The Surname of Trotter was associated with the Border Riever families
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About us

The Trotter project was earlier hosted by WorldFamilies, but with the onset of new rules and regulations, all the WorldFamilies projects became hosted by FamilyTreeDNA in May 2018.
It is a surname projects and the YDNA chart is arranged by the STR results which are the outcome of men testing Y12, Y25, Y37, Y67 and Y111.
As invaluable as such results are, the real knowledge comes from the Big Y test.  It is not static as the outcome of taking an STR test because it keeps on giving.
Females are very welcome to join us because they can at least utilise their autosomal matches by looking at the Advanced results for Family Finder in their FTDNA account.
Males are encouraged to also take the autosomal test (Family Finder) because these can be used in conjunction with their YDNA results.