Vincent, Vinson, or other spellings
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June 19 @ 10:22pm
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William Vincent
Sean Vincent Sean Vincent
April 3 @ 7:27pm
A copy of the Vincent family bible was passed down and in the 1970s was in a fire. Previously my Great-Aunt made a Xerox of the bible and my mother now hold the pages in her research. In the forward its says the Vincents moved to England from Kiel in 1273. This I assume from what I have found, to be Miles Vincent It also says an ancestor was knighted, this I place as Sir Frances Vincent who married into English Nobility, the blood of king Harold Godwinson of Wessex, the last anglo-saxon King and the Norman knight, D'Awbernon. I do this DNA to confirm or debunk these family stories.
Trina Vaughn
May 16 @ 2:25am
Sean thanks for the insight..still stuck on my Vincent line ...I am not sure what test I need to take next since all our male lineage has passed I have a half brother but was adopted and will not submit to I am really stuck...sad in TEXAS
Geoffrey Vincent
May 18 @ 8:32pm
Raewyn, daughter of Geoff Vincent here - I'm in Kansas, but my Dad's in New Zealand. There are a few Vincents in Kansas (but no relation to me that I'm aware of yet). Rumors of a possible rogue Vincent from my line went to North America from England, but I suspect Canada based on a really vague ship's log. He may have gotten side-tracked..who knows? Trina, the Vincent line seems tricky. I managed to track down a first cousin of my MOTHER that nobody knew about (long story) without DNA and we've just managed to make everyone's family on my mother's side much bigger and more complete, but my father's side...stuck in the 1700s...rumor, speculation, but no concrete proof. The joys of being XX Chromosome! in an XY world!
Geoffrey Vincent
May 18 @ 8:36pm
If anyone is related to a Henry Vincent who was from Kansas and was regarded as a bit of an anti-establishment guy, I may have some information for you. I have a thesis written on him which I purchased thinking it might be about a certain Henry Vincent from England who was a Chartist, but it was a different individual.
Sean Vincent
June 8 @ 3:39pm
James Henry is my great-great grandfather d.1955 his gravestone is in the Ozarks of Missouri.
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May 30 @ 4:37pm
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Peter Vinson
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May 24 @ 9:01am
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Kenneth Vincent Connie Sieveking
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May 15 @ 1:54pm
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Anita Stanton
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May 6 @ 7:35pm
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Misty Vincent c/oAdam Vincent
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May 6 @ 7:35pm
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Adam Vincent
Tracy Dobbs Tracy Dobbs
April 26 @ 6:27pm
just prowling around i came across some different vinson spellings i thought people might enjoy. 1678 Risonne Upper berry france, a Louise Visonne. Risonne was the spelling for Visonne. in Glouchester mass I found vinsonne vinsone and vinson in the same family and the spelling went like this. 1651 William and Sarah Visonne, 1662 William and Sarah Visone, finally in 1668 William and Sarah Vinson. It appeared over the years the very french Visonne morphed into the more english Vinson. I looked up Visonne and came up with a Visonne with the correction Risonne behind it in upper berry france. Also a John Vinson was supposed to come from there and ended up in Surry Virginia lost at sea, I wondered if anyone knew about that story. tracy Dobbs
John Vincent
May 4 @ 6:25pm
tracy-in passing: My David Vincent in NH 1838-1841 was recorded as David Vinson only on his marriage to Betsey Fellows documents. His ancestors not yet identified but my DNA37 results show my contacts as 9 Cyr (Sirre/Sire/Sears) with earliest ancestors in Acadia, Canada from France, 1500s. (I'm possibly descended from Vincent CYR.)
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January 21, 2016 @ 6:28pm
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Nathan Henderson Henry Johnston Jennifer Griffith
Jennifer Griffith
January 21, 2016 @ 8:39am
Hello--my spouse is a (male) Vincent, from a family of Vincents in Bere Regis parish, Dorset, England. His autosomal DNA results are pending on a competitor site (will upload raw data to Family Tree DNA once it is available). Multiple brothers from one Vincent family in Bere Regis, Dorset immigrated to the US mid-1800s, settling in Michigan and then dispersing over time. Our daughter has a DNA match (on a competitor site) with the most recent common ancestor--per traditional pedigree--from an Amey family, who married into this Vincent DNA line in Dorset, prior to immigration to the US.
Ron Vincent
January 24, 2016 @ 7:25pm
Hi Jennifer, and welcome to the Vincent DNA Project. Ours is a yDNA project and, although we welcome those with known Vincent ancestry, we suggest that everyone take a Y-DNA37 test or higher. Autsomal DNA tests only help confirm more recent ancestry back to about 5 generations. Beyond that, it may or may not offer any help. I'll email and try to send more information.
Malcolm Vincent
April 29 @ 10:59am
There are many, many Vincents in Dorset. here is an "Online Parish Clerk" site for Dorset that has transcriptions of mnay villages' church records. Just google OPC Dorset and prepare to lose many days! Also there is a site with local transcripts. Bere regis is the settingn for Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the d'Uurbervilles". Bere Regis church is full of Turberville tombs.