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Whalen - O'Faolain members are grouped by their Y-DNA Haplogroup,  then by Haplogroup subgroups. 

R1b is the largest Y-DNA Haplogroup in the project, (and the major Y-DNA Haplogroup in Ireland ), we also have Haplogroups G, I2 and J  present in small numbers.
Men of different Y-DNA Haplogroups will have no likelihood of sharing a common ancestor in the last 10 thousand years (NPEs are of course a reality and may be a reason why your paper trail tells a different story.)

R1b Haplogroups are subgrouped into known Genetic clusters where possible, and these will be updated as new results come in.

See Phylogenetic tree for R1b-L21 at;

Haplogroup  G
Kit# N8175
Richard Phalen, b.c. 1800, Callan, Co Kilkenny Ireland

Kit# 278127  
James Phelan bc 1766 , Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Haplogroup I2
Kit# 221140
Thomas Hyland,  b 1845, Ireland, died Dublin Ireland.


Haplogroup J2
Kit# N56036
Thomas Whalen, b 1890, Ontario Canada.

Kit# 71925
James Phelan, b 1794, Grantstown, Co Laois Ireland.

Haplogroup Q
Kit# 267675
Thomas Whelan, b 1871

R1b Group 01 (R-L21>DF13>CTS1751>L144/L195) - Ua Faelain of Deisi
We have one large group who share common descent from an old lineage, and are mainly from Co Laois, Kilkenny, Waterford, Tipperary and Cork in Ireland.   They do not have close matches with any of the main Irish genetic groups. It is very likely that this group represent the Ua Faelain of Deisi.

The group share a unique value for DYS markers 413a  of 16,  whilst most R1b men have results around 21, 22 or 23.

SNP testing has shown this group to be CTS1751+ and the subgroup L144+/L195+.
Here is a Google Map with known UK place of origin for men with CTS1751+, L144+/L195+ and/or 413a=16 results; 

Kit# 359562
Michael Whalen, b Ireland, marr  Johanna
Martin Whalen, b 1854 New York
Martin Joseph Whalen, b 1894 Ohio

Kit# A00006    Tested at Ancestry
Phelan, Nenagh, Co Tipperary Ireland

Kit# N40925
Solomon Whalen, b 1749 Ireland.
Solomon Whalen Jr,  Kentucky.
Joseph Whalen
Elza R Whalen

Kit# 132634
James Whalen, bc 1750
Edward Whalen Sr, bc 1801, marr Charlotte J Thomas
John William Whalen, b 1848 IN, marr Mary Susan Maulding
Roscoe Vern Whalen, b 1890 IN, marr Maude Butler

Kit# N2349
Andrew Whalen, b 1829, Dublin Ireland, marr Ann Riley
James Riley Whalen, marr Hettie Wood
Andrew Jefferson Whalen, b 1898, marr Katie Wells

Kit# 98399
John Phelan, b 1759, Durrow, Co Laois Ireland, marr Catherine Boe.
James Phelan, b 1807, Durrow, Co Laois Ireland, marr Ellen Murphy.
William Phelan, b 1845, Durrow, Co Laois Ireland, marr Sophia Alice Soloman.
Name change on migration to England.
Henry Robert Fielding, b 1885, England, marr Mary Hodgson.

Kit# 225748
Whalen, b 1928 New Jersey.

Kit# 116314
John Whalen, b abt 1790, possibly of Co Kilkenny Ireland, marr Mary Walsh.
Patrick Whalen, b abt 1830, NS Canada, marr Bridget Hackett.
John T. Whalen, b 1878, PE Canada, marr Catherine Hamill.

Kit# N25286
Solomon Whalen, b 1749 Ireland.
Henry Whalen, b c1766 Harrison Co KY or c1760 Ireland, marr Nancy
?John William? Whalen, b 1805, marr Mary Montier
Washington Wesley Whalen, b 1832, marr Rachel Carr
Samuel Benjamin Whalen, b 1865/66 Harrison Co KY, marr Callie M F Maines
John Wesley Whalen, b 1894 Falmouth, Pendleton Co KY, marr Cora Catherine Wall/Wahl

Kit# 87323
William Phelan, Co Kilkenny (possibly Holdensrath) Ireland, marr Margaret Butler
Laurence Phelan, b 1835, Co Kilkenny Ireland, marr Julia Meaney
William Phelan, b 1869, Ballarat, VIC Australia, marr Annie Keys

