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Alistair Wilson Alistair Wilson
May 14 @ 9:44am
This one was interesting, at least to me, as a newbie! My sister has a stronger match than I do to Mark Wilson's Kit, and we both match Mark on virtually the same areas of Ch.2 and Ch.5. Comparing my Kit YK3345261 (*AJW) [Ancestry] to M942143 (Mark Wilson) Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Ch.2: 66,530,723 - 69,072,331, 3.2cM 344SNPs Ch.5: 7,549,448 - 9,197,607, 3.0cM 231SNPs Ch.5: 17,086,303 - 20,559,438, 3.5cM 264SNPs Ch.9: 92,862,486 - 96,895,108, 3.7cM 415SNPs Ch.16: 24,961,569 - 26,587,493, 3.4cM 226SNPs Largest segment = 3.7 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 16.8 cM (0.467 Pct) 5 shared segments found for this comparison. And my sister's Kit A558910 (June Hodge) and M942143 (Mark Wilson) Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM Ch.2: 66,530,723 - 68,975,706, 3.1cM, 320SNPs. Ch.3: 193,698,518 - 195,571,024, 4.6cM, 209SNPs. Ch.5: 17,276,986 - 20,559,438, 3.2cM, 239SNPs. Ch.18: 7,375,434 - 8,628,186, 5.3cM, 210SNPs. Ch.21: 41,581,684 - 43,463,749, 8.0cM, 412SNPs. Ch.22: 27,989,890 - 32,110,163, 4.1cM, 328SNPs. Largest segment = 8.0 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 28.2 cM (0.787 Pct). 6 shared segments found for this comparison. If I leave June's Minimum segment cM to be included in total at 7.0 cM, the estimated gens to MRCA is 7.4. My lot are from Dumfriesshire and earliest known Wilson ancestor is Robert Wilson b. c1760, who was a Shepherd in Tundergarth near Lockerbie.
Mark Wilson
May 16 @ 2:05am
Alistair, my Wilson ancestor left the vicinity of Hawick for Ireland about 1608. Likely not entirely of his own volition. By the mid 1700s his descendants were in Pennsylvania and maybe New Jersey, so I expect any connection we have would date back to the 1600s or earlier (so 8 generations is about right). Have you taken any tests that show your parental haplogroup? We (there are 6 of us now) are confirmed as belonging to the L2 subclade of R-U152. I've upgraded to the Y-700 test but don't expect the results for at least another month. A match from a Y-DNA test (Y67 or above) would certainly confirm that we belong to the same Wilson line, The most prominent Wilsons from Hawick are James Wilson (founder of the magazine "The Economist" and his nephew James Glenny Wilson ( Father of New Zealand Agriculture). My Genesis id is GE9125180. Mark Kit# B182201
Mark Wilson
May 19 @ 12:58pm
I did some checking on GEDMatch including the "People who match both kits" test and there's no indication of a Wilson connection. That doesn't mean that we don't share the same Wilson line, just that we don't have a close common ancestor. There is one person who's a 3.6 Gen distance from me and a 5.1 Gen distance from you but he is on my mother's Keith line. Do you have ancestors born in America or Canada? I also found a possible connection to the Baileys of Colonial Virginia.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
15 hours ago
Being both male and with the Wilson surname, have you both done any Y DNA testing? If your Wilson lines are connected within 30 generations or so, you should match each other.
