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About us

 This project is for MALES taking a y-Chromosome DNA (y-DNA) test.

A y-DNA test can indicate whether or not two men share a recent male-line ancestor.

The Whalen, Whelan, Phelan (O'Faolain) Surname y-DNA Project is open worldwide to men who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of family history information and y-DNA testing. All variant spellings are welcome.
If your O'Faolain Surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it.      

The Whalen, Whelan, Phelan (O'Faolain) and variant Surnames are passed on from father to son like the Y-Chromosome. 
Thus, the individual who tests must be a Male who wants to check his direct paternal O'Faolain line (father's father's father's...) with a y-DNA12, y-DNA37, y-DNA67, or y-DNA111 test and who has one of the surnames listed for our project.

Females do not carry their father's y-DNA.

Females who would like to check their father's direct paternal line can have a male relative with a O'Faolain surname order a y-DNA test to represent their O'Faolain line  

Donations for specific research areas;
If any member wants to encourage people with known roots in their ancestors region to order a kit please make a donation to our General Fund.

Demolishing those Brickwalls;
All family genealogists will hit the proverbial 'brickwall' sooner or later. Many researchers suspect other lines, with the same or similar surnames, could be connected to their tree. Unfortunately there is often no documentary evidence available to prove it. This project will hopefully provide an opportunity to remove some of these 'brickwalls'.

Joining of existing family trees;
If you suspect you are related to another family group then why not use y-DNA testing to prove it. All it takes is 2 tests, one Whalen male from each line, to find out if you have a y-DNA match. You may prove connections not only to the obvious groups but to others from around the world.

Spreading the cost;
If you are concerned about the cost then please bear in mind that you can spread it between your family group. For example, if you have a proven family tree then only one direct descendant male needs to submit a sample. So every member within a group could share the costs. Talk to us nicely and we may make a small donation to your test.

The Ladies;
Please don't forget how important the ladies are when it comes to organising things. So whilst it's the Whalen males that supply the y-DNA it could very well be the ladies that provide the organisational skills necessary to get those men to do the test.

This project is administered by a volunteer.
I receive no payment, I do not work for, nor arm I associated with Family Tree DNA in anyway, apart from being paying customers, like any other participant of a project.