Watts, Watt, Watson DNA Project

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About us

The Watts Project currently contains members from nine different major Watts lineages, some smaller matches and a number of individuals who don't yet match to anyone else. Some Watts families have ties to lineage with Watt or Watson as the surname.NOTE: all projects require the Participants to send at least a single line pedigree (from the participant to the earliest known ancestor) to the Group Administrator. Include dates and locations of deaths and births. Include spousal information if known. If possible include the brothers and sisters of those in the direct line to the earliest ancestor. Group Projects are run by volunteer administrators*, people like you, who are working on their own genealogy and facilitate their Group Project members’ research using DNA test results. Please note that since projects base research on members’ DNA testing results, to join a project you must test with, manage, or transfer results to FamilyTreeDNA. Other than the price of the test to join the FamilyTreeDNA database, there is no charge to become a member of a Group Project - it’s free!