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About us

Welcome to the U3b Project. 

Our U3b classification gives us a great opportunity to explore the geographical beginnings of our clan (or sub-clan of U3), and because of our present small numbers having the classification of U3b, we have the opportunity to enjoy a 'tightly knit family' and good communications.

Researching maternal lines is not easy in most cultures and family historical records (due to name changes etc). Brick walls are common. But we are lucky to be in a small and somewhat unique group, and we can be excited about our common journey of discovery.

Although it is not mandatory for this Project that you have completed a full mtDNA test, it will certainly be of benefit to you, and to the group, for you to compete the mtDNA Full Mitochondrial Sequence (FMS) if you have not already done so. But you are welcome to be in the group in any case - provided you have a confirmed result as U3b, U3b1, or U3b1a. For more information regarding mtDNA 'refinement tests' see 

In order to more easily find DNA matches, any Project member needs to allow his or her mtDNA result (HVR1+2+coding region) to be available to the public or, at least, to Administrators.
It is also recommended to link your results to Mitosearch at to perhaps find U3b matches with other testing companies that have also been posted at Mitosearch.  We will also be looking for other results among all sources to issue invitations to join here.

The instructions for displaying your results for the Administrators to see are: 

1.  Go to your personal webpage. 
2.  Click on the
Uma's Daughter U3b Project in the upper left. 
3.  Click on
4.  Scroll down to the bottom and click the HVR1, HVR2 and CRS, as applicable,
so a checkmark appears in the box
Save Update 

There will be an email list from Uma's Daughter - U3b to communicate news and eureka! moments. 

If you are "U3b" and subgroups this Project is your Project, and much of the success we will have will be due to every member of the Project providing as much sound information as possible: DNA test results, ancestry, suggestions and news.

Please keep in mind that mtDNA, with its very slow mutation rates for the SNP markers, will not define recent family history for you.  Rather, you should expect your results to give you an insight into the geographical ancestry of your distant ‘sub-clan’'.  If you have matches at HVR1 ‘low resolution’ level, you are peering into the past, thousands or tens of thousands of years ago.  At HVR1 +HVR2 ‘high resolution’ level, your matches are closer, but may well be beyond a thousand years and very likely before the common use of surnames.  If you have completed the Full Mitochondrial Sequence (FMS) and have discovered a match, you are fortunate indeed, and may have located an ancestor within a few hundred years and inside the framework of paper-trail genealogy.

Welcome to the Uma's Daughter U3b Project !