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We began this project using 12-25 marker test. As time has passed and new markers and technology have grown, some of our members have upgraded to the 111 marker test to refine their results! We are however recommending at least the 37 marker in order to help to define the separate family lines. If you previously completed the 12 or 25 marker and would like to upgrade, you do not have to resubmit your dna. You only need to order the refinement order from 12 or 25, 37, 67 or 111. You will pay for the upgrade only. No kits will be sent. We highly recommend that you upgrade to the 37 marker test. If money is an issue, please contact one of the group administrators to see if we can assist with your cost. Donations are also welcome to help defray the cost of members upgrades. Please consider, if you are finacially able, giving a gift for someone who cannot afford to participate to our study.

We are excited! Our original group of three has really increased. The more participants that we have, the more information/connections we will have on our Tipton surname.

We have sad news in addition to our good news. Charles D. Tipton, one of our co-administrators died on January 29, 2008. Charles as most of you know was very knowledgeable in genealogy, and had published the book, "Tipton, The First Five American Generations." We are very saddened by this loss. We are also saddend  by lose of one of our co-admistrators, Miti Bateman.  While we do not understand the cause of the loss, as we have not had any communication from her in several years, we are greatly saddened for it non the less.

Robert Tipton and I are co-administrators of this site. The purpose of this site is to  assist all of us with understanding ydna and how this new technology helps us to define our lines beginning with Jonathan I and his three sons. Defining this information is key in our understanding of each of our lines. We are looking forward to some new insight in helping us learn this new technology and specifically how it impacts each of our lines.

For clarification purposes: This site is run by people just like each of you. We have jobs and families. It is our passion for learning about our family histories and lines that enticed us to start and operate the family tree ydna study. It is our passion for knowledge, just like each of you that keeps us going. Sometimes we get busy with our jobs and our lives. This does not mean that we do not care about you or your results. It only means that we may need more time in helping you understand them. But before we can help you to understand them, we have to understand them. Please remember when you email us that we are people like you and may need help in understanding the results as this is new technology! We have to connect the ydna to what paper trails individuals do have to document our sources!  We appreciate your insights as we learn and grow understanding ydna and how it helps us to connect where the paper trail stops.  Your understandings and feedback enhance this learning process for all of us!



Identification system: Each participant in this study is identified by a unique sequence of characters called an LOD (Line of Descent). The LOD for Jonathan, the progenitor of most of the Tiptons in this country is, Jonathan(A). A letter is added for each of the following generations; generally in the order of that persons birth. Thus the LODs for Jonathans children are Thomas(AA), William(AB), and Jonathan(AC), John (AD). His grandchildren are identified as (AAA), (AAB) , ..., (ABA), (ABB)..., (ACA), ACB, ..etc. All of the participants in the program up to this time descend from Jonathan's A. Consequently, complete line of descent of all of the participants in the program is not known with surety; in those cases the assigned LOD is our best estimate of what it should be.

DYS and Variances: The DNA study for this program involves examining the DNA at 37 different places. These places can be thought of as addresses similar to a computer memory address and are assigned DYS numbers. The DNA of Jonathan the emigrant will be taken as the norm and the DYS numbers where the DNA descendents differ from that of Jonathan (A) will be listed as variances.

Please Note: Family information is provided by individuals who have participated in the Ydna study. It is their choice as to list personal information or to keep it disclosed. We are listing the participants by the sons of Jonathan from whom they descend. Thomas AA, William AB, Jonathan AC, John (no sons).

Thomas -AA
44735 AAD GEC DJB 447
Kenneth John (1962-Present), Mexico, Missouri;
John H. (1919 - Present), Missouri;
John Hiram (1860-1946), Missouri;
Nathaniel (1826-1902), Ohio;
Jonathan (1800-1875), Ohio, Missouri;
Sylvester (1762-1845), Ohio;
Jonathan (1723-1803), Maryland;
Thomas (1693-1763), Maryland.
Jonathan (1659-1757)

