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Autosomal DNA project for Whitebread, Whitbread and variant names
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About us

This Whitebread project, called WhitebreadFF, is for females with the Whitebread surname or variant in their tree, male Whitebread or variant who have only taken a Family Finder test and a Y-DNA test is not needed since their tree has been tested for Y-DNA, adoptees with the Whitebread or variant surname, and guests with other surnames.
Our main Whitebread project is for males with the Whitebread or variant surname, where the surname also reflects the surname of their male ancestors in their direct male line. In addition, the main Whitebread Project also includes males who have the Whitebread or variant surname in their direct male line, though their surname later changed, due to events, such as a voluntary name change. The men in the main Whitebread project take a Y-DNA test, which only males can take, and it follows the path of the surname, so is very valuable for genealogy research.

Please contact the Project Administrator if you have any questions.