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About us

Results are discussed in detail at my website Wheaton Surname Resources specifically in
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We currently have 105 members at FTDNA and a number of others who tested elsewhere.

We have 9 groupings currently

Group A: Wheaton of Devon, England (Sidbury)

Group B: Wheaton, Mellanby, Howell, Raines, & Hancock of Devon England (inc. Robert Wheaton of Rehoboth, MA) This line may connect with N. Somerset WHEDDONs

Group C: Wheadon of Devon  (inc. Thomas Wheadon of Axminster and Branford, CT)

Group C2: Wheadon of Canada and perhaps Devon

Group C3: Wheaton of Exeter Devon

Group D1: Wheaton of Coldridge, WInkleigh & Brixham, Devon

Group D2: Wheaton of New Jersey

Group E: Wetton/Whetton/Wheaton of Staffordshire (Thomas believed of Staffordshire later of Huntingdonshire)

Group F: Wheaton

Results with no matches are not yet grouped.