Kit# 87011
John Whalen, b Ireland, marr Mary Power
Martin Whalen, b 1830, Co Waterford Ireland, marr Ellen Power
Richard Whalen, b 1865, NY State, marr Alice Putney
Francis Whalen, b 1899, NY State marr Verna Reuman

Kit # 186745
Patrick Phelan
Joseph Phelan b Ballyraggett parish, Kilkenny  marr Catherine Brennan
John Phelan b 1790 Ballyraggett, Kilkenny  married Mary Phelan
Patrick  Phelan b 1830, St Scholastique, Quebec Canada marr Sarah O'Brien
Michael Phelan b 1859, St Columban, Quebec Canada marr Mary Funchion

Kit# 136758 and SMGF
Matthew Whalen, marr Mary Nolan
Patrick Joseph Whalen, b 1870 Co Tipperary Ireland, marr Annie Heaphy

Kit# 84389
William Whalen, b 1857, Philadelphia PA, died Minneapolis MN.

Kit# 55192 and SMGF
John Phelan, b 1715, Co Laois Ireland.
Thomas Phelan, b 1750-60, Ireland
Michael Phelan, b 1785, nr Erill, Co Laois Ireland
Martin Whelan, b bef 1830, Co Laois Ireland, marr Catherine
Martin Whelan/Whalen, b 1839, Erill, Co Laois Ireland, marr Mary
John Whalen, b 1872, Oakland Co MI, marr Emma

Kit# 159645 and A00009
Michael Whelan, b Ireland, possibly Co Waterford, marr Catherine Cody
Michael J. Whelan, b ?Philadelphia-?Ireland about 1856, marr Mary Ellen Hackett in NYC
Edward R. Whelan, b NYC 1885, marr Mary Ellen Reader in NYC

Kit# 211618
Charles Fallon/Fallin,  bc 1646, d. 1701, Northumberland County, VA,  marr Jane
Charles (II) Fallin/Fallon,  bc 1683, Northumberland County, VA, marr Hannah Harcum
Charles (III) Fallin, b.1720, Northumberland County, VA,  marr Sarah Hobson
William Fallin  b 1749,  Northumberland Co., VA,  marr Sarah Eskridge
Thomas Fallin,  b 1771, Northumberland Co., VA, marr Polly (Mary) Haynie
Samuel E Fallin,  bc 1800,  VA, marr Elizabeth Hendley
Joseph Hendley Fallin,  bc 1824, Richmond County, VA, marr Virginia Susan Rice
Ira Stanely Fallin,  b 1855,  Lancaster Co. VA, marr Eliza Larrabee Ness
Edgar Hamilton Fallin,  b 1878, Baltimore MD, marr Anna Leola Holcombe

Kit# 288752
Charles Fallon/Fallin,  bc 1646, d. 1701, Northumberland County, VA,  marr Jane
Charles (II) Fallin/Fallon,  bc 1683, Northumberland County, VA, marr Hannah Harcum
Charles (III) Fallin, b.1720, Northumberland County, VA,  marr Sarah Hobson

Kit #320149
Charles Fallin I  b. 1646 - St. Stephens Parish Northumberland County, Virginia
Charles Fallin II  b. 1683 - Northumberland County, Virginia
Charles Fallin III  b. 1720 - Northumberland County, Virginia
Charles Fallin IV  b. 1740 - Northumberland County, Virginia
Thomas Jack Fallin  b. 1787 - Lunenburg County, Virginia
Jackson Fallin  b. 1815 - Wilkes County, Georgia
Simeon Fallin  b: 1856 - Upson County Georgia
William Rufus Fallin b: 1893 - Lafayette, Alabama

Kit# 238031
Charles Fallin I  b. 1646 - St. Stephens Parish Northumberland County, Virginia
Charles Fallin II  b. 1683 - Northumberland County, Virginia
Charles Fallin III  b. 1720 - Northumberland County, Virginia
Charles Fallin IV  b. 1740 - Northumberland County, Virginia 
Thomas Jack Fallin  b. 1787 - Lunenburg County, Virginia
Jackson Fallin  b. 1815 - Wilkes County, Georgia
William Crockett Fallin  b. 1845 - Upson County, Georgia
William Jackson Fallin  b. 1867 - Fulton County, Georgia

Kit# 100127
William Whalen, possibly born Ireland
Thomas Whalen, b 1868, East St Louis, Illinois

Kit# 99672
James Phelan, b 1828, Co Kilkenny Ireland, marr Bridget Mooney.
Martin Phelan, b 1867, Cedar Lake, Scott Co. MN, marr Anna B Harps.