kent helwig kent helwig
April 18 @ 10:03am
Hello Wilsons! I have a search angel helping us to find my mother, Jeanne's father.. I am Meera Lee managing my mother Jeanne's dna accounts. My angel thinks we may be out of Louisa Adler 1852 and William Wilson 1853. I met a lovely Wilson on Ancestry who suggested I join your project here. My GEDmatch number for Jeanne is M723742 and on Ancestry she is Jeanne2764 ... please let me know if we match up... Best- Meera & Jeanne
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Barbara (Wilson) Andrews GEDmatch A127540 / US3570937
May 18 @ 11:01am
I have a match to Jeanne - my maternal Grandmother was Helen K/Cavanaugh born in Ireland around 1897; Her parents were James K/Cavanaugh and Mary Bowe - Helen married John Wilson son of William Wilson and Mary Mulvie Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 16 80,480,696 82,965,354 7.5 582
kent helwig
May 19 @ 8:46pm
Guys!! Sorry took so long!! Hi Kenneth-- upon a review of one to one on GEDmatch I do see the match-- Now i'm looking at GEDmatch "people who match both kits, or 1 of 2 kits … I don't know these people YET …. what trees do you have I could look at? I'm on ancestry and I have a tree with jeanne2764 & it's called Hadfield/Hanna Experiment … please go take a look. I also have floating trees along side. Do you have any "Smith's"?
kent helwig
May 19 @ 8:48pm
Well HELLO Barbara Wilson Andrews!! I see that 7.5 cM match … Now what do we do? Can you view my tree at ancestry?
Barbara (Wilson) Andrews GEDmatch A127540 / US3570937
15 hours ago
Sorry I haven't had a chance to look into this more - we've had a death in our extended family and things are a bit chaotic right now. I'll try to get back to it next week.
Amy Kozlowski Amy Kozlowski
Yesterday at 10:52am
Hello, I have (I think) two separate Wilson lines on my dad's paternal side. My 2nd GGM Lucy Ragsdale (b.1864) married a Wilson (James Franklin Wilson (b. 1861), He was born in Texas, his dad (William H Wilson) appears to have been born in Alabama then moved to Texas. Also, Lucy's mother was a Wilson (Elizabeth Ann Wilson, b. 1842 in Kentucky - married George W. Ragsdale - born in Tennessee). Her parents moved to Texas as well, where Lucy was born. This is tough to sort out as I have a lot of matches with Wilson's in their trees. I'd love to be able to sort the two groups, but am not sure how to do this with the limited paperwork I have found so far on either of my Wilson lines. I would love to be able to work on William H Wilson's line a bit more, but am kind of stuck. My GEDMatch number is A319633. I'm hoping some members here might match & be familiar with one line or the other & that may help me sort them out! :)
David Pyke David Pyke has a question!
May 17 @ 11:10am
Hello, I’m hoping that someone might be able to give me some guidance - although I am gaining some understanding of autosomal DNA, I am not at all sure how to best use the yDNA results! I should explain that my brother took this test on my behalf - my name is Elizabeth - in the hope that it might help me in my 40 year search for the birth and parentage of my father’s paternal grandfather - Hugh Edward Pyke. I joined the Pike/Pyke project and was advised that our results matched nobody else in the project, which confirmed my suspicions that Hugh had changed his name - to Hugh Edward Pyke - at some point. Very recently, autosomal DNA matches have suggested that his birth name was Edward George Cooper Wilson - so I have joined this project...And now I’m not sure what to do next! Is there some way of confirming that we are, in fact, of Wilson ‘stock’? I realise that Wilson is a very common name, but if anybody could give me any advice that might help to finally settle this long-standing mystery I would be very grateful! Our test number is 412927. Thank you 🙂
Mark Wilson
May 18 @ 10:30pm
First of all, has your brother taken a Y-DNA test? My Y111 test got me back to Wilsons living around Hawick, Scotland in the 1500s. I've also taken the Y-500 test and am waiting on the Y-700 test. if you're lucky you'll be able to get back that far and maybe find some more recent relatives. Secondly, check your Family Finder matches for the surname Wilson. If you know where your great grandfather was born you can look for FF matches from that area. It's possible his mother's maiden name was Cooper as often mother's will give their son's middle names corresponding to family surnames. Lastly there are techniques mentioned in these forums that can be used to develop your family tree.
Mark Wilson
May 18 @ 10:33pm
If it helps my Kit# is B182201 and my Y-500 results are R-U152-L2-DF103-FGC64166-BT1020-BY3495 (FGC36273)
James Wilson James Wilson
March 18 @ 11:49am
Looking for clues of my great-grandfather Hugh Wilson born in Scotland and emigrated to US to be a miner, he died in a mine explosion in Centralia in 1878, I uploaded my DNA ( B493127) and awaiting results.
