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There are many WHITTEN/WHIDDEN/WITTEN family lines throughout the United States as well as the world. Many of these lines have proven to be connected. This is a large family group. Also included in this research are lines listed with variant surname spellings (WHYDDON-WHIDDON; WHITTEN-WHITTON; WHIDDEN-WHIDDON; WHITTEN-WHIDDEN; and WITTEN-WITTON). Records and documents show all the various spellings used in many family units. WHIDDEN is found in most of the counties of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland in the LDS IGI. Lines have been proven to be connected as far back as the 1500-1700's. Some of these lines are connected thru blood lines and many have intertwined thru marriage. Proving or disproving the connections to each of these surname spellings is necessary and important. These families came from Europe, Scotland and Ireland and have been found to originate in some cases in Germany and/or found traveling and living in Barbados, West Indies among other places before their journey to America and found in the original colonies as far as New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, then Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, but Maryland, the two Virginia and Carolina states were dominated by these lines before their ventures south to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and points west, as well as into Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. These families were found moving south and west with their allied lines and intersecting together again at certain time frames of travel. There are some probable brother or at least first cousin connections close to being proven, as well as the Maine Whitten lines that are in question being blood relation to these other lines. DNA testing could prove or disprove this question and be the most beneficial way to prove or disprove the blood line connections.

Speculation about a connection to Germany and/or England seems to have been disproven with the few tests that have been done to date in 2013.  The tests by group A. presumed to be from England though not necessarily from Devonshire and Witt and VA-FL Whiddon/Whiddens are haplogroup I.  Also, the statement Whiddon/Whidden/Whitten is likely related to Wheaton and variations also isn't a close match though both are R.


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