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David Wilson David Wilson
Yesterday at 10:19pm
Okay, I dropped the money on the Big Y. Confirmed Haplogroup is R-276. That's great but it didn't add one single match. Where do I go from here? Kit # 422990 David Wilson
Mark Wilson
Yesterday at 11:16pm
I can't find an R-276. Are you sure that's correct?
David Wilson
16 hours ago
R-yzp276 sorry for the mistake
Robert Wilson Robert Wilson has a question!
January 1 @ 9:31am
So far, My Wilson line seems to end with a Charles Wilson in New York. Since there have been no documents discovered by the PRO GEN. I am wondering if the WILSON name was created so to speak. "Wil's Son" etc. I've read that in many instances. Just curious what you all are thinking.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
February 20 @ 7:56pm
Based on the yDNA results in this group, I'd say there are far more than five different origins.
Robert Wilson
February 25 @ 8:48am
My latest report from Ancestry ProGen shows a non-paternal event of which only assumptions have been raised. 1. My Wilson line ended with my great grandfather. 2. My great grandmother has a different father. They are checking DNA to find where the event occurred. We do have the name of Burley someplace. By records and hopefully DNA I am a Wilson.
Michael Wilson
22 hours ago
"The Tartan Tree" is another good book. John did a great job researching and presenting his family story.
Michael Wilson
22 hours ago
Norman is spot on. Though there are a lot of haplogroups that have the Surname Wilson, however the origin of Wilson surname dates back to the the Danes and Normans. I do love the story of the "golden wolf" and the "fleur-de-lis"!
norman wilson norman wilson has a question!
July 31 @ 9:22pm
My Ged match# is A139406
Andi Wilson
January 20 @ 3:15pm
Hi Norman.. We match on cM's set at 3 on 7 shared segments, the largest being 4.0.. I have verified info that they were in Dervock, county Antrim in the late 1800's but that is all I know for sure.. There is a possibility that there are 2 different Wilsons on my paternal side.. My 2nd gt. grandfather, Robert Wilson may have married a Margaret(Peggy) Wilson.. Gedmatch # RW2300234.
norman wilson
February 17 @ 10:56pm
Hi Andi. Robert is a name that is consistent in my family along with William
norman wilson
February 17 @ 11:02pm
Just checked with gedmatch Andi.No match sorry to say.
John Wilson
Yesterday at 3:45am
Wilson, sept of Clan Gunn, is a Victorian myth. Don't spend time on this for an origin of your Wilsons.
Patrick Alladio Patrick Alladio
February 20 @ 5:27pm
Hello, thank you for allowing me into this group. This is my Kit M311542 (Patrick Alladio) for Gedmatch, would be great to see if we have a connection. My Wilson family routes are to David Wilson Direct ancestor (7 generations) Dec 11 1768 Feb 23 1863 Thank you.
Andi Wilson
Yesterday at 6:46pm
We have 9 shared segments total but all below 5cMs.. I have zero knowledge of any David in my Wilson branch... Mine came from country Antrim, Northern Ireland.. I have very little other info about the family. Gedmatch # RW2300234.
Mike Ramsey Mike Ramsey
February 21 @ 2:25pm
Just uploaded my vcf file to YFull, and while the analysis is interesting, I don't know how it can help me figure out the Ramsey/Wilson matches. There isn't a Wilson group there, but I joined the E-V22 group. My terminal SNP is E-L1250 and none of my Y67 or Y111 matches have submitted the BigY test. If it matters, my YFull kit is YF71683, and my FT kit is 839578. What next? Do I just wait for others to find me? What research can I do to go along with my traditional methods? Thanks.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
February 21 @ 6:16pm
Mike, do you believe you are descended directly via a male Wilson line? yDNA only passes directly from father's to their sons, so it can only help if you suspect your Ramsey line is NPE from Wilson.
Mike Ramsey
February 22 @ 9:28am
I have not been able to determine whether the NPE was a Wilson in the Ramsey henhouse, or vice versa, or adoption, etc. I do have an extremely close Ramsey match at the Y-111 level who has a very good paper trail, but I cannot bridge the gap to my earliest provable ancestor of David Ramsey (1810), who shows up in 1840 and 1850 PA census records. The Wilson matches trace their earliest known ancestor to Virginia, and I cannot find any link to them other than the DNA match. Since I match a known Ramsey from around the Revolutionary War period, whatever NPE must have occurred earlier than that to allow all of us to match. Is my assumption that higher level testing by my matches at Y-111, Y-67, and Y-37 would be more likely to rule out matches than help me get closer to existing known ones? My matches that appear to be related to Wilson have surnames of Ramsey, Ferguson, and Barnett.
