 https://named.publicprofiler.org/ Erick Rooker (Wilson) 1 hour ago "There are at least dozen's of unrelated Wilson families. So, yes, SOME Wilson's are Scottish (both northern and southern), many more are not Scottish."
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
Yesterday at 11:16am
From FTDNA Montgomery blog, felt it had to do a lot with surname Wilson. Felt it would be worth sharing with group. Mark Elliott December 23 @ 2:26pm "With a combination of diligence, intuition, peer guidance, genealogical awareness and luck rather than a sophisticated knowledge of biology or mathematics I show that 37 STR markers are often quite sufficient to identify genetic families/surname branches, and one or two SNP Panel tests can be a very cost-effective follow-up to take many testees to near the forefront of this exciting application of citizen science." https://ggi2013.blogspot.com/2017/10/james-irvine-speaker-profile.html https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/irwin/activity-feed https://gorrenberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2253271.jpg See names on Robert Bruce Armstrong, introductory page? https://books.google.com/books?id=nFr7oQEACAAJ&pg=PR1&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false https://elwald.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Fairbairn-I-M253-Elliott-Viking-add-mix.png Fairbairn - Elwald/Elliott I-M253 add mix, of the https://archive.org/details/chroniclesofarms00arms/page/17 Sometimes one thinks they are doing well with their genealogy family history, until they come across basing on internal prejudices exploring family in the same region of history, which because of insight from the other end of research I think is superior in bringing about my understanding to my own family history. People are born with the genes they have, I can not be a black female or a Native American which some liberals may hold high in esteem, but a basic copy of my Y-DNA genes can be in a black male, and a basic copy of my mtDNA can be in a Native American female. For the copy of the Y-DNA, and of the mtDNA it is in a single individual and that is myself which happens to have the genetics from both parents. Irvine is mainly Scottish of Bonshaw (fort in trees), of Debatable Land region of Annandale. The Armstrong and Elliot known as the main clans of the Scottish Middle March were also in to the Scottish Western March as the Irvine. James M. Irvine, and I have more than a century of experience in genealogy. It is not by kingly, or Harvard, or educated expert basis our knowledge is from. It is from sharing family information, and realizing THE FAMILY KNOWS BEST about their own family history. James M. Irvine is admin of FTDNA Clan Irwin Surname website. For the true geneticist, it is my hobby and research, to properly see that an accurate path for my Y-DNA is obtained. For those who would like to deter, detain, or redirect me from my pathway; '- Wha Daur Meddle Wi' Me?' http://www.rampantscotland.com/poetry/blpoems_daur.htm Like Kenneth Montgomery likes thisKenneth Montgomery Terri Stern March 19 @ 4:53am I met James at the Genetic Genealogy Ireland Conference in Belfast. He has a female Montgomery ancestor (not yet added to his tree at FTDNA) and I asked him to join the Montgomery Surname DNA Project. Unlike You like this Mark Elliott March 19 @ 8:15am Hold him in very high esteem. A genealogist with over a half century of it as a hobby, like genealogy is to me. For us James and myself we have together have over a century of shared genealogical experience a lot previous to DNA, and now we're both are applying DNA, from different directions which allows us to share, integrate, gather, and compile our combined knowledge. Genetic Genealogy Ireland 14-15 Feb 2020, ICC Waterfront Hall, Belfast - Using DNA to help the Family Tree Research of your Irish Ancestry SUNDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2017 James Irvine - Speaker Profile Title of Presentation GDPR, Privacy & Data Protection https://ggi2013.blogspot.com/2017/10/james-irvine-speaker-profile.html Put him into a popular web page I built; Just Google or Bing 'Brigham DNA', or use the following link; https://elwald.com/brigham-this-is-the-place-genealogy-with-dna-applied/ President Obama spoke at Waterfront Hall; https://gorrenberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/President-Obama-on-the-influence-of-Ulster-settlers-on-America..mp4 Wilson is a Scottish (border name) https://gorrenberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/ballads-of-the-Border-Reivers..mp4 Became Ulster Irish then on to America. https://gorrenberry.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/From-Ulster-to-US-surname-Wilson-2.mp4 Wilson, the son of Wil(l); https://nvk.genealogy.net/map/1890:Will,1890:Wills,1890:Wils https://forebears.io/surnames/will
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
Yesterday at 11:33am
There are at least dozen's of unrelated Wilson families. So, yes, SOME Wilson's are Scottish (both northern and southern), many more are not Scottish.
