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***PLEASE READ FIRST*** The Warren DNA project is a Y-DNA lineage project for everyone with a direct Warren (or deriative of Warren) paternal ancestral line. The only requirement for joining the project is that participants must have a Warren direct paternal line for the Y-DNA test. The project is also collecting Family Finder results. We are not currently utilizing this data but may do so in the future, so please feel free to join if you would like to participate in future work with Family Finder results. For the Family Finder test you should be able to document a link with a Warren family surname in the last five generations. If you have not previously tested with Family Tree DNA you can order a kit at the discounted project price after joining. You can order a Y-DNA test to find out about your direct paternal line (your father, your father's father, your father's father's father, etc). Some useful information from the : THE OXFORD DICTIONARY OF FAMILY NAMES IN BRITAIN AND IRELAND Current frequencies: Great Britain 26,109; Ireland 1,212 Great Britain frequency 1881: 19,515 Main Great Britain location 1881: widespread through England Main Irish location 1847-64: Cork; Wexford; Dublin 1 English: relationship name from the Middle English (Old French) personal name Warin, Werin, a borrowing of Continental Germanic Warin, Werin. The spellings Garin, Gwarin of the names of early bearers represent the Parisian French form G(u)arin. The name often attracted an excrescent -g in Middle English and later an excrescent -d or -t. Some of the following early bearers may alternatively belong under (2). Early bearers: given names: Warinus, Waring(us), early 12th cent. in Durham Liber Vitae; Warin(us), the same man as Werin(us), early 12th cent. in Durham Liber Vitae; Warinus filius Toruerdi, 1142 in Northants Charters (Lincs). Note from the Project Administrator: **06/07/16 - I can be reached directly at pjwarren1303@gmail.com. Thanks, Priscilla Warren