Mike Ramsey
February 22 @ 9:33am
Erick (and any administrator who manages the DNA results), my specific links to Wilson are recorded in this group's DNA results spreadsheet. For some reason, my results are not grouped near two known close matches: Kits 453465 (Thomas Wilson) and 54449 (Robert Wilson). They are still at the E-CTS6060 terminal SNP status, having not done the YFull as I have. I am at the E-L1250, which is downstream from that level. I suspect they will also be where I am if they do the YFull, so I will try to get them to do that with the next promotion. Would that be helpful or a waste of money, in your opinion? I do think it would be useful to have our DNA results grouped together in the Wilson results, however.
Mark Wilson Mark Wilson
January 20 @ 1:36pm
norman wilson
February 19 @ 10:04pm
This path to NW Germany is where my particular gene mutation was found before moving across to Britain or Caledonia. I-A10034 is found in the Chauci tribe before and during the Roman times living between the Elbe and the Ems and on both sides of the Weser. Tacitus talks about them and the problems with them raiding Roman ships on the way to Britain. They were also hired as auxiliaries by the Romans to help build the Hadrians wall and fight the tribes from the north.
Mike Ramsey Mike Ramsey
December 20 @ 2:58pm
OK, so I got my BigY results back today. Very fast, as I ordered it November 18. Now I have a terminal SNP of E-L1250, which is downstream from my previous E-CTS6080 (downstream of E-V22). What advice do you offer on what to do with this new information? I still have no known link to Wilson except through DNA matches.
Mike Ramsey
December 23 @ 6:40am
Hey Roger, I noticed you and I were removed from our previous E-V22 group of Wilsons, and now show as ungrouped. I'm not sure why that was done or what it means.
Erick Rooker (Wilson)
December 24 @ 5:15am
yDNA is ONLY a direct male lineage test. Meaning it is only good for tracking your surname (assuming your line has not had any recent NPE's). Because the Y chromosome passes directly from fathers to sons relatively unchanged for very long periods of time, it makes it possible to track paternal lines very far back in history. However, it will not work if the line is not direct male to male lineage.
Mike Ramsey
December 25 @ 11:18am
Thank you, Erick. I am aware of Y-DNA characteristics. In this case, there might have been a NPE (non-paternal event) somewhere along the line. We're trying to figure out which surname was adopted by another surname. We have Wilsons, Fergusons, and a Barnett who all show up with Ramsey DNA.
James Wilson
February 13 @ 4:04pm
Here is a Wilson NPE that might help. My GR GF 3 Davis Wilson born 1801 was the son of Edmund Beasley and Mary Polly Wilson daughter of Phillip Wilson and Rebecca Connelly. He was given the surname Wilson and was raised as a Wilson. Mary Polly was married to Thomas Marcum. The Beasley haplo group is I-R269. My haplogroup is I-R269. My Ydna is a 0 distance match with 5 Beasleys that ties the line from present to 1670 when William Beasley walked down the gangplank in Essex Co VA. This was hidden until Ydna and the Beasley Project opened it up!
Charles Highfill Charles Highfill has a question!
February 6 @ 7:55pm
I am trying to find information on Benjamin William WIlson. B:5 Feb 1785 Randolph County, West Virginia, USA D:9 May 1873 Elizabeth, Jo Daviess County, Illinois, United States of America
Roger Barnett
February 7 @ 7:22am
John Barry John Barry
January 15 @ 1:00am
Hi all. Peter (John's brother-in-law) here. John's father was an NPE, with a Wilson as his father. His most distant known Wilson ancestor is his GGGG grandfather John Wilson, b.~1717 d.1810, from Knockanarrigan, Co. Wicklow. John has done the BigY500 & is H-BY37186, below H-P96. I see there aren't any other members with an H haplogroup, so guess this is yet another unrelated Wilson line. He has just two Y37 matches (and nothing higher), one with a 2nd cousin and the other, who has only tested to Y37, with a different surname dating back to 1615, and in fact there aren't any other H-P96 members with Irish origins in the H haplogroup project. GEDmatch is T242809.
