Williston of Springfield

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About us

This study has been set up to assist our genealogical research into the Springfield line.  Most importantly, this has been set up to serve as a viable record for later generations. Our ancestors only had records and family history to refer to  Now, our decendants will have direct DNA information of their ancestors to check against their own bloodlines.  This is why we encourage all relations to test. The YDNA is but one small portion of our the human genome. The more complete the information handed down, the better.  This is why we are very happy to have MT and Family Finder participation as well. 

Joseph Williston 1667-1747 of Springfield is as far back as we have gotten with this line, and we would like to get him over the pond.  Recently, we have been able to confirm the YDNA of Joseph I through his sons Joseph and Nathaniel.  

We are helping to prove his desendant the Loyalist John Bailey Williston to the UELAC.  The family of Hamlin L Williston, with a solid paper trail back to the Loyalist have validated this line for all others.

We are taking a good look at the anthopological history of the male line through BIGY testing. This has greatly clarified our extended 12 marker matches, and put us in touch with our 3100 years ago cousins, the Prater's of Wiltshire, UK along with certain branches of the Fowler and Burton families.  We can now confirm that the non surnames matches from the Fosdyck and Marrin families continue to match us well at 67 markers. 

We have made some progress identifying the parents of Seymour Wathen Williston 1857-1933. This work is ongoing.