Watts, Watt, Watson DNA Project

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About us

This Project uses testing results of DNA from Watts, Watt, Watson and variances of spelling,  Y-DNA, mt-DNA and Autosomal DNA for males, and mtDNA and Autosomal DNA for females in an attempt to discover biological links where the genealogy paper trail has been lost in the mists of time.

The Project enables the surname descendant researchers to discover biologically related families and thereby narrow the focus of their research, determine collateral families, common given names and, eventually, actually reconstruct some long-lost family ties.

 Some Watts, Watt, Watson, and variances of spellings are descendants have a different surname, and do not have the Watts, Watt, Watson Y-DNA, this is why the Family Finder Autosomal testing is as important to the project as the Y-DNA testing. The project requires the Participants to have at least a single line pedigree in the participants tree of FTDNA (Showing from the participant to the earliest known ancestor) Include dates and locations of deaths and births. Include spousal information if known, If possible include the known brothers and sisters of your ancestors, in the direct line to the earliest known ancestor. and when joining a direct single line Pedigree to be sent to the Group Administrator. 

Name Variants : Watson, Wattins, Wattis, Watts, Wattes, Watt, Walter, Wattier, Wautier, Watson, Watkinson, Watkins, and Watkiss.