Vincent, Vinson, or other spellings
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If your surname is Vincent or Vinson, you may find a relative at this yDNA project. We welcome also those who've tested autosomal DNA (, etc.) who are willing to share their genealogy publicly for matching purposes. The Vincent DNA Project can be found at We who are genealogists of North America are eager to establish a genetic connection with our distant cousins in Europe, although most project members currently live in the U.S.A. As of 2016, those who descend from at least 2 different subgroups (I Haplo and R Haplo) have been traced back thousands of years through Big-Y research. Through your genealogy research, you may match one of these without further testing or by purchasing an inexpensive SNP test in addition to your y-DNA test. This type research may or may not connect with your traditional genealogy. If you have questions, please browse this website, visit our other websites, or login and click on an admin's name to contact one of our administrators.