Matthew Moran
March 25 @ 9:03am
Hi Sandra. I apologize for the late reply. None of the names or places look familiar. My dads adopted name is Moran but we believe his paternal lines is from the Wilson's in Coshocton Ohio. I'm at a brick wall Robert Wilson born 1762 Ireland and died on 3 JAN 1846 Coshocton Ohio. A couple of the sons were born in PA. but also died in Coshocton.
Robert Jenkins
April 6 @ 1:53am
Dear Matthew, My Wilsons were also in Ohio. My G grandfather was Frank Merritt Wilson, b. in S. Bloomfield, Ohio in 1872. Frank's father was Charles Eli Wilson, b. 1851. Charles' father was Josiah, b. 1812. Our Wilsons are Scots-Irish, forced out of Scotland into Ireland during the Cromwell era, according to our family story, and they were horse people. We do not yet have any connections to any family members in Scotland or Ireland.
Robert Jenkins
April 6 @ 4:33pm
Hi again, Matthew, forgot to mention this is June Siple, writing for my father, Robert Jenkins. Just did some more digging and found a potential link to your Wilson line. My GGG grandfather, Josiah K. Wilson, b. Nov. 1812, married Phoebe Beam (or: Bean) in Knox County, Ohio on 25 Nov. 1830. Knox County is just west of Coshocton County, so we may have a family connection. Josiah and Phoebe relocated to Pickaway County (date unknown to us) and he died 5 Apr 1868 in Circleville, Pickaway Co., Ohio.
Robert Jenkins
May 18 @ 11:49am
Dear Matthew Moran, Did you see my two Wilson posts on April 6, 2019? I'd like to hear from you. Thanks, June Jenkins Siple
Gerald Mead Gerald Mead
October 13 @ 11:56am
My Brick wall is William Wilson b. abt 1767 mar. Mary Richeson abt. 1789. Had Son Abner abt 1791, had son Levi, daus Sophia and Elizabeth. Have a solid record of son Abner in Louisiana til his death abt 1850.
Michael Wilson
December 27 @ 11:40pm
mparing Kit T273231 (Michael Wilson) and T154498 (*Jerry) Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 500 SNPs Mismatch-bunching Limit = 250 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 1.0 cM Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 1 146,286,966 150,793,436 3.0 584 2 124,783,446 127,493,570 2.6 516 2 134,851,642 137,728,653 2.0 650 2 177,547,882 180,013,614 2.2 579 5 128,705,881 132,492,003 1.5 631 6 32,718,721 33,938,340 1.2 1,183 6 144,309,787 147,224,032 1.5 561 8 32,631,182 36,809,481 2.2 501 9 16,267,713 18,649,794 4.3 838 11 65,811,399 68,440,681 1.7 521 11 87,723,287 91,005,196 1.4 566 12 20,686,459 21,469,826 1.3 514 12 54,687,352 57,427,666 1.7 609 15 40,222,129 44,470,086 2.4 742 16 29,784,802 45,726,804 1.3 549 19 41,187,961 44,088,489 1.3 538 21 28,368,946 30,676,042 1.6 563 Largest segment = 4.3 cM Total of segments > 1 cM = 33.4 cM 17 matching segments
William Wilson
February 19 @ 4:42pm
Hi Gerald. My name is Tracey (Wilson) Little. I am managing my uncle's account (William Wilson). This is very strange as we happen to have almost the same names in our search. My great grandfather apparently had the name of Thomas Wilson. I am now finding out that most of my father's, father's side used middle names as their first name. I have a feeling my great grandfather was Thomas William Wilson. He was married to a May Richardson (Richerson, richeson?). I am not sure where they originated from, but somehow immigrated to Canada. My grandfather's birth certificate is from Winnipeg, Canada. I cannot find any other paper trail for my Wilsons.
