U5b and subclades mtDNA full sequence
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About us

This is a project for all U5b members who have completed a Full Sequence (mtFull) test.

The administrator group also runs the U5 General Project and the U5a FMS project. We expect U5b members to also be part of the U5 General project which is open for all U5-testers at all levels. The U5 General Project will be the core project where all U5-testers will be members. The U5b and U5a Projects will include those with Full Sequence (FMS) results only. Joining one of the U5 projects will thus mean that you will also be entered in the other relevant project, based on the level of testing. All U5a FMS and U5b FMS should be members of their respective U5 FMS projects, and also be members of U5 General, the "mother project".

Note that you must give project administrators Limited or Full access to get help, otherwise your results and information is hidden.

Our aims
To provide the best help for all U5-members to learn and understand as much as possible about their subclade.
* for the U5 general project: to add HVR1/HVR2-testers to their tentative groups, and thus give advice about further testing for those who are interested
* encourage more research for U5 FMS-results, so we all can learn more.
* encourage and help those interested in donating their FMS-sequences to GenBank, to be accessible to researchers all over the world
* maintain the best level of privacy for our members, at the same time as we try to learn from each other's results

Important:  If you have completed the FMS test, please consider sharing your FMS coding region results with the project administrators.  The coding region results are not shown on the project page and will not be made public, and by default they are also hidden from the project administrators. The coding region results are essential for identifying your lowest level daughter group, for estimating the age of each daughter group, for identifying new daughter groups and for filling in the fine details on the U5 tree.  To share your coding region results with the project administrators:
o share your coding region results with the project administrators, you can:
  1. log in with your kit number and password
  2. Click your name in the top right corner to find Settings 
  3. open the tab called: Project Preferences
  4. scroll down to Coding Region Sharing and click Opt-In

Subclades and Coding Region results

The U5b FMS-project will assign members to subclades according to current research results. However, without the full mitochondrial sequence FMS results it may not be possible to put your results into the proper subgroup. It is a requirement of the members of this project to allow the administrators to have access to the FGS / CR results of all tests. No other members will have access to the FMS / CR results, and they will not be displayed on the public results page. After your initial join request has been approved, please take special note that you must then do one more step: Please be sure to have your preferences set to allow project administrators to see the coding region results of the FMS.

GenBank Submission
If you have completed a Full Sequence test (FMS, "mega") you can upload your sequence to GenBank to make it accessible to researchers worldwide. Your results could help define further subclades of your haplogroup. You can remain anonymous to the researchers. If you wish to submit your results, please study Ian Logan's page with detailed descriptions on how, or contact the project administrators Gail or Anne. GenBank submission is recommended especially for those who have few or no matches on FMS or rare mutations. 

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