31524 ACD? A?AB HDC 388,447,449,CDYa,CDYb

25108 ACD? AFA EAD H 388,447,CDYb
Donald Tipton (Bonnie Grant's brother one of nine children)FL.
Donald (1959-Present), FL;
Burnice Lee (1921-2002) Cooks Bayou, FL);
William Lee (1888-1921) Cooks Bayou, FL;
John Capers,William,Franklin,Sylvester,
VanBuren (1862-1949) Cooks Bayou, FL, born in GA;
John S. (1831-?) GA;
Benjamin,(1804-1878) GA;
Thomas (1762-1820);
unknown (to be determined)
Thomas (1693-1763;
Jonathan 1659-1757

25124 ACD AFC FFD C 388,447,CDYa
Greg Tipton from Georgia.
Charles 1906-1981
Chapman Bostick;1873-1944
Jason Vander; 1832 -1891
Thomas 1762-1820;
Unknown (to be determined)
Thomas 1659-1757
Jonathan 1659-1757.

80493 (will follow up when I get family history and consent).

61365 AAD B?AG DAB A 570
Robert Ray (1942-present), Beatrice, Gage, NE
Horace Harper (1915-1975), Page, Holt, NE
Murney Clarence (1888-1962), Hamlin, Brown, KS
Samuel Joshua(1861-1941)Prarie City,McDonough, IL
Joshua Samuel (1826-1890), Baltimore, MD
Ephraim (1783-1859), Baltimore, MD
William (1758-Aft 1834), Baltimore, MD(tentative)
Johathan (1723-1803), Baltimore, MD
Thomas (1693-1763), Anne Arundel, MD
Jonathan (Abt 1659-1757) Jamaica

60230 (will follow up when I get consent and family history).

100313 AAB? 388,447
William Roger Tipton currently reside in Round Rock, TX
(b. 1964, Puerto La Cruz,Venezuela)
Autra Earl (b. 1934, Corsicana, TX)
Hiram Autra (1908, Corsicana -1951 Washington
Wade Benson (1879, Lincoln Parish, LA -1973,
Dallas, TX)
Hiram (1826, Burke Co., GA -1907, Corsicana,
Hiram (circa 1806 Burke County, GA -circa
1849 Dallas County, AL),
Thomas (1762, VA -1820, Burke Co. GA),
William (suspected -however, as yet to be
determined by Y-DNA testing)
Thomas (1693, Maryland -1763, Maryland)
Jonathan (1659-1757, Maryland)

106765 AAD DA? Norm
Lance D. Tipton 1959- Cole Co, MO
David Lee Tipton 1931---1988 Cole Co. MO/MO
Joseph Tipton 1890---1959 Kansas/Missouri
Newton A. Tipton 1863---1911 Missouri/MO
Alfred H. Tipton 1832---1905 Wilson Co TN
William R. Tipton 1805---1859 Wilson Co TN/Cole Co MO
all of the above is documented
Reese Bowen Tipton 1788---1827 Blt.MD/Wilson Co TN
Lt. Jonathan Tipton 1753---1848 Blt.MD/Wilson Co TN
Jonathan Tipton 1723---1803 Blt.MD/Blt.MD
Thomas Tipton 1693---1763 Blt.MD/Blt.MD
Jonathan Tipton 1659--1757 Jamaica/Blt.MD

William - AB
83911 ABC DD 458,CDYa
Wilbur Allen Tipton : 1924 - present, SD
(second cousin to Suzanne Smith doing the research)
Guy Wilbur Tipton: 1887 - 1986 MO
Joshua 1859 - 1929 IN
Josiah 1833 - 1897 KY
Joshua 1804 - 1882 KY
Mitchell 1784 - 1853 VA
William 1754 - 1873 MD
Mordecai 1721 - 1795 MD
William 1696 - 1726 MD
Jonathan 1659 - 1757

Jonathan AC
37640 ACB BKC ACA B Norm
Glenn Pritchard, Michigan; (1924-present) Troy, Michigan
Glenn Roy (1900-1950) Westphalia, KS - Milford, MI
married Besse Louise Pritchard 1922, MI
Charles Wright (1854-1940) Pearl City, IA - Westphalia, KS
married Mary Savanah Armstrong 1890, KS
James Brian (1826-1896) Somerset Co, PA - Westphalia, KS
married Mary Ellen Hill 1850, PA
Noah (1800-1872) Maryland - Londonderry, Bedford CO, PA
married Elizabeth Wagaman 1819
Noah? (or John) (1760-?) Bedford/Somerset, PA
Edward (1728-?) Baltimore, MD, married Jemima Murray 1749
Baltimore, MD;
Jonathan II (1699-1779) Baltimore, MD, died in VA
married Elizabeth Edwards 1726, Baltimore, MD
Jonathan (1659-1757)