Kit# 288432
Martin Whalen, born 1829 (Kildare?) died 1880 Iowa

Kit# N79988
Patrick Whalen, bc 1795, County Cork, Ireland, marr Bridget Murphy
John Whalen, b 1832, South March, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada, marr Mary Brennan
Patrick Whalen, b 1860, South March, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada, marr Hannorah Kennedy

Kit# 76690
Whelan, bc 1840, Co Cork Ireland.

Kit# 320464
George Phelan,  b 1927

Kit# A00003   Tested at Ancestry
Whelan - No information provided.

Kit# 86333
John Phalen, b 1826-1836, Ireland, possibly Co Waterford, marr Mary Murphy (1), Mary Welsh(2)
Edward Joseph Phalen, b 1848, Ireland, possibly Co Waterford, marr Mary Dunn
John Joseph Phalen, b 1879, Kingston NY, marr Elisabeth Cavanaugh

Kit# 154312
Thomas Phelan, 1726, marr Elizabeth Howard Day
Thomas Phelan, b 1752,  marr  Mary Evans
Thomas Wesley Phelan, b 1790 GA , d 1851 AR,  marr  Jemima Fowler, 1815 TN
Jesse Phelan, b 1826, d MO, marr Lavenia Fanning, 1853 AR
Joseph Martilius Phelan, b 1858 MO, d OK, marr Sarah Elizabeth Burns, 1883 AR
Toy Jesse Thomas Phelan, b 1894 MO,  d OK,  marr  Annie Mildren Cowden

Kit# 109506 and A00002 (Tested at Ancestry.com)
Thomas Phelan, b 1752, Uwchlan Township, Pennsylvania, died Arkansas.
Thomas Phelan, b 1790, Georgia.
Thomas Phelan, b 1828, Tennessee, died Arkansas.
William Washington Phelan, b 1852, Arkansas.
Oda Embris Phelan, b 1890, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Kit# 87322
Nicholas Phalen, b 1828, Co Kilkenny Ireland, marr Margret Welsh
Nicholas Charles Phalen, 1867, Mendota IL, marr Fedelia Wallace

Kit# 83115
Hugh Whalin, c1800,  Co Laois Ireland.
Patrick Whelan, c1825, Co Laois Ireland.
Thomas Whelan, c1848, Co Laois Ireland.
Michael Whelan, b 1879, Bathgate, WLN Scotland.

Kit# 137617
Michael Whelan b: c1780, Queens County, Ireland
Andrew Arthur Whelan b: 1816, Co Tipperary, Ireland
John Whalen b: 1853, Jamberoo, NSW, Australia
Ralph Whalen b: 1872, Macleay River, NSW, Australia
William Maurice Whalen b: 1898, Kempsey, NSW, Australia

Kit# 99152
Michael Phelan, b 1760, of Durrow, Co Laois Ireland.
Daniel Phelan, b 1794, Ireland
James Phelan, b 1822, Co Laois Ireland, marr Mary Gaynor
Samuel Phelan, b 1857, NYC, New York, marr Catherine Mayer
James Joseph Phelan, b 1882, NYC, New York, marr Anna Mulqueen

Kit# 128412
J Whalen, born Ireland died Pennsylvania. Emigrated 1848-1850
J J Whalen, born Ireland died Pennsylvania.
J M Whalen, born 1874 Pennslyvania.

Kit# 107097
James Whalan, b abt 1794 Ireland
James Patrick Whalan, b 1821, Co Queens/Laois Ireland.

Kit# N96953
Anthony Phelan, bc 1809-10, County Wexford, Ireland.
Charles Anthony Phelan, b 1852,  St. Croix, Virgin Islands.
Charles Henry Phelan, bc 1881,  Brooklyn, New York.

R1b Group 01a (R-L21>DF13>CTS1751>L144/L195) Irish Type matches
These men match well with the above group and are linked genetically.   They are from the same region as our Whalen/Whelan/Phelans.   The connection is possibly from before the common adoption of surnames in Ireland or from a change of family name at some stage.