Gerald Mead
May 17 @ 11:02am
I have recently run a multiple kit analysis on all the names above that had a GEDmatch kit. of that the significant matches(those above 5 CM) are listed below. What must be considered is that I have two Wilson lines in my tree; one from my maternal Grandfather that originates in York Co., PA with a James Wilson abt. 1730, the other from my maternal Grandmother that originates in Natchez, Spanish America with a William Wilson(the subject of my first post) that shows up in Natchez in 1792.
Gerald Mead
May 17 @ 11:09am
I would seem that I have a definet connection to Kay and Jeanne and a possible one to Sandra.Significant matches to Wilson Project of FTDNA T154498 *Jerry A288467 Kay Wilson 2 7523040 9754439 7.2 T154498 *Jerry M723742 jeanne kavanagh 7 130683644 134343327 5.6 T154498 *Jerry A288467 Kay Wilson 13 11438085 113406699 6.0 T154498 *Jerry M723742 jeanne kavanagh 15 95308129 96900703 5.6 T154498 *Jerry M723742 jeanne kavanagh 19 46511346 49364625 6.1 T154498 *Jerry T023680 Sandra Smith 20 56419260 58059759 5.1
Debra Carrithers Debra Carrithers has a question!
May 3 @ 10:03am
Does anyone in this group have Wilson ancestors that were early Virginia colonial settlers. My Wilsons trace back to 1790 Elizabeth city co {Hampton} VA. , James S Wilson of York County b in Elizabeth city co. The first Wilsons I can find in this area are Colonel James Wilson and his brothers They are suppose to be from England and they married into the Willis family .Willis is frequently used for a first or second name. One was the first sheriff of Norfolk. They were a prominent family in Tidewater Va. However as Hampton Is from a burned out county I can not make a clear paper connection., I feel that it is likely that our Wilsons do descend from this group
James Wilson
May 3 @ 6:56pm
Yes, I am descended from James Wilson who died in Henry County, VA in 1777. I have placed him in the area (which was then Halifax County) as early as 1766, but can't substantiate where he came from before that. Many trees appear to have that information, but they are either undocumented or disproven. I think he *might* be from the Northern Neck area (around Westmoreland County) and *might* be descended from the well-known Muse clan there, but I have no solid evidence. I've looked at the Norfolk group of Wilsons and pretty much ruled them out, but if you have a Gedmatch (or Gedmatch Genesis) kit number I could compare. FYI, my dad's GEDmatch kit is A332740 (he would be a slightly closer match to distant Wilsons). Thanks, and good luck!
Debra Carrithers
May 3 @ 9:34pm
My Gedmatch number is A119328 My mothers is A229934 and her brothers is A503210 please let me know what you find I am not very good with gedmatch
Debra Carrithers
May 3 @ 9:42pm
Actually I just did a one to one comparison and we share no dna segments Too bad but i am still interested in your tree
David Kidd
May 13 @ 4:10pm
I just did a comparison on GEDmatch and did not get a match with you, but I did with your mother. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 12 3,863,079 5,482,396 5.2 33
Alistair Wilson Alistair Wilson
May 13 @ 2:53pm
This one's for Michael Wilson (Kit T273231 on Gedmatch). Comparing my Kit YK3345261 (*AJW) [Ancestry] and T273231 (Michael Wilson) : Largest segment 9.1cM - estimated number of generations to MRCA = 6.2. My Wilsons are from Tundergarth and Lockerbie areas of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, and my earliest known ancestor is Robert Wilson, a shepherd b.about 1760. His wife was Joan Rogerson. Any of yours from Scotland?
James Wilson James Wilson has a question!