Mark Elliott
Yesterday at 12:03pm
Since the surname evolves out of Germany likely as Anglican, to the borders onto Ulster then America. the above statement Erick Rooker (Wilson) has made is highly correct. With the surname Johnson, if never spelled with the Scots/Ulster place name 't', as Johns(t)on(e), then it is most likely not of Scotland. https://nvk.genealogy.net/map/1890:John,1890:Johns,1890:Johnsen Ander and Will seem to migrate a similar path; https://nvk.genealogy.net/map/1890:Ander,1890:Anders,1890:Andersen
Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson
April 7, 2017 @ 8:10pm
Looking for matches with: William Henderson Wilson born 1849 in Henry County VA, died 1928 in Pittsylvania County VA Morgan Wilson 1813 lived in Henry County VA
Roy Wilson
April 2, 2018 @ 3:13am
My situation is similiar to yours Tim. I am a R269 haplogroup with a Wilson surname and Beasley Ydna. I joined the Beasley Project and we took it all the way to England. It involved an out of wedlock pregnancy, hushed up arranged marriage with a narrative that hid it for over two hundred years. There are probably at least a thousand dna Beasleys running arround with the Wilson surname like me. First see if there is a McCoy project on Familytreedna and join it.
Roy Wilson
April 2, 2018 @ 3:37am
Check out the orange square with TIP on it and click on it to give you the number of generations to match you and the person being examined at various probabilities for the test size. We should have Roy's Gedmatch No next week for haplogroup I-M253. His Family tree is the gold standard for the Phillip Wilson line from Virginia to KY. He took a Y37 and upgraded it to a Y111 2 months before he passed away. It was a great gift to his Wilson Family!
Jonathan Wilson
April 17, 2018 @ 6:10pm
I was able to use a combination of findagrave.com and MyHertitage to finally get back to Europe for most of my family lines. My Wilsons came over fairly late in the 1750s from Saint Andrews Scotland. For centuries before they were in Fife, Scotland. 3 brothers came over together. Two were prominent American Patriots during the American Revolution. I
James Wilson
Yesterday at 4:39am
This is the Phillip Wilson line data given by Roy Wilson may he rest in peace
Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
September 5 @ 8:52am
I am working with Ancestry Pro Gen to learn more about my Wilson family established in Picton, Ontario and Glenora Ontario. I traveled there twice to see various locations the family was involved with. Met my first Wilson related cousin in Toronto. The study is focusing on the Wilson family that came from Johnstown New York around 1830. It was requested that I get the Y-67 DNA test. I am presently waiting for results. I hope I posted a photo of a three generation Wilson family.
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Robert Wilson
September 6 @ 10:05am
Wilson/Cleaves, Wilson/Barnett, Wilson/Rose, Wilson/Meacham, Wilson/O'Neill,
Robert Wilson
September 6 @ 10:10am
I-M253 is what I have. ???
James Wilson
Yesterday at 3:41am
Hello Robert, Our Phillip Wilson line stems from Owsley Co KY and currently ends in Stokes Co North Carolina looking to find its European roots. Our haplogroup is I-M253 and our Gedmatch is DadA752911. We have the Issac Wilson line that currently begins in Mansfield Ohio and ends in Nebraska USA. This line also needs to hook up with its european roots. These two lines have the same haplogroup as yours and have identical YDNA.
James Wilson
Yesterday at 3:48am
Are you going to post your Y67 dna on the MyFamilytreedna Wilson Project so we can compare? Thank You
James Wilson James Wilson
November 9 @ 1:46pm
After many years and much progress on my Wilson line, I have come to a brick wall at James Wilson Sr., d. 1777 in Henry County, Virginia. He might have arrived in that area from the Northern Neck of Virginia, but I have no confirmation of that. There are many trees on Ancestry.com and other sites with possible parents and lineage, but they are either demonstrably incorrect or have absolutely zero documentation. All of my Wilson Y-DNA matches can be traced back to this James in Henry County, so they do not provide me with any new information. Thus, I am posting here hoping to find Wilson matches that go back farther than this James to give me something more to work on. My dad's GEDmatch is A332740. BTW, I have a blog at www.jameswilson.family which details much of my research into this ancestor. Thanks in advance for any matches or tips.