Kit# 313934 
Lobbia,  Italy   (Awaitng CTS1751 results for confirmation of a connection)

Kit# B9986

Kit# 148358
Thomas Bergin, 1828-1875, Co Kilkenny, Ireland

Kit# 269951
William Moore, b 1818, Co Offaly (Kings) Ireland

Kit# B3096
Thomas Keenan, bc  1790, Culahill, Co Laois, Ireland

Kit# 182076
John Barton,  bc 1884, of Carrick on Suir,  Co Tipperary Ireland

R1b Group 01b (R-L21>DF13>CTS1751>L144/L195) Scots Type matches
Kit# 14921   
Patrick McShea, c. 1840, Ballyshannon, Donegal

Kit# 320883

R1b Group 01c (R-L21>DF13>CTS1751>L144/L195) Welsh Type matches
Kit# 57993   
John Prosser, b. c1767 in Wales

R1b Group 02 (R-L21>DF13>FGC5494>FGC5521)  Ua Faelain of Ossory/Ossraighe
We have four men in this group.  They share some distinctive  values in DYS 390 = 21  and YCA II a/b = 22/23 .
This group share close matches with Fitzpatricks from Co Laois/Kilkenny,  Brennan/Brannons, Brodericks, Carroll, Brophy, Delaney and Dalton. These surnames (except Dalton) are associated with the ancient Ossory/Ossraighe region.
A Fitzpatrick from this group has recently tested FGC5494+ and FGC5521+

Kit# 159345
Patrick Whalin, b 1738 Ireland, marr, Susannah Leach
Valentine Whalin, b abt 1780 Montgomery VA, marr Barbara Penner
William Patrick Whalin, b 1804 Montgomery VA, marr Lucinda P Goodman
William Goodman Whalin, b 1839 Warren KY, marr Lucrecia Frances Doolin
Thomas J Whalin, b 1865 Edmonson KY, marr Otilla Adeline Ray

Kit# 294561
Patrick Whalin - b. 1738 Ireland - Revolutionary War soldier - m. 777 - died 1831 Warren Co, KY
Valentine Whalin - b. Fauquier Co, VA
Christian Whalin - b. Montgomery Co, VA
William Hartford Whalin - b. Butler Co, KY
John Milton Whalin - b. Edmonson Co, KY

Kit# 169898
Charles Whalen, bc 1835 Indiana, marr Susan
William Thomas Whalen, b 1867 Illinois, marr Ellen Nichols

Kit# 114211
Thomas Daniel Whalen, Trenton New Jersey, marr Irene Bomberry/Bumberra


R1b Group 03 (R-L21>DF13>Z253 - Irish and Continental/Type IV)
These men appear to be in a R1b cluster, the Irish/Continental Type IV,  which has the distinctive marker values of; 391 = 10,  385a = 12,  385b = 15,  426 = 13. 
The cluster is associated with the SNP Z253.

Kit# A00008    Tested at Ancestry
Robert Whalen, b 1826, Ireland, marr Ellen McGraw.
John William Whalen, b 1862, Ohio, marr Mary V O'Hara.
Raymond John Whalen, b 1896, Cleveland Ohio, marr Edythe M Rousseau.

Kit# 264003
Whelan - No Information provided.

Kit# 93207
Phelan - No information provided.

R1b Group 03a (R-L21>DF13>Z253>L226 - Irish/Type III - Dalcassian)
This group comprise men who match a R1b "cluster" associated with Co Clare, Limerick and Tipperary and Dalcassian surnames including the O'Briens. "The O'Brien" (Baron Inchiquin) has recently done BigY testing and is confirmed R-L226+.
More information on this cluster can be found at; www.irishtype3dna.org/

Kit# N20308
Whalen - No information provided.

Kit# 310239
William James Phelan, b1848, possibly Co Limerick or Cork.

R1b Group 04 (R-L21>DF13>DF21)  "Ely O'Carroll" Type
You can find out more about DF21 at this website http://www.familytreedna.com/public/R-DF21/default.aspx

Kit# N54562
Patrick Whalen, b 1838, Ireland, marr Bridget Tobin.
Michael Whalen, b 1859, Ireland, marr Margaret L Finnerty.
Thomas Henry Whalen, b 1884, Frankfort New York, marr Anna Isabel Roach.

R1b Group 04a (R-L21>DF13>DF21>L1402)

Kit# 212914
Patrick Phelan,  early 1800's, of Queen's County (Laois) Ireland
Daniel Phelan, b abt 1832,  Queen's County (Laois) Ireland.
Patrick Joseph Phelan, b 1891, Queen's County (Laois) Ireland .