April 20 @ 12:15am
My brother's YDNA (Kit B3227)was tested in 2012 and upgraded to 11 in 2015. Up until now he has only had matches (154) to 12 markers. I don't know of any other male Wilsons to have tested. When I look at the DNA results in this Project it doesn't look like he is close to anyone. The family were from Northern Ireland and we presume from Scotland before that. Therefore I cannot imagine that upgrading to a higher level is going to produce anything. Am I correct in this thinking? Thank you
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James Wilson
April 20 @ 7:15pm
Exactly Kay. So until we get some matches, at least at 67 markers, I can't see the point in doing any more. Thanks for your comment. Margaret
Michael Wilson
May 4 @ 6:50am
James, I would say upgrading to at least the Big-Y 500 is worth it! Before I came along and tested, there was only one Wilson, now that has grown. And by doing the Big-Y test, it will held you figure out which side of Europe your male line migrated from into the UK and up to Ireland. It will also allow you to participate in various Y-DNA project that could assist you in your research. I say it's worth it. Hope this was helpful.
Tom Wilson GEDmatch T582287
May 5 @ 1:03am
I agree with Michael. If we want to see more YDNA matches, then each person needs to take the most complete test available. If everyone waits for the other guys to upgrade, then we will never see any close matches. More here: https://dnaandfamilytreeresearch.blogspot.com/2016/06/should-i-upgrade-my-y-dna-test-to-67-or.html
May 13 @ 1:45am
James those early Y-DNA tests at were very low in marker numbers, definately upgrade, at least to a Y-67. Where in N.Ireland were they from, I have a huge data base of Fermanagh Wilsons also incl the Kilskeery area parishes. You can email me via Gedmatch kit T683667
Ann Cullen Ann Cullen has a question!
April 9 @ 4:32am
Hello my name is Ann Cullen. Do you have a search group of English Wilson families?
Ann Cullen
May 9 @ 6:18am
CW replied to me but did not mention Y-DNA test. I replied to his email but no further contact yet.
Mark Wilson
May 10 @ 12:27am
I found Mary Ann in the 1871 England census for Biggleswade. Name: Mary Ann Head Age: 14 Estimated birth year: abt 1857 Relation: Daughter Father's name: Charles Head Mother's name: Jane Head Gender: Female Where born: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England Civil Parish: Biggleswade Town: Biggleswade County/Island: Bedfordshire Country: England Registration district: Biggleswade Sub-registration district: Biggleswade ED, institution, or vessel: 5 Household schedule number: 195 Piece: 1550 Folio: 98 Page Number: 36 Household Members: Name Age Charles Head 40 Jane Head 39 Mary Ann Head 14 Mary P Head 10 Elizabeth Head 7 Louisa Head 5 Authur Head 2 There's also a family of Wilsons in Biggleswade with the oldest son Charles about 2 years younger than Mary Ann. I wasn't able to find Mary Ann and Alfred in the 1881 Census though.
Mark Wilson
May 10 @ 12:40am
It likely doesn't mean anything, but in the 1891 census Charles Wilson (I'm pretty sure he's the same Charles Wilson from the 1881 census) has a 2 year old son named Alfred. Name: Charles Wilson Gender: Male Age: 32 Relationship: Head Birth Year: 1859 Spouse: Sarah Wilson Child: Wm Wilson Alfred Wilson Birth Place: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England Civil Parish: Keighley Residence Place: Keighley, Yorkshire, England Sub registration district: Keighley ED, Institution or Vessel: 19 Neighbors: View others on page Piece: 3538 Folio: 41 Household Members: Name Age Charles Wilson 32 Sarah Wilson 31 Wm Wilson 7 Alfred Wilson 2
Ann Cullen
May 11 @ 3:59am
Mark. Thank you for your interest. This is what I know. I will check the above. 1881 Census. My grandfather was listed as the son of his grandfather. Alfred Head Father George Head Mother Betsy Head Sibling James Head. Birth abt 1874 Shefford. Mother 1881 4 The Avenue, St Paul, Bedfordshire. Cook Domestic. Married George Hillyer 1886. 1891 Alfred was then listed as Alfred Hillyer, he went on to have a happy marriage and nine children. I don't know what the children were told about their grandfather, then known as Alfred Charles Head. there grandmother was always referred to as Aunt Poly.