U5b and subclades mtDNA full sequence
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About us

All U5b mtDNA mtFull results can be members of this project.

Note that you must give project administrators Limited or Full access to get help, otherwise your results and information is hidden (and there is little point in being a member).

The project administrators also want members to be part of the main U5 General project for all U5-members. If you have not tested Full Sequence the administrators will remove you and add you to U5 instead.

It is necessary for the members of this project to allow the administrators to have access to the FMS (Coding Region) results of all tests in order to be assigned to the correct subclade. No other members will have access to the FMS/CR results, and they will not be displayed on the public results page.

After joining the project, please note that you must go to your Project Preferences and open Coding Region Sharing for the administrators.

Please also check out our project website for additional information.