R1b Group 05 (R-L21>DF13>Z255>L159.2, - Leinster/Irish Sea Type)
R-Z255 (L159 is variable) appears linked to several "dynasts" within what could be classed as the Laighin (Laigin = old Irish) aka "Leinstermen",  O'Bryne (Lagin Chieftans), Beatty, McLaughlin (a Kings of Meath sept), O'Toole, Kavanagh, Murphy etc.

Kit# 105824
Augustin Whelan, b 1852, Co Limerick Ireland.

Kit# 141733
Thomas Whalen, b Ireland
Moses/Aden Whalen b 1827/29 Co Wexford Ireland.
James Whalen, b 1851/54 b St Louis MO.
Thomas Whalen, b 1894 Nehama County Nebraska.

Kit# A00001     Tested at Ancestry
John Whalen marr Mary Sullivan
James H Whalen, b 1849 Dungarven, Co Waterford Ireland, marr Mary Ann Dempsey.

Kit# 85957
Peter Whelan, b c1865, Enniscorty, Co Wexford Ireland, marr Catherine Cahill.
Joseph Whelan, b 1891 Dublin Ireland, marr Josephine Kenny.

SMGF01     Tested at SMGF
Edward Whalan, b Ireland, marr Mary Hannah Dodge
John Edward Whalan, b 1880 Hodgenville, Larue, Kentucky, marr Elizabeth Lavada Donaldson


R1b Group 06 (R-L21>DF13>CTS4466 - South Irish/Type II)
R-CTS4466 is linked to serveral surnames derived from the Eoghanacht of Munster (Irish Type II cluster) including McCarthy, Murphy and O'Mahoney.
More information can be seen at;

Kit# A00005     Tested at Ancestry
James Whalon, b Ireland
Thomas Whalon, b 1850 NY, m Catherine Quinn.
Henry John Whalon, b 1873 Louis Co. NY, m Olive Anna Edwards.
Robert Emmit Whalon, b 1903 Volney NY, m Bessie Edith Osborn.

Kit# 295333
Michal (Michael) Whelan, b Ireland
John Patrick Whelan (Whalen), b 1829, Co. Clare, Ireland, marr Julia Shaughnessy.
Charles W. Whalen, b 1866,  St. Joseph, MO, USA, m. Rose McKenna
John Raymond Whalen Sr, b 1896, St. Joseph, MO, USA,  marr Icea N. Duncan

R1b Group 07 (R-L21,>DF13>L513, FGC16870)
This group has a 64/67 match with Kits 53712, Patrick Whalen b 1816 Co Tipperary and 109320, Vance.
The Whalen and Vance families are undoubtedly connected by an NPE that probably occurred between 1650 and 1750 in Ireland according to MRCA calculations (90% probability of 12 generations @ 25yrs per generation). An extremely rare but shared value of 19 at dys456 along with matches from 65/67 to 63/67 with several distinct Vance families prove the intimate relationship. No known connection has been found with confirmed paper and pen genealogy going back to the early 1800's.
We hope to find more Whalen family's for this group.

R-L513 linked to Maguire and several related surnames of Fermanagh (Airgíalla II cluster) -- Maguires were Lords of Fermanagh until 1607

Kit# 53712 and  SMGF
Patrick Whealen, b 1816, Co Tipperary Ireland, marr Deborah Collins
William Whalen, b 1858, Kincardine, Ontario CAN, marr Mary Ann Robinson
William Laurence Whalen, b 1884, Kincardine, Ontario CAN, marr Alice Gertrude Holly

Kit# 109320
Vance, Ireland,

R1b Group 08 (L21>DF13>DF49>M222 - Northwest Irish Type I) Whelehans of Westmeath and Tipperary
This group has 8 members,  all Whelehans.  They are  probably related to the Whelehans in R1b Group 08a,  but further back in time

Kit# 3680557

Kit# 355565

Kit# 355568

Kit# 209010
Michael Whelehan, b 1760, Derrymore Kilucan, Co  Westmeath Ireland
John Whelehan, b 1802, Derrymore Kilucan, Co  Westmeath Ireland
Matthew Whelehan, b 1841, Derrymore Kilucan, Co  Westmeath Ireland
Patrick Whelehan, b 1898, Derrymore Kilucan, Co  Westmeath Ireland

Kit# 229832   
Thomas Whelehan, b 1886,  Derrymore, Co Westmeath, Ireland

Kit# 193057
Whelehan, Co Westmeath Ireland.

