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About us

This project seeks to identify the Y-chromosome signature of the Warren surname and its variations.  If you would like to be involved in the Warren DNA Project please feel free to join. We welcome all participants including those who are exploring how they might be related to Warren lines.

The Warren DNA project is a Y-DNA lineage project for everyone with a direct Warren (or deriative of Warren) paternal ancestral line.  The only requirement for joining the project is that participants must have a Warren direct paternal line for the Y-DNA test. The project is also collecting Family Finder results.  For the Family Finder test you should be able to document a link with a Warren family surname in the last five generations.

If you have not previously tested with Family Tree DNA you can order a kit at the discounted project price after joining. You can order a Y-DNA test to find out about your direct paternal line (your father, your father's father, your father's father's father, etc). Please contact the administrators after joining or advise us in your join request that you would like to order a discounted test.

Some useful information

Contact requests
If you would like to contact other members of the project please draft an email and forward to the administrators to forward on.

You will see sub-groupings on the results page. These are categorized by:
  • Location and genetic clusters where they share the surname Warren and are related within the genealogical time frame, eg a genetic distance of 0-9 at 67 markers
  • Warrens grouped by genetic clusters only, eg Warren - Group A
  • Other surnames where they fall outside the genealogical time frame. These are people with other surnames who have requested to join the Warren DNA project for various research purposes. They do not share any matches currently with any other project members within a genealogical time frame. They are welcome to remain in the project in case there are future participants that they match with.
Genetic Distance

A genetic distance of 10 or 11 at 67 markers
Not related - A 56/67 or 57/67 match between two people means that they are not related within the genealogical time frame. The odds greatly favor that the two men have not shared a common male ancestor within thousands of years.

A genetic distance of greater than 11 at 67 markers
Not related - The two men are totally unrelated within the genealogical time frame on their direct paternal line. Their shared ancestry is deeply anthropological and dates to the common African heritage of the human race.

Source: https://www.familytreedna.com/learn/y-dna-testing/y-str/two-men-share-surname-genetic-distance-67-y-chromosome-str-markers-interpreted/