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About us

Welcome to the home Williston of Springfield, the project that has proved the bloodline of Joseph Williston I 1667-1747 of Springfield, MA, USA! We are defined by the Y Haplogroup E.  We are interested in any DNA testing to do with this line, be it MT, Autosomal (Family Finder) or YSTR and YSNP. 

Early in 2009, a group of cousins descended from the Loyalist John Bailey Williston began working together to research our heritage.  In 2010, we realized that we matched to the Springfield Williston line, as suspected. Many cousins and tests later, we finally decided to create a project for our work now, and for later generations.  This DNA technology is still relatively new, and will of course change and improve. However, those living now can have their genetic information preserved at this point so that future generations will understand the full picture of their family.  This acts as an additional contribution to printed genealogies of the past, the present and future.


Below is a recent chart showing genetic distance and family trees.  

For a larger, more readable view click HERE

Williston of Springfield Descendant Tree