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The surnames above were limited to 40 characters but other variations are acceptable: WHYDDON, WITT, WITTEN, WHITTON, WHITTUM and many more.

Please take time to read about what we will accomplish here. It's time to get the WHITTEN/WHIDDEN/WITTEN lines connected by Y-DNA testing and this is the place to do that. If you have questions or are ready to get your own family Y-DNA test done, contact me. DNA research changes as continued research is opening new doors every day. Join our group and we can learn together. If you feel the cost of the tests are too much at this time, then ask others in your family to help you curb the cost. If 10 people shared the cost of one test, it would be only $20 or less a person, depending on the test you order. Before saying "no" talk about it with us and with your family members, siblings, grown grandchildren or cousins. My siblings have shared the cost for three different family lines and it takes the burden off one person.

The Y chromosome passes unchanged to each generation from father to son. On average, each marker will generally experience a mutation once every 500 generations, which means in 500 generations we expect to see an average of 37 mutations on 37 markers. A single mutation out of the 37 can happen much more recently. The Y chromosome provides a genetic finger print which consists of the Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25 and Y-DNA37 marker numbers. The 12 marker will show a result of 12 numbers that can match to another of that same DNA group. The 25 marker will show 25 numbers that will give a better result of exact or very close matches with slight mutations to a group. The 37 marker will show the best results and will be an exact match or very close with slight mutations to a group. If you don't have a clue who your family lines are, then a 25 or 37 marker would be the best choice. If you are wanting to verify someone's group you know you belong to, then the 12 marker would suffice, but the 25 would give better results. We have found the 37 marker test the best choice. See the results for four Whidden cousins who trace to Ichabod/NH/1662. The choice is strictly up to you. **Molecular Biologists and population geneticists at the University of Arizona developed the panels of markers focusing on what we, genealogists, need to obtain out of the test. Each marker is chosen for its stability (mutation rate) along with Anthropological information that can be obtained from the markers. The 12 marker test is sufficient to determine whether or not two people are genetically related. Upgrading to, or choosing the 25 or 37 marker tests is to further reduce the time frame of the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) between the matching participants. You will be provided the DNA test from the Family Tree DNA Center with directions how to do this simple test by swabbing the inside of the tester's cheeks. The Center then sends your results to both you and the administrator so your results can be posted with the group listing on this site. The tester will also receive a certificate with the information regarding your Haplogroup which locates your family on the "phylogenetic" tree of Homo Sapiens. The Center is very good to answer and respond to any and all questions you may have before and after the test and results are returned.


Y-Chromosome - DNA Tests
Y-DNA12: 12-marker test now $99
Y-DNA25: 25-marker test now $124
Y-DNA37: 37-marker test now $149
Y-DNA67: 67-marker test now $248
Y-Refine12to37 * now $99
Y-Refine12to67 ** now $189
Y-Refine37to67 *** now $99

Discounted rates are available for retesting if you have previously had a Y-DNA test performed with another company! Email to inquire about this special promotion.

Mitochondrial - mtDNA Tests
mtDNA now $99
mtDNAPlus now $149
mtDNA Refine (HVR2 add-on) now $75
mtDNA Full Sequence now $449

The mtDNARefine is an add-on test for customers who previously ordered the HVR1 MtDNA. Therefore, it can't be ordered as a stand-alone test.

Combined - Y-Chromosome and MtDNA Tests
Y-DNA12+mtDNA now $179
Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus now $278
Comprehensive Ancestral Tests Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus now $377
SuperDNA now $695

Shipping and handling is $4.00 domestic or $6.00 international. Expedited shipping is available by special request over the phone.