John Barry
January 22 @ 12:24pm
It wouldn't have helped that I forgot you couldn't see my name (Peter Goss) to look under ... here's a link: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/151417900/family
Andi Wilson
January 22 @ 9:56pm
Oh geesh-- Saw the tree.. I saw the Wilson's in the tree.. To all of my knowledge, all my Wilsons(paternal side) came from the Ballymoney area, county Antrim..... On my maternal side I see in your tree Michael Crampton and family from Tipperary, I have Mossops from Tipperary, and John Wilson's wife was Hannah Cooper.. I also have Coopers.. Also you have Wrights in your tree as do I.. I do not have any info on area for him.. So it is hard to say who were are related through.. This should get you to my tree: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/154418522/family
John Barry
January 22 @ 10:34pm
If the connection is real, which of course it may well not be at that level, it could be via John’s Stewart / Stuart / McAlister line from Ballycastle, Co Antrim, 18 miles or so from Ballymoney. But I’ve looked to see whether John’s mother has any matches on Ancestry with Wilsons from Ballymoney in their trees, & she doesn’t.
Andi Wilson
January 23 @ 8:54pm
My paternal 2nd gt. grandfather, William Bell Carson was married to a Mary Jane Stuart prior to marrying my 2nd gt. grandmother, Mary Jane McMullan... William and Mary Jane Stuart migrated to the Pittsburgh, Pa area where they had a daughter, Lizzie.. At some point Mary Jane died and William and Lizzie returned to the Armoy, county Antrim area where he met and married Mary Jane McMullan.. William and Mary Jane McMullan were the parents of my grandmother, Tillie Carson, who married Samuel Wilson.. I dont have much info on Mary Jane Stuart.. Birth approx. 1865, listed Ballybregagh as residence at the time of their marriage, and lists a William Stuart, farmer, as father..
Bruce Wilson Bruce Wilson
January 14 @ 2:17pm
Mary Beth (Wilson) - Bruce Wilson is my brother. Looking for anyone who may recognize this story: I do not understand YDNA at all. I had my two brothers take this test because I can not trace my Wilson line (my maiden name) back any further then my paternal grandfather, Thomas Wilson. Thomas' Civil War documents show he was born in Shelby County, Ohio in October 1846. His mother's name was Anna F. Holson. Anna had two known son's - Thomas Wilson and William M. Wilson. Since I have not been able to destroy my Wilson brick wall, I have been concentrating on the descendants of Thomas and William M Wilson for 40+ years. It is possible that my paternal great grandfather's name was William Wilson. He may have been married prior to Anna F. Holson and had additional children. Oral history says he had at least three children by his first wife. Two sons, Elliot and Francis Marion, and a daughter with an unknown name. I was told the senior William Wilson was a logger in Ohio and was killed when a tree fell on him. I only have estimated dates for his death. I have no death places or burial information on him. Does this oral history sound familiar to anyone? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Bruce Wilson
January 19 @ 6:10pm
I found this on my other brother's info. Does this help? R-M269
C Mauro
January 19 @ 6:35pm
I have a Francis Marion Wilson in my family tree. I am from Texas. My great great grandfather was Jonas Shannon Wilson.
C Mauro
January 19 @ 6:41pm
Looking at my tree.... Jonas Shannon Wilson had a brother named Francis Marion Wilson and he also gave a son that name. I don't know where the name came from. We are on Geni.com... So if you look up Jonas on Geni and go backwards down the line... maybe you will land in the right place.
Bruce Wilson
January 20 @ 6:46pm
I possibly have two Francis Marion Wilsons in my tree. This has to be a clue. The older Francis Marion was found through oral family history. This Francis Marion Wilson was Thomas Wilson's 1/2 brother. Thomas Wilson, my paternal grandfather named one of his son's Francis Marion Wilson. In the past I hired a professional genealogist to look into my Wilson's. She found a Francis Marion located in Ohio. Ohio is where Thomas Wilson was original from. Thomas was born there. Where is your Francis Marion Wilson from? Texas?