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We have now found proof of Joseph Williston's indenture to John Williams Sr. of Windsor, CT. However, we still don't know how Joseph came by the Williston/Wollaston name. Had we the same bevies of cousins testing on natural and adoptive lines in his day, we would not be in this mess. Was this a case of adoption or bloodlines? His YDNA is not a match for the likely suspect John Williston of Milton/RI/Boston. To gain some insight, we are taking a good look at the anthopological history of the male line through BIGY testing. This has greatly clarified our extended 12 marker matches, and put us in touch with our 3100 years ago cousins, the Prater's of Wiltshire, UK along with certain branches of the Fowler and Burton families.  We can now confirm that the non surnames matches from the Fosdyck and Marrin families continue to match us well at 67 markers. 

We continue to encourage all descendants of Joseph Williston 1667-1747 to test, and join our project. This includes adopted lines. We value the opportunity to place other bloodlines who's Williston heritage refers to Williston of Springfield.  If you carry the Williston name in your genealogy, or you discover a genetic relationship to a descendant of Joseph Williston, your are equally welcome in this project. 

As we progress, we in some ways have to become a mini geographic project for the Miramichi NB, Canada area. The Willistons were early settlers there, and we have many double cousins over collateral lines.  The autosomal testing required to understand this has a limit of 5 generations of clarity. This is why it's so important for elders in a generation to test now, so that we may preserve the clarity of these relationships. We have begun funding initiatives to help any who are interested.    

We are helping to prove his descendant the Loyalist John Bailey Williston to the UELAC.  The family of Hamlin L Williston, with a solid paper trail back to the Loyalist have validated this line for all others.