Greg Goold
March 12 @ 7:01am
James, my ancestors are generally in the Tazwell, Wytheville, Blacklick and Burkes Garden area about 100 miles west of Henry County but several are scattered about in the southern part of the state.
Michael Wilson
March 24 @ 7:05pm
Greg, I did a comparison with a minimum segment of 3. It is pretty interesting: Largest segment = 14.1 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 50.1 cM (1.398 Pct) 10 shared segments found for this comparison. 403677 SNPs used for this comparison. 52.112 Pct SNPs are full identical
Roger Barnett
March 25 @ 8:12am
James, I checked our GEDmatch and nothing is there but I have 3 seperate Wilson's just up the road literally from Henry county in Augusta county, Va as early as 1738, Robert, John, and Ephraim. Many of these families migrated to present day Henry, Franklin and Pittsylvania counties Va prior to 1785. Henry county was split from Pittsylvania in 1776 so maybe check those records also. This map may help, http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~george/countyformations/virginiaformationmaps.html
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
March 28 @ 10:28am
James, I have matched you to my paternal grandfather's sister. Do these segments match on you know Wilson segments? D Wilson is the oldest living Wilson on my Wilson branch. Also, I matched with 8 other known Wilson's at y67 and both of those that have tested at y111. I am R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > ZZ10 > Z253 > Z2534 > ZZ5 > BY25447 > BY13693 > BY182633 with only one Big Y700 match (another Wilson). I order to say with certainty that our Wilson lines are connected, you would match me on the yDNA test. My father was a Wilson, I do not share the Wilson surname only because my mother did not marry him (I am the known NPE in an ancient Wilson line). Comparing Kit A197872 (*D Wilson) [Migration - F2 - A] and A332740 (jimw5mhl) [Migration - F2 - A] Segment threshold size will be adjusted dynamically between 200 and 400 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 2 36,747,912 39,728,431 3.6 508 6 7,673,719 9,289,146 3.5 261 16 20,268,056 22,793,128 3.3 226 16 23,394,399 25,035,627 3.1 283 18 7,215,275 8,356,972 5.2 250 Largest segment = 5.2 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 18.6 cM (0.520 Pct) 5 shared segments found for this comparison. 418451 SNPs used for this comparison. 52.628 Pct SNPs are full identical
Mike Ramsey Mike Ramsey
March 24 @ 6:31am
Thank you admins for grouping some of us Wilson/Ramsey matches closer together in the DNA results; kits 74582, 839578, 866365, 115118,and 453465, under group 0.05.1 E1b1b1 (E-M96+ -> P2+ -> M215+ ->L336+/M35.1+/M243+). Comparing our group to others, I believe we should be grouped separately with the four kits in group E1b1b1a1c (E-M96+ -> P2+ -> M215+ -> L336+/M35.1+/M243+ -> V22+/L677+); kits 201178, 201373, 54449, and 201087. If you will please take a look at these and see if you agree, I think that is a more logical grouping of E-V22s. In addition, I would like to see if it is possible to be put in contact with a few of the members of this group, to see if I can persuade them to test at a higher level, or at least do some specific SNP tests/packages. Would it be possible for you to contact these three members and provide them my email address for communication? Kits 115118, 201178, and 201087. Thank you for your help. Mike
Patrick Alladio Patrick Alladio
February 20 @ 5:27pm
Hello, thank you for allowing me into this group. This is my Kit M311542 (Patrick Alladio) for Gedmatch, would be great to see if we have a connection. My Wilson family routes are to David Wilson Direct ancestor (7 generations) Dec 11 1768 Feb 23 1863 Thank you.
Andi Wilson
February 25 @ 6:46pm
We have 9 shared segments total but all below 5cMs.. I have zero knowledge of any David in my Wilson branch... Mine came from country Antrim, Northern Ireland.. I have very little other info about the family. Gedmatch # RW2300234.
Patrick Alladio
March 23 @ 7:10pm
Thanks Andi, I also have his parents whom are from New Hampshire 1733-1846 and his wife Eleanor (Hopkins) Wilson 1737-1781 also British colonial NH.