Kit# 190446
Cornelius Wheelahan, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland, marr Mary Henan
Denis Wheelahan, b 1835,  marr Bridget O'Grady
Cornelius Wheelahan, b 1866, marr Annie Leicht

Kit# N99789
Bernard Wheeler/Wheelehan, b abt 1790, Gainstown, Co Westmeath Ireland

R1b Group 08a (L21>DF13>DF49>M222 - Northwest Irish Type I) Whelehans of Co Laois
This group comprises three  men all tracing back to a common ancestor, Michael Whelehan, bc 1795 in Ullard, Co Laois, Ireland.
They are part of the R1b North West Irish Type I Cluster.

Kit# 164953
Michael Whelehan, bc 1795 Ireland, marr Mary Dunne
Bernard "Barney" Whelehan, bc 1819 Ullard, Co Laois Ireland, marr Ellen Broughill
Christopher Wheelehan, b 1858
Bernard Wheelehan, b 1895

Kit# 158362
Michael Whelehan, bc 1795 Ireland, marr Mary Dunne
Bernard "Barney" Whelehan, bc 1819 Ullard, Co Laois Ireland, marr Ellen Broughill
Michael Whelehan, b 1848 Ullard, Co Laois Ireland, marr Catherine Slevin
Bernard Whelehan, b 1894 Co Laois Ireland, marr Margaret Dunne

Kit# 139965
Michael Whelehan, bc 1795 Ireland, marr Mary Dunne
Michael Wheelahan, b 1822 Ullard, Co Laois Ireland, marr Mary Ann Clarke
Edmund John Wheelahan, b 1864 New Orleans LA, marr Avonia Elizabeth Troyer
Keith John Wheelahan, b 1898 New Orelans LA

R1b Group 09 (R-L21>DF13>DF49>M222, - NW Irish/Type I) Various
This group comprises men who match a R1b "cluster" associated with NW Ireland and Lowland Scotland.
More information on this can be found at;

Kit# N47168
William F Whalen, b 1888 Scranton, PA

Kit# A00010     Tested at Ancestry
Thomas Whelan, b 1832 Co Limerick Ireland, marr Catherine Boyle
Michael J Whelan, b 1869 Ottumwa Iowa, marr Margaret Reardon

Kit# N16485
Phelan, Co Waterford Ireland

R1b Group 10 (R-U106>DF98)  - Germanic
Kit# B10535
StephanPhelan/Phalen, bc 1815 Nova Scotia or Ireland
William James Phelan/Phalen, b 1844 Nova Scotia
Otis Edwar Phalen, b 1868 Shelburne County, Nova Scotia
Stanely Irving Phalen, b 1902 West Sommerville, Middlesex County. Massachusetts

R1b L21 - various
Awaiting close matches in the project;

Kit# N99127
Whelan - No information provided   (Needs to test for CTS1751 or L195 for confirmation)

Kit# 150256
John Whalen, b abt 1830, Ireland, marr Mary (Maria) Welsh
Dennis Whalen, b 1855, Ireland, marr Bridget Gleason
John Edward Whalen, b 1885, Auburn New York, marr Louise (Freda) Lees Ulrich

Kit# 50681
Whalen - No information provided.

Kit# N2326
Patrick Phelan, c1850s, Kill, Co Waterford Ireland

R1b - various
Awaiting on matches. We have not found a group or cluster for these men as yet.

Kit# 83614
Nicholas Whelan, born bet 1785-1805, Ireland, marr Margaret Power
John Whelan, b 1830, Ireland, marr Mary Hall
Michael Henry Whelan, b 1860, North Bergen, Hudson Co, NJ, marr Eliza Fruin

Kit# N40840
Whalen - No information provided.

Kit# N73937
Whelan - No information provided.

Kit# N99127
Whelan - No information provided.

Kit# 385959
Whalen - no information provided.

Kit# A00011     Tested at Ancestry
Whalen, b abt 1828, Ireland or Alabama.
William Whalen, b 1855, Missouri, marr Martha Coleman
Robert Coleman Whalen, b 1883, Arkansas.

Kit# A00007       Tested at Ancestry                                                          
Daniel A Whalen, bc 1857 NY

Kit# A00004     Tested at Ancestry
James Patrick Phelan, b 1865 Slade, Parish Callan Co Kilkenny Ireland.