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About us

The WADEs have been in North America since the mid 1600s. A lot of traditional paper genealogy research has been done on the various WADE surname branches, however, very little has been done to bring those branches together into a tree. There are many questions to be answered.
It seems improbable that most of these questions will ever get accurate answers if we rely only on traditional paper sources to provide those answers. 

RESTRICTION - This surname project uses Y chromosome testing to determine the relatedness between the participants.  Only males have a Y chromosome.  After participants joint the project they may order any other type of DNA test they wish they MUST have a living male with the surname Wade to provide a Y chromosome test sample (or has already taken a Y chromosome test).  It can be yourself (if you are a male and your surname is Wade), father, brother, or uncle. 

For an example:  if your only Wade relative/ancestor is a female then you will not be able to join the project.