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In 2018 our project has grown to 105 Members!

Please see my web site Wheaton Surname Resources for lots of helpful information including my Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy.

Current progress on English Lines:

There are to date at least 8 WHEATON Lines in ENGLAND, six in DEVON. We have connected  9 Devon Wheatons (including one that went to Australia)!  We have connected the Wheadon of Devon to those in Australia and America. We have one English Whetton/ Wheaton line from Staffordshire connected to Wheatons in America. We have a separate Wheaton line in Devon/Somerset which also matches a Hancock in Devon and a Mallenby in Northumberland a Howell and Raines in Wales.

Current progress on American Lines:

Robert Wheaton: 8 sons 2 daughters  We have connected Robert to the old world!

1) Joseph bc 1641, (Robert was about 35). Joseph had no children.
2) Samuel bc 1643, 3 sons; all with sons
3) Jeremiah bc 1645, 4 sons; only one surviving he with one son no male issue (end of line)
4) Obadiah born 1647, 3 sons need descendents for testing
5) John born 1650 (Robert is now 45) Has 7 sons at least 2 known to have survived and had male issue
6) Ephraim born 1659 (Robert now 54) He has 4 sons all with male issue (very strong line)
7) Benjamin born 1661 (Robert now 56) He has 4 sons, 2 survived and have male issue 

We have results from confirmed descendants of Ephraim, John and Benjamin. (Lines of Jeremiah and Joseph ended).

Christopher Wheaton bc 1646 Lived in Hull, MA. Not proven to be a son or Robert. (not mentioned in will could be cousin or brother to Robert.) He has one known son: that son having 3 sons (need descendents for testing)

Thomas Wheadon 2 sons several of these branches changed their name to Wheaton
1) Thomas Jr. 4 sons (3 surviving all with male issue)
2) John 4 sons (at least 3 with male issue


        American Wheatons have connected with their Relatives in Staffordshire!