30403 ACA BKC FCA A Norm
Theodore I.(1931-Present) Summit Co, Ohio;
William Theodore (1906-1947)Somerset Co.,Pennsylvania;
William H. (1886-1918)Somerset Co.,Pennsylvania;
John (1849-aft 1910);
Noah (circa 1868)Bedford Co., Pennsylvania);
Thomas (cica 1790-1870), resided Somerset Co., Pennsylvania,
born in Maryland).
Jonathan II 1699-1779
Jonathan 1659-1757

27244 ACA EBA FJC BB Norm
Adam James (1977 - Present), CA.
John Wallace (1954-Present), Ontario,Malheur Co., Oregon,
married Carol Jean Willey 1973.
LeRoy James (1933-1970, Emmett, Gem Co., ID
married Florence E. Lockner 1951.
Johnie (1900-1970)Harney Co., OR, died in CA,
married Myrtle Leavitt 1925.
Ferdinand Magellen (1850-? ) MO.
Meshac (1818- ?)Blount Co., TN.
James (1785-?)Bedford Co, PA, married Christina : 1818, TN.
Meshac (1758 - ?) Blount Co., TN
married Hester Clark 1785, Blount Co., TN;
Edward (1728-?)Baltimore,MD
married Jemima Murray 1749 Baltimore, MD.;
Jonathan II (1699-1779)Baltimore, MD, died in VA.;
married Elizabeth Edwards 1726 Baltimore, MD.
Jonathan (1659-1757)

26191 ACB DEA ADA B Norm

83156 ACF IE Norm
Norman Jr (self)
Alexander Holt
David Sulden

106283 ACF JE Norm
Ronald Walter Tipton 1941-
Isaac Walter Tipton 1920-2000

1550001 ACA E  E I B C A A - 

A    Gary James Tipton b 1947Shawnee OK m Joan Dailey 1964 Bakersfield CA

A   James Cordell Tipton b1925 Shawnee OK d 2001 Shawnee OK m Lois Patten 1946

C    John Wiley Tipton b 1897Chickasaw Nation IT d 1991 Shawnee OK m Bertha Mae Cox 1922 Shawnee OK

B    Robert Keel Tipton b 1870Denton Co TX d 1904 Chickasaw Nation IT m Carrie Etta Wood 1891 TX?

I    John Wiley Tipton b 1834Perry Co AL d 1883 Wise Co TX; m Martha ? c1864

E    Elijah b 1795 SouthwestTerritory (TN) d 1864 Walker Co TX; m Margaret Walker 1814 Blount Co TN

E    Meshac b1758 MD d c1853 Blount TN m Hester ? c1785 Blount TN

A    Edward 1728 MD d ?married Jemima Murray 1749 MD

C    Jonathan II b 1699Baltimore MD died VA.; married Elizabeth Edwards 1726 Baltimore, MD

A    Jonathan (1659-1757)

Fieldon Jacob Tipton 1884-1939
Hiram Tipton 1852-1933
John Tipton 1831-1863
Joseph Tipton 1796-1880
Major Jonathan Tipton 1750-1833
Jonathan Tipton II 1699-1779
Jonathan Tipton I 1639-1757

Participants will need to send to Robert and Bonnie their LOD's in order to help confirm their line.  If you want your line posted you will need to send it in.  Thank you.

______________Under Discussion_________________

The validity of this assumption will be tested when descendents of Jonathan's (A) other son William join in our program. These reading will be taken as the norm under the likely presumption that these were also the readings for Jonathan one. It is possible, though not likely, that the DNA of Jonathan (AC) incurred a mutation. That question will be resolved when and if we get DNA samples from descendants of William(AB). We now have one participant from William (AB) and are currently looking for others to help validate our findings. If you know someone who descends from William, please encourage them to participate. We currently have only